Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Review

Preethi Zodiac is one of the best selling premium mixer grinders in India. To be honest, calling it a mere mixer grinder is an understatement. It comes with a juicer jar and food processor attachment making it a complete package for an Indian kitchen. 

So how well does it perform? What are its strengths and flaws? We talk about all that in this in-depth review of the Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder.


With superior grinding performance, excellent built quality and an aesthetically pleasing design, Preethi Zodiac is an apt choice for those who need something a bit more than a mixer grinder. Though it is not as powerful as Sujata Dynamix, it can grind soft and hard spices, make batter, extract juice, knead dough and chop vegetables in no time. The juice froths a lot, it still is far better than other options in terms of its juice extraction efficiency.Its design is not just beautiful, but functional too. Overall, it is an excellent option for those who value its multifunctionality.

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  • Saves a lot of time with the food processor attachment.
  • Excellent grinding performance.
  • Juicer’s extraction efficiency is the best in class.


  • Juice froths a lot
  • Noisy

How We Test?

We test all mixer grinders in real-life kitchen environments and also measure various parameters to have an in-depth understanding of their performance and durability.

First, we analysed and compared its design, measured the blade thickness and RPM.

Further, as part of our tests,  we have ground everything from ginger garlic paste to turmeric, batter, pepper, garam masala and so on. We also made various juices, chopped vegetables and kneaded dough using the juicer and food processor attachment.

We have also compared its features and performance with other models that have similar functions so that you have a better idea of what would be perfect for your needs.

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Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Review
Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

The mixer grinder comes with 5 jars. They are-

– 500 ml chutney jar
– 1-litre middle-sized jar
– 1.5-litre wet grinding jar
– 1.5-litre 3-in-1 juicer jar
– 2.1 litre Master Chef Jar

The chutney and wet grinding jars are made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids.

The middle-sized jar has a p stainless steel body with a plastic lid. This jar is better for dry grinding spices like turmeric, garam masala and pepper as it won’t discolour the lid. M

Moreover, it is easier to scrape the spice powder from the plastic lid. If you grind it in a jar with a polycarbonate lid, the garam masala will react with the polycarbonate and discolour badly too.

Something we really liked is the handle design with a finger grip. Not only is it stylish, but it is also attached in such a way that screw heads don’t protrude inside the jar. This makes it a lot easier to clean. However, the locking base is attached to the jar with screws.

The juicer jar is quite different compared to other mixer grinders in its design and functionality. And it has its own positives and negatives. You get two lids and different blade assembly kits along with this mixer grinder. One set is for blending and the other is for juicing. The juicer lid has a feeding chute and a pusher, which is quite useful in improving its ease of use and juice extraction efficiency. When you want to use it for blending, you can plug the spout, change the blade assembly and use it.

The food processor attachment is one of the highlights of the Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder. And it truly lives up to the hype. You can knead, chop and grate various ingredients with ease and in no time. The citrus juicer is also quite efficient that you can juice one glass of orange juice in around 2 minutes.


The housing of the mixer grinder is stylish and sophisticated. But, it takes more counter space compared to other mixer grinders available in the market. It has a blue power indicator. You can set the mixer grinder speed to three levels and also you have a pulse option.

The unit has vacuum suction feet that ensure the unit is firm and stable even while carrying out heavy-duty grinding. It also has an overload protection switch underneath. The power indicator turns orange if the motor becomes overloaded.


The mixer grinder has a 750-watt motor with a maximum rated RPM of 19000 cycles without load and 10000 cycles with the load. We found that without load at the lowest speed was around 14000 cycles, at next level around 18000 cycles and maximum speed 19000 cycles, which is in line with the specification.

maximum RPM measured using tachometer

The unit can run continuously at a stretch for 5 minutes, after which it needs a 2 minute break. It can run this way for 30 minutes, after which it needs a rest time of 45 minutes. This is the same as other mixer grinders available in the market, except for Sujata which has a maximum run time of 90 minutes.

30 gm of turmeric when ground and sieved left only 2-3 pinches of coarse residue.

We used it to grind garam masala, turmeric, ginger-garlic paste, idli batter and make milkshakes and its performance is close second to Sujata Dynamix, which we have rated as the best. 

60 gm of garam masala when ground and sieved left 1.5 teaspoons of coarse residue.

You get just a little bit of coarse residue while grinding dry spices. It can grind a moderate quantity of ginger-garlic paste into a smooth paste. But when grinding a small quantity of just 10 gms each, it falls short with a few large leftover chunks. This could probably be because the chutney jar has a wider base than our best performer Sujata.

Upon grinding 20 gm of ginger and garlic, there were a few pieces which were not ground.

You can grind urad and rice separately for idli batter in less than 1.5 minutes and the batter doesn’t get heated up. In fact, the batter we made fermented pretty well in 12 hours in the mildly cold Bangalore climate.

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder review. Ground urad dal batter.
Ground urad batter

The mixer grinder is powerful enough to crush smaller ice cubes that you typically get from the freezer’s in-built twist ice tray. But, when we tried with larger ice cubes, it did not perform well.

Talking about the juicer jar, as mentioned earlier, you get two blade assembly kits that can be used to juice and blend. The manual you get along with gives instructions on how to change the blade assembly. You can view it in our video review too. But it takes a bit of effort to lock the jar to the assembly. 

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder. Leaves lesser pulp after juicing.
Leftover pulp from juicing.

The juicer works best on fruits with high water content like watermelon. Even with oranges, it extracts juice more efficiently than any other juicer jars available in the market. But, when you thrust down the fruits using the pusher, the air too gets pushed in and so the juice froths a lot. If you have plugged the spout, you feel like it may overflow from the top.

