Meet Aarthi Satheesh The Unassuming Food Blogger Behind Yummy Tummy

Meet Aarthi Satheesh The Unassuming Food Blogger Behind Yummy Tummy

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In this edition of Bloggers Corner,  we have one of India’s most followed food blogger- Aarthi Satheesh. Her blog, Yummy Tummy, which started off as a simple blog to journal recipes now has a whopping 3 million monthly hits, a million plus followers on Facebook, 100k plus followers on YouTube and 64k+ followers on Instagram. Her recipes are published in leading magazines, newspapers and online portals and she has won numerous accolades including recognition as one among the top 20 food blogs in the world.

But despite all these achievements, her down-to-earth nature is evident from her calling herself first a happy home maker and mom to two beautiful girls. That she values her family first is also apparent from the constant presence of her husband and daughters in her blog and YouTube channels.

In this interview, we talk with Aarthi about her inspirations, achievements and more.

What inspired you to start Yummy Tummy?

I started cooking when I was in college. I used to do simple dishes at that time and my friends used to compliment a lot. After I graduated I got a job and then cooking got serious in me. I used to cook my lunch to office and my colleagues asked me for the recipes. So I decided to start my very own blog where I can save my recipes. Hence YUMMY TUMMY was born. This blog was a tiny one before, but as days passed by it got lots of exposure and my viewers started increasing. Seriously YUMMY TUMMY took most time in my day.
I was also very much inspired by watching Nigella Lawson cooking shows. I am a great fan of her too.

From where do you derive inspiration to come up with new recipes?

I take recipe inspiration from everywhere. Cookbooks, cooking shows, mom, sister, relatives, friends and some of my creativity.

What are some of your achievements as a blogger that you are proud of?

1)Hitting 1 million likes on Facebook.

2)Hitting 100k subscribers in Youtube and getting my silver button award.

3)Being recognized as women entrepreneur by social media.

4)This interview.

What was the best and worst dish you ever cooked?

There is nothing as best and worst. We put lots of love in to all the food which we make for our loved ones. So every dish is best one.

Which are some of the best recipes you created that received huge feedback from your readers?

Most of my baking recipes are a huge hit.

Finally, what should a new reader expect from your blog?

Cooking is not rocket science. And I am here to teach you cooking in the easiest way possible. Which is ” VISUALLY”

You can follow Aarthi and her blog Yummy Tummy on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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