Meet Reema Gopalan- The Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur Behind Reema’s Garden

Meet Reema Gopalan- The Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur Behind Reema’s Garden

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Gardening is a hobby for many. But it takes a lot of passion and conviction to pursue it as a full-time profession. In today’s interview, we talk with one such person- Reema Gopalan of Reema’s Garden. In addition to authoring a book on flowering plants, ” 50 Flowering Plants For Indian Homes”, she conducts workshops to guide gardening enthusiasts build their dream garden.
So, without much ado, let us hear about how she got into gardening, her views and aspirations for the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Reema Gopalan. I am a Gardener, Author and Entrepreneur! I conduct workshops and training on Gardening. I have also written a book about flowering plants called – 50 flowering plants for Indian Homes. 

 Could you please share a bit about your gardening workshops? 
 I specialize in organic container Gardening!! Right now we just have one workshop online and the next one is coming up soon on Indoor Gardening. All our workshops are online & pre-recorded which means the participants can view them anytime as per their convenience.
What did you first plant?  How did you discover your passion for gardening? 
I think it was Rose. It was so casual. I initially just had 2-3 plants. Then every month I would buy 2-3 plants… To a point that I had more than 70-80 plants. Then I started growing herbs and Vegetables. That’s how it started. It was very casual and gradual. I didn’t even know it was a passion. It started as a hobby to a point that I decided to take it up as a profession. Now I think I can call it passion.
What was the trickiest plant you have even grown? 
I think gourds are all very tricky to grow. Right pollination, right fertilization, the right type of soil, the right type of cuttings and right kind of trellis. I think gourds are the trickiest plants to grow. 
Newbies including myself often enthusiastically get into gardening. But get very disheartened when there are failures. What do you have to tell such newbies?
For all Newbies all I want to say is… You are investing so much in plants and planters… Just invest a little in the workshop, learn the right way and then go ahead. It will save you so much time and effort (not to mention the bad experience of a plant dying) You’ll know what is happening and why it is happening. It is always advisable to invest in a workshop.
How practical do you think is it for a city dweller to get into organic gardening with constraints on time and space? 
I think it’s absolutely practical and feasible for a city dweller to start organic gardening and like I said – it’s one of my fortes. Any small space whether indoor, outdoor, balcony, terrace, window grilles anything will do. As far as time is concerned, I think if you can dedicate 2-3 minutes every day, that’s more than enough. And on weekends if you can spare around 5-10 minutes, that’s great. That’s all you need.
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now as a gardener and an entrepreneur? 
I think the only way a gardener gets promoted is he/she becomes a farmer. ? That’s what I see as my future. As an entrepreneur, a well-established business in both horticulture and agriculture sectors is where I see it going.
You can follow Reema on her Facebook Page or Instagram. You can also subscribe to her channel on YouTube.

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