The food processor attachment is an absolute time saver. It is fairly easy and intuitive to use. But, as the blades are sharp, you need to take care while changing the blades. In fact, we wish the manufacturers had provided a proper plastic box for storing them rather than the bubble wrap.

Chopping and grating vegetables are quite easy. But, you may have to chop the last tiny bit manually. And often, the vegetable gets pushed in a different orientation from what you need. So, sometimes, instead of slicing them horizontally, you get it done vertically.

Also, unlike other dedicated food processors, the size and thickness of chopping cannot be adjusted either.

Preethi zodiac mixer grinder review. Dough kneaded using the food processor is a bit sticky.
Dough kneaded in food processor jar

Kneading dough is also easy. The pusher also acts as a measurement cup which gives you a ratio of flour to water that you need to add. However, when we made the dough in the given measurements, it was a bit too sticky. Also, the unit vibrates. But, as it is gets done in 30 seconds or lesser it isn’t really a problem.

citrus juicing

Citrus juicer attachment also works fine. You can juice a whole orange in less than a minute without any bitter taste from grinding the seeds.

While working, the mixer grinder doesn’t vibrate, but it is noisy. The sound wasn’t pleasant and it ranged from 75-79 decibels. 

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Review. Sound levels range from 75-79 dB.
average sound level.


The mixer grinder has standard safety features like an overload protection switch and vacuum suction feet.

But, it lacks a locking mechanism, which many other food processor units have. Also, as mentioned earlier, the sharp food processor attachment could have been given in a proper packaging apt for safe storage.

Ease of Cleaning

The base housing can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The stainless steel jars are easy to clean. As per the manual, you can add a few drops of cleaning liquid and water and run the mixer grinder for 30 seconds to clean it. This dislodges any accumulated food from under the blades and other hard to reach nooks and corners. But, sometimes, even after this, you have to scrub inside the jar to remove stubborn stains from grinding spices.

The polycarbonate lids stain easily. So, it is better to grind spices in the medium-sized jar with easy to clean plastic lids.

Jar has screws at the bottom. But none at the sides as handle is welded and screwed from the outside.

The screw heads at the bottom surface of the stainless jar may accumulate grime over a period of time. But, fortunately, the handles are fixed to the jar without any screw heads protruding from the inside. 

The juicer jar, though a bit complicated in looks, is also easy to clean. So, is the food processor attachment.

Durability and After Sales Service

The mixer grinder has a strong built quality. The jars and blades are made of fine quality stainless steel with 0.8 mm and 1.4 mm thickness respectively. The plastic lids are food grade, while the polycarbonate lids are shatterproof. The rubber beading however is just about average in quality.

Preethi offers lifetime free service on its products. They provide 2 year guaranty on the product and 5 year warranty on the motor. 

Their service centres are mainly located in South India. Spares of Preethi mixer grinders are usually available in local appliance stores too. North Indians would be better off with Philips in that aspect.

Flaws, But Not Deal Breakers

One of the notable flaws with this mixer grinder is with its juicer jar design that froths a lot.

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Review- Juice frothing.
watermelon juice frothing when spout is plugged.

Its noise is loud and a bit unpleasant. But, this is something quite common with all other mixer grinders too.

Comparison With Other Similar Models

If you plan to buy a mixer grinder with a food processor, then Philips HL7707 which costs less would definitely have caught your eyes. The food processor attachment of the two models hardly has any difference in terms of functionality. The only difference we could notice was a slight difference in the handle. 

The other differences are that Philips HL7707 doesn’t come with a wet grinding jar. The design of the other jars is also different. In terms of performance and grinding capacity, they are quite similar. So, if you are not sold on Preethi Zodiac’s 3-in-1 juicer jar and don’t really use the wet grinding jar, then, Philips HL7707 is a more budget-friendly option worth considering.

If you love Preethi Zodiac, but don’t want the 3-in-1 juicer jar, then Preethi Zion sold at a much lesser price tag is worth considering. But it has a different handle design with screw heads protruding from inside the jar.

The upgrade model Preethi Zodiac 2.0 comes with pre-set functions like Batter, Chutney, Kneading and Puree. The jar design is the same as the older model. But, it costs way higher.


Preethi Zodiac is definitely a value addition to a South Indian kitchen. Its versatility, multi-functionality and powerful grinding capacity makes it a must-have for those who want a mixer grinder with a food processor. Though it is more expensive than other mixer grinders, given the superior functionality, design and performance, it is a good option to consider.

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Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

Ease of Cleaning
Value For Money


With superior grinding performance, excellent built quality and an aesthetically pleasing design, Preethi Zodiac is an apt choice for those who need something a bit more than a mixer grinder. 
Though it is not as powerful as Sujata Dynamix, it can grind soft and hard spices, make batter, extract juice, knead dough and chop vegetables in no time. The juice froths a lot, it still is far better than other options in terms of its juice extraction efficiency.
Its design is not just beautiful, but functional too. Overall, it is an excellent option for those who value its multifunctionality.



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    I felt that Preethi Zodia 218 is complete waste product. When I opened d Pack I could see only the damaged screws & blades. I went an exchanged it. It is not user friendly, after making the juice when I opened all the juice spilt on the kitchen slab. It was quiet messy to handle over all.

    1. Preethi appliance are good… bt their repairing service is horrible n late n non responsive… i would never recommend anyone to buy preethi appliances or products.. as thier customer care service n repairing services are very bad as per my personal experience.

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