Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer Grinder Review

Preethi Blue Leaf mixer grinders are among the best selling mixer grinders in India. With sturdy construction, powerful motors and excellent performance, it is a complete package for an Indian kitchen that has heavy-duty grinding needs.


In our tests, we find it quite powerful. It was able to powder garam masala, pepper, make idli/dosa batter, milkshakes etc, pretty quickly. The grind-n-store feature in the Blue Leaf Platinum mixer grinder is quite handy. Their juicer jar is good enough for making juice, but not so much for extracting coconut milk as the leftover pulp retains a lot of milk.This isn’t specific to just Blue Leaf juicer jars but can be said of every juicer jar in the market.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, take a look at the Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder which offers the best value for money.

Now, let us talk in detail about the jars, the housing base, the construction quality, durability and how they performed in our tests.

How We Tested?

To test the performance of the mixer grinder, we used it for 10 days in a regular Indian kitchen. Then, we tried grinding 50 gm of various spices and sieved it to see how much residue was left. To test the juicer jar, we made some juices. Then, we manually extracted the leftover juice from the pulp to see how much juice was leftover.

We also tried a few drop tests to see if the jars or lids developed any crack. Also, we recorded the sound using a decibel meter app.

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Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum comprises 4 jars. The largest super extractor juicer jar is made of polycarbonate with a plastic lid and has a 1.5-litre capacity. But, the maximum wet rated capacity is 600 ml.

The wet grinding jar has a 1.7-litre capacity and is made of stainless steel with a polycarbonate lid. The dry grinding jar has a 1.2-litre capacity and has a steel body and polycarbonate lid as well. The lids of these two jars are interchangeable. 

The smallest chutney jar has a plastic external cover and stainless steel interiors. The polycarbonate lid locks itself to the jar and doesn’t need to be held with your hands while grinding. The grind-n-store jar has a 400 ml capacity.

The construction of the jars is pretty sturdy. Though Preethi doesn’t mention the grade of the stainless steel used, it looks quite durable.

Polycarbonate jars and lids are generally considered unbreakable. But when we dropped it on the ground, it did chip a little bit. They are very prone to scratches and get easily discoloured. So, the lids will lose their transparent appearance if you grind any spices in them. Scourging with abrasive sponges will also lead to scratches.

The handles are made of plastic and are attached to the jar using screws.

Talking about the grind-n-store jar, what we really liked about it was that you could grind even a small quantity of ingredients like ginger-garlic into a smooth paste. This is because of the small size of the jar and the utilization of the right blades for the job. But what we didn’t really like about it was the screws at the bottom of the jar which holds the stainless steel interiors and plastic exteriors together. Food gets stuck and in all likelihood, food residue will get accumulated along the edges of the screws in the long run.

The tiny cavity between the plastic and stainless steel is also a bit annoying as food tends to get stuck in it when you pour it out.

In the Blue Leaf Diamond range, the smallest chutney jar is made of stainless steel with a polycarbonate lid. You also get a plastic lid to reduce the capacity of the jar to 200 ml which is quite beneficial when you need to grind just a little bit of any ingredient. The other 2 jars- the dry grinding jar and the large wet grinding jar remains almost the same, albeit the shape is a bit different.

Housing Base

The housing base made of ABS plastic has a stylish design that is aesthetically pleasing. It has an anti-skid base with vacuum suction that ensures the housing doesn’t move at all while grinding. But on the flip side, it does take a bit of effort when you want to remove the suction and move the base aside for cleaning underneath it. As with all mixer grinders in the market, it has an overload protection switch.

What we really loved about the design is that the top base where the jar is mounted has a gap along the sides. Through this gap, spillover liquid easily flows out. This gap makes it quite easy to clean the area and the coupler.


The 750-watt motor of the Preethi Blue Leaf series is fairly strong and durable. Without load, the maximum RPM is 20,000 cycles and with load, it is 11,000 cycles. 

Manufacturers recommend that you can switch it on for a maximum of 5 minutes at a stretch after which, it needs 2 minutes rest. In such a way, it can be run for 30 minutes maximum, after which it needs a rest time of 45 minutes. However, for hard spices and ginger-garlic paste, it is recommended that you run it for a maximum of 1.5-2 minutes at a stretch.

