Samsung Crystal 4K Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review

Samsung discontinued the 4K variants of the Wondertainment series and launched the Crystal 4K and Crystal 4K Pro series, which has been well-received by the consumers.

Let us take a look at its display, audio, smart features and other aspects.

samsung crystal 4k tv review


The Samsung Crystal 4K TV comes in 43, 50, 55 and 65-inch display sizes and is priced in the mid-segment range. The difference between 4K and 4K Pro is mainly that the latter has a voice assistant powered by Alexa and Bixby.

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In line with the design standards of the segment, the TV comes with thin bezels that give an immersive viewing experience. The frame, as well as the stand, are made of fairly good quality plastic. They have an elegant look and feel. The chin at the bottom however is a bit thicker to incorporate the Samsung logo.

Inspired by Sony, Samsung has also incorporated the “Clean Cable Solution” which helps to channel all wires to conceal them and give a clutter-free appearance.


The display of the TV is quite outstanding. With 4K resolution and powerful upscale technology, the TV offers excellent visuals with depth and clarity.

samsung crystal 4k tv review

It supports HDR10+ format. The manufacturers claim that it can display 1 billion colours and has a Mega contrast enhancer. The colours pop out and the contrast is refined that you can view even minute details.

Vividness in bright scenes from wildlife and natural documentaries is expected from TVs sold at this price range. But the real test is how well it displays details in dim and dark scenes. And Samsung Crystal series achieves this pretty well with deep blacks. Viewing movies like Raid and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with dark and dimly lit scenes, Samsung Crystal Pro was able to show visuals with fairly good clarity.

samsung crystal 4k tv review

Owing to the Motion Xcelerator technology, fast actions and high-speed sports visuals can be viewed without blur. Even the viewing angles from the sides are fairly good.


The Samsung Crystal series comes with a channel 20 watt sound output that supports Dolby Digital Plus. One of the unique features is the Adaptive sound technology which increases the sound output when it detects a higher ambient noise. The Q-symphony surround-sound technology has a fairly good effect in smaller rooms. But not so much in larger rooms.

Overall, the sound quality is just above average. For a more immersive experience, you may have to connect to an external soundbar. Thankfully, you can connect it wirelessly as it supports Bluetooth.

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Smart Features

The TV comes with Tizen OS and has 1.5 GB RAM. Though it doesn’t have a wide variety of apps like Playstore, it has smooth and glitch-free navigation. The boot-up speed is fairly good too.

samsung crystal 4k tv review

Popular apps like Prime, Netflix, Zee5, Hotstar etc are pre-installed. The remote has hotkeys for Netflix and Prime too. It has a total of 8 GB storage, but after the OS and pre-installed apps, there is hardly 3-4GB space left for other apps.

In addition to casting and mirroring, the TV can be operated using your mobile app. In fact, you can tap the TV with mobile to automatically start mirroring.

Yet another interesting feature is the PC mode. You can connect your Macbook and Windows laptop wirelessly to the TV. There are pre-installed Windows App too that you can utilize.

Further, the TV has a gaming mode with reduced input lag.

In the Crystal Pro series, you can choose among Alexa or Bixby as a voice assistant. It works quite well with not much problem in recognizing voice commands.

To connect to external devices, the TV has 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. It also supports Bluetooth.


Overall, the TV offers excellent value for money. The display is outstanding and the smart features are smooth and user-friendly. The sound quality however could have been better.

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