5 Practical Refrigerator Organization Tips According To Experts

An average person opens the fridge 15-20 times a day. And when you have 3-4 members at the home, someone or the other is always at the fridge to search, take out stuff, spill food, keep in new things and check whether something new has magically appeared every 5 minutes. ( you know who I am talking about). So it is no mean task to keep the refrigerator- one of the high traffic areas in a home, organized.

To help you maintain a clean and organized fridge, we asked a few professional organizers to share their favourite tips that are practical and easy to implement. Here they are-

Don’t Overdo It

Refrigerators by design have a basic structure that helps you keep your food organized. It can be tempting to go overboard. But it is wise to detest. 

Amy Vance, owner of Eco Modern Concierge based in Houston says, “Oftentimes clients want to organize their refrigerators with lots of bins, lazy susans, etc. But then there is not enough flex room for items like leftovers, holiday speciality food items, etc.”

So, it is best to moderate yourself so that you can store any unexpected leftover or gift from neighbours without overburdening the refrigerator compressor.

Maintain 30% Free Space

Keeping a refrigerator overstuffed is a sure shot method to reduce its lifespan. It can overburden the compressor and hamper airflow throughout the compartment. 

Marie Kondo, the renowned organizer suggests to maintain at least 30% free space inside the refrigerator to overcome this. This also gives enough leeway to keep any leftover food.

Clean Your Refrigerator Before Grocery Shopping

refrigerator organization tips

Michelle Hansen of Practical Perfection suggests cleaning the refrigerator before your weekly grocery shopping so that you know what you need and what to get rid of. She says, “This is a great way to prevent food waste and over-buying.  Also, it is nice when you get home from the grocery store and you have a clean fridge to put your groceries into.”

Separate Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits require different humidity levels to stay fresher for longer. Lauren Bowen of Two Maids & A Mop says to never keep them both in a single drawer. She says, “.The different environments have varying effects when the wrong produce items are stored in the wrong drawer. You could cause your fruits or vegetables to spoil and wilt prematurely, so keep them in their designated drawers.”

If your refrigerator doesn’t have separate drawers, keep fruits and vegetables in airtight silicone bags so that the ethylene produced by the fruits don’t affect the vegetables.

Utilize Vertical Space

refrigerator organization tips

Lids with knobs are useful for serving bowls. But not quite favourable for storage. It is best to utilize storage containers with knobless lids so that you can stack one on top of the other and make the maximum of the vertical space available.

Amy Vance also recommends using slidable fridge organizers to make maximum out of the vertical space. 

If you plan to buy a new refrigerator, you could think of opting for one that has adjustable shelves so that you have flexible vertical space.


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