In under a minute, you can grind 50 gm of pepper, garam masala and other spices into a fine powder. We were able to get just 3/8th tsp of pepper residue upon grinding 50 gms and 4 tsp of garam masala on grinding the spices for 45 seconds.

We were also able to grind 10gm each of ginger and garlic into a fine paste by adding just 1 Tbspn of water. That too in just 45 seconds.

You can also make chutney and puree easily in the smallest jar.

Using the larger jar, we tried making milkshakes, batter etc and the results were quite satisfactory. Due to its thin long shape, a vortex is created with the blade at its centre, and it helps grind all the ingredients uniformly.

The juicer jar as mentioned earlier is not exactly a positive of this mixer grinder. We tried extracting coconut milk and it was quite inconvenient. The leftover crushed coconut inside the filter had a reasonably good quantity of milk in it, which we had to manually extract using a sieve. But with orange and watermelon, that wasn’t the case. Though the leftover pulp seemed wet, it did not retain much juice.

The sound level while grinding various ingredients ranged from 77 to 100 decibels. But tends to stabilize at around 85-95 dB. It is moderately loud. And whether it is an inconvenience or not, depends on your tolerance to noise.

Ease of Cleaning

Manufacturers recommend to rinse out any leftovers from the jar and add 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid with sufficient water and pulse it to thoroughly clean the jars. And then, it has to be rinsed in running water. And it works most of the time! This way, the jars remain clean and the lid doesn’t develop many scratches from the abrasive scrubs.

Using a dishwasher isn’t exactly recommended because the jars and lid develop unpleasant scratches and it may affect the performance of the blades too. Moreover, water gets accumulated inside the base. This can be a nuisance because the dirty water could fall on to other utensils kept inside the dishwasher.


The lid of the smallest grind-n-store jar can be rotated and locked. But lids of all other jars have to be held in place with your hands. If you don’t add anything too fluid to the new jars, the lid most probably won’t pop open. But, with time, the beading tends to get loose. Also, to be on the safer side, it is better to hold with your hands. 

The base has 3 vacuum suction feet that ensure it doesn’t move no matter what you grind. It also has an overload protection switch that prevents the motor from getting overheated.

Unlike many of the newer models, Preethi Blue Leaf doesn’t have a lock mechanism that doesn’t let the machine to start unless the jar is properly locked to the base. And that is a negative, especially if you are a newbie in the kitchen. 


Preethi mixer grinders are generally considered to be durable. The stainless steel is not 304 grade, but even so, it doesn’t crack or deform. The polycarbonate lids are strong. But the edges chip slightly when dropped. It is very prone to scratches and develops stains from turmeric, coriander and other spices. The rubber beading of the jars looked a bit flimsy. When we opened the box, it has white residues all over, which had to be cleaned. 

With careful usage, you can rest assured that the jars will last without much trouble, but you may have to change the rubber beadings after a few years.

You get a 2-year comprehensive warranty and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

Minor Annoyances, But Not Deal Breakers

First of all, we would have really loved it if the jars had a lock system that made them hands-free. 

In the grind-n store jar, the screws that hold the plastic exteriors with the stainless steel interiors is a bit of an inconvenience as in the long run, food residues will get accumulated around its edges. The cavity between the two materials could also get dirty in the long run with food residues getting accumulated.

As mentioned, the juicer jar is not suitable for extracting coconut milk.


With excellent performance, sturdy built quality and safety features, the Preethi Blue Leaf series is one of the best mixer grinders available in the market. At the time of publishing the article, it was priced at around Rs. 4.5K. But, it has increased by around 1.5K now. So, price-wise, it seems a bit high.

So, out of the available choices in this series, we highly recommend Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder for its competitive pricing and excellent performance.


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  1. The small jarl get spoiler there is no genuine replacement. The jar we get on line as claimed genuine is not properly seating on the socket(slot) there by the teach of the mixture is getting spoiled.
    Need to know where to get original parts.

    1. You could probably contact Preethi directly and check. Or else, you could check at the local mixer grinder shops.

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