Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro Series: No.1* in Washing Performance that looks Gorgeous too!

We were searching for a new top loader for my brother’s home when we came across Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro Top loader and we were simply blown away.

First and Foremost, it’s a Whirlpool Washing machine which ascertains that it will be a top-notch washer. But with the new 360° Bloomwash Pro Range, whirlpool has created a new masterpiece. It has everything – In-built heater, Hard water wash program, 360° Spray, 4 Drying levels, Smart Sensors for low voltage & water levels, Smart Detergent Dosage, Hot Catalytic Soak, Baby care program and above all, ability to remove up to 50* tough stains.


What gives Whirlpool Bloomwash Pro Range an edge in cleaning performance?

It’s one of the few top load washing machines that come with an in-built heater coupled with Advanced Microprocessor and Intellisensor. The technology is termed as Hotmatic.  


  • How does hotmatic technology help in a better wash?
    The intellisensor and AI together analyze the data & control water temperature for different fabric types. Via the in-built heater, water temperature is controlled between 35 degrees to 55 degrees for 3 different levels of wash – Warm, Hot and Allergen Free. This operation ( Hotmatic technology ) coupled with its unique 360° Tumble motion ensures removal of up to 50* Tough Stains like baby food, cocoa, ketchup, coffee, juice, etc.
    So whether you have a baby at your home, a school going child, or an elderly adult, Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro will take care of all your needs without a hassle.
  • What is a 360° Bloomwash Motion (Tumble motion) and how does this affect cleaning?
    Unlike how clothes move in a horizontal circular fashion in any regular top loader, wash action in 360° Bloomwash range is in a vertical circular action. Superior wash is affected as a result of this action as the clothes rub against each other. Rubbing of clothes is in such a way that there is minimum fabric abrasion.

What makes Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro a washing machine for everyone?

360° Bloomwash Pro is loaded with unique features that satisfy specific needs of consumers from a washing machine. 

  1. 360° Spray – Improved Rinsing & Water Saving
    The Whirlpool Bloomwash comes with a 360° Spray system. There are three nozzles located on top of the drum which sprays and recirculates the hot detergent water. The mechanism uses 25%* less water and also but improves rinsing.

  2. Hard water wash
    Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro comes with a hard water software specifically designed for  regions with hard water problems. The intelligent hard water software adapts the machine programs for washing in hard water giving better detergent action.
  3. Low Voltage & Low Water Pressure conditions? Smart Sensors have you covered
    If you live in areas where voltage and water fluctuation is a common phenomenon, then this functionality is for you. Every time there such conditions as low voltage and low water pressure, you don’t have to take the pain of re-setting the program. Upon normal resumption of water and voltage, the sensors ensure that the machine resumes from where it left off, and completes the cycle.
  4. Four Levels of Drying 
    During monsoons, there are fewer times when you have the option of drying clothes out on the balcony, especially if you live in regions where rains are frequent. Out of the four levels of drying in this washing machine – Extra or Power mode is for such situations. For the rest of you, there is the option of Gentle or Normal.
  5. Baby Care Program – For delicate clothes
    This program gives that extra gentle care for clothes first sanitizing them at a temperature of 45 Degrees and a double rinse wash. Softener is dispensed automatically thereafter during the wash cycle giving you fresh & soft clothes.
  6. Wash Programs for everyone’s need (Bed sheet, Sari, Express Wash)
    The 360° Bloomwash Pro washing machine has 12 wash programs to suit the unique needs of every Indian family. A distinguishing aspect is that it has programs like Bedsheet and Sari which are usually not seen in regular top load washing machines available in the market. In addition, you also have options like Express Wash to reduce wash duration by 30 to 40% and functions to adjust water and drying levels. The control panel also has buttons to invoke hard water wash and deep soak functions.


The Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro is the winner of 2019 iF Design Awards. With edge to edge design in stunning black, one-piece soft closing toughened glass lid and side handle, this washing machine brings together No. 1 in cleaning performance and stunning design  Not only does the wide lid make it easy to take clothes from the drum, but thanks to the soft closing feature, you needn’t worry about hurting yourself even if the lid closes suddenly.


Whirlpool has also taken care to reduce noise and vibration. So the peace and calm in your home is not disturbed while the washing machine does its job.

With 3 year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year warranty on motor, Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro is definitely an option worth considering as your next washing machine.
Available in 7 kg, 7.5 Kg and 9.5 Kg capacity, 3 variants are offered in 360° Bloomwash Pro series namely, Bloomwash Pro, Bloomwash Pro Heater, and Bloomwash Pro Heater & Spray.

For further details, please check out the Whirlpool website.

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