What To Do When Your Smart TV Remote Control Doesn’t Work? And It’s Not Mobile Apps

In the olden days, you could control your TV using the buttons on it. But with the advent of smart TVs and minimalist design, TVs lost a chunk of their buttons and our dependency on the remote grew more than ever. In fact, a TV can be considered as good as dead if the remote stops working.

Many of the smart TV remote controls come with Bluetooth connectivity and they are quite delicate. And a broken remote control has become a common occurrence. So what do you do when your remote doesn’t work?

If you have a smart TV from LG or Samsung you have AiThiQ and SmartThings app respectively which helps you control the TV even without a remote. Some of the other brands too have their own apps. But with most of the budget-friendly brands, you have to depend on universal remote apps. And if you have ever used it, you know it is like beating your head against the wall.

What if we told you there is a better alternative. Far more efficient and perhaps even easier. But first, let me give the credit where it is due. This hack is the courtesy of my 6-year-old son. We stopped giving him the TV remote because he wrecked it more than once and that is when he came up with this ingenious idea.

The solution is the humble Keyboard. And if you want, you can use your mouse too.

How to operate Smart TV using Keyboard and Mouse?

Smart TV Remote Control Doesn't Work

Operating TV with a keyboard is fairly easy. Just connect the keyboard to the TV using the USB cable and you are good to go. If you have a wireless keyboard at home, then you can even operate the TV sitting comfortably on your sofa as well.

The home button on the keyboard will take you to the smart TV home screen and from there, you can navigate easily using arrow keys and “Enter”.

A mouse can also act as an alternative to your remote control. But they wouldn’t really work that seamlessly. Often, the clicks don’t work as intended.

So, did this hack help you? If so let us know in the comments sections.


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