Vidiem Mixer Grinder Review

Vidiem is owned by the founders of Preethi- Maya Appliances. They sold Preethi to Philips in 2011 and later launched Vidiem. By selling high performance, durable appliances which are priced moderately, Vidiem is slowly emerging as a strong contender in the kitchen appliance niche.

In this review, we take a look at Vidiem MG521A 750 Watt Mixer Grinder, which is one of their mid-segment options. 


Competitively priced, yet high performing, Vidiem MG521 A is a powerful option that does quick work of all grinding chores. It may not be that great for dry grinding spices. But when it comes to wet grinding, like making chutney, curry paste or idli batter, Vidiem MG521A does an outstanding job. The built quality is also fairly good. But, just like most other 750 Watt mixer grinders available in the market, it is too noisy.

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  • Excellent wet grinding efficiency
  • Easy jar lock
  • Good value for money


  • Noisy


vidiem mixer grinder review - jars
Vidiem MG521A jars

The mixer grinder comes with 3 jars. All have stainless steel bodies. The smaller ones have plastic lids, while the largest wet grinding jar has a dome-shaped polycarbonate lid.

The chutney jar comes with a 400 ml capacity. The plastic lid has a twist and lock feature that offers hands-free operations. As the lids are black in colour, they don’t appear stained and retain a fresh look for a longer time. The multipurpose jar comes with 750 ml capacity, while the wet grinding jar has a 1.5-litre capacity.

The jars are all lightweight and their body has just 0.6mm thickness. Talking about the blades, all jars come with 304-grade stainless steel blades with a zigzag edge. They have a thickness of about 1.2mm and are not removable.

Vidiem Mixer Grinder review
Vidiem Mixer Grinder Jar blades

In terms of appearance, a distinct noticeable aspect is the black and orange handles. It does look bright and vivid and a lot of people may not be fond of having such bold coloured appliances. But an advantage is that it is easy to find it from a pile of utensils. So, if you have a maid who washes all utensils and piles them in a dish rack, you will actually find the bright colour actually practical.

A distinct feature of the jars is what Vidiem calls the self-locking system. Well, it doesn’t lock on its own. But it is designed in such a way that it locks to the base easily. Chances of misalignment are close to nil. Prestige Deluxe Plus too has the same locking system and comes at a comparable pricing.

vidiem mixer grinder review- self locking system
Self-locking system

The coupler design is also different. Vidiem claims that it ensures better mating and higher strength. But, we weren’t able to find any distinct advantage that it offers.

Though lightweight, the build quality appears sturdy.

Motor Housing

The design of the motor housing has a shape similar to Preethi Zodiac. However, the similarity ends there. It is grey and orange in colour and doesn’t have a power indicator.

Using the knob, you can set the speed at three levels and turning it to the right, it whips.


The mixer grinder comes with a 750-watt motor. Vidiem claims that the motor has better torque and cooling compared to regular options. In our tests, we found that without load, the mixer grinder had a minimum speed of 19500 cycles in the first level and a maximum RPM of around 20600 cycles in the third speed.

Maximum RPM recorded using tachometer

When we replicated the day-to-day usage patterns of a typical kitchen, we found that the mixer grinder’s wet grinding performance exceeded expectations. But when it comes to dry grinding spices, it was just average.

We have always found that a mixer grinder’s dry grinding performance can be assessed by making garam masala powder. The different textures, toughness and size of various ingredients pose a bigger challenge. However, if you want to have an idea of the sheer strength of the motor, grinding turmeric ( one of the hardest ingredients in the kitchen) gives better clarity.

Vidiem did not give a satisfactory result with garam masala. The residue after sieving was unusually high in quantity. But with turmeric, it gave a fairly good result with just a few pinches of coarse residue.

Vidiem Mixer Grinder Review
Turmeric when ground and sieved.

But what we really loved about Vidiem is the excellent wet grinding performance. The wet grinding jar has a wide mouth that tapers off towards the bottom. That along with the well-designed blades ensure a perfect vortex. When grinding batter for idli and appam, the batter did not splash or bounce around. Instead, the design ensured that all ingredients moved towards the blades to get it thoroughly ground. Even when grinding urad batter with minimal water for making Medu Vada, Vidiem did an exceedingly good job.

You find the same results when grinding curry paste, chutney, ginger-garlic paste etc. The results are quite fast and the consistency is smooth too.

A drawback is that the mixer grinder is pretty loud. 


The mixer grinder has basic safety features like vacuum suction feet, an overload protection switch and a shock-proof body. The chutney jar has a twist and lock feature too. 

The manufacturers claim that it can run for 30 minutes with breaks in between.

Ease Of Cleaning

The base can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Along the top of the motor housing, where the coupler is situated, you find a narrow gap through which any spills can flow out. This can be found in almost all mixer grinders available in the market. In Bosch TrueMixx, the gap is wide enough that you can insert a finger to clean anything stuck in it. But, the one in Vidiem is so narrow that if anything gets stuck in the gap, you will have a tough time cleaning it.

The gap for spills to flow out is very narrow.

The jars are pretty easy to clean. We were able to clean even turmeric stains with minimal effort. The black plastic lids are also easy to clean. Due to its colour, stains don’t appear prominently either.

Durability and After-sales Service

The mixer grinder comes with a 2-year overall warranty and a 5-year motor warranty. However, unlike Preethi and Bosch, it doesn’t offer free service. 

Vidiem has customer care centres across South India. But the presence in North India is rather limited. If you live in North India, you could opt for the Onsitego plan which ensures hassle-free after-sales service across India.

Flaws, But Not Deal Breakers

The mixer grinder’s dry grinding performance isn’t the best out there. But then, given the competitive pricing, you can’t really complain about it. Mixer grinders sold at this price isn’t really meant for making spice powders, they are meant for regular grinding chores like making batter, shakes, curry paste, chutney etc. and Vidiem MG521A does an excellent job in all these aspects.

The noise is the only real concern that you can point out. It isn’t as smooth as Sujata. But not as annoying as Bosch or Hamilton Beach. It comes somewhere in between, almost similar to the Preethi Zodiac and Philips HL7707.

Comparison With Other Models

Compared to other models sold at similar pricing like Philips HL7701 and Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond, Vidiem MG521A is quicker and quite efficient too. Its built quality seems better than Philips but not as good as Preethi Blue Leaf.

Other models from Vidiem worth mentioning are Vidiem MG581A, which comes with a juicer jar. It is also completely black in colour. Otherwise, it is pretty similar to Vidiem MG521A.

Vidiem ADC MG 579A is a close competition to Preethi Zodiac. Its food processor jar is made of stainless steel, which ensures better durability. You get an extra blade with the food processor for thick slicing. The juicer jar design is also different.


Overall, Vidiem MG521A is a value for money option that offers superior grinding performance for everyday grinding chores. It is well-designed and appears durable too. The service centres are limited to a few cities in South India, so it would be better to opt for an Onsitego plan so that you can rest assured of hassle-free service.

You can check out the latest price of Vidiem MG521A here ( Amazon link)


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