Philips Air Purifier Review

Philips Air Purifier Review

Philips currently sells air purifiers in the range of Rs. 10-40k. In this article, we attempt to review some of the popular model, compare their specifications and thus help you identify the one that is the best suitable for your needs.

If you do not have time to go through the entire article, you can take a look at our best picks based on performance, budget and value.


Philips 2000 SERIES AERASENSE AC2887/20

best air purifier India

This model of air purifier from Philips is one of the best in terms of efficiency and is absolutely worth the money. It has a fairly high smoke CADR of 333m3/hr and formaldehyde CADR of 200 m3/hr, and air change per hour( ACH) rating of 4 for an area less than 330 sq. ft, making it a great choice for homes in cities like Delhi, and for people with respiratory ailments. It has a pre-filter, superior activated carbon filter with honeycomb structure and true HEPA filter, in addition to Aerasense technology that shows real-time PPM level of the air.

When compared with Honeywell Air Touch i8, Philips AC2887 has a higher CADR, better area coverage and is about Rs. 1000 cheaper too.

Overall, if you live in one of the heavily polluted cities in India and if you want to breathe in clean air without making a huge dent in your pocket, Philips AC2887/20 is the best choice. If you are using an air purifier for a larger space and are willing to spend a bit more, then Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 Air Purifieris a better option. 

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As we already explained in our buyer’s guide, the most important factors that have to be considered while buying an air purifier are number and types of filter, room size where you use it, CADR and air change rate.

Best Aspects Of Philips Air Purifiers

– Pre-filter that filters out pet dander, dead cells and particles larger than 5-10 micron;

– Activated Carbon Filter that captures VOC, odour, cigarette smoke and gases.

– High quality HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of impurities and germs of size less than 0.3 microns.

Not So Good Aspects of Philips Air Purifiers

The air change per hour ( ACH) rating of few of their models is less than ideal for allergy and asthma patients. The general consensus is that an air purifier should have an ACH of 4 or more, when being used for allergy and asthma patients. Out of the above models, Philips AC2887/20 and AC2882/50 have an ACH of above 4 when used as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

So, does this mean that the other air purifiers aren’t good? Absolutely not. Rather, it means that ideally, you should be using them for spaces smaller than manufacturer’s recommendation if you live in any of the heavily polluted cities or if you or any of the family members have respiratory ailments.

Latest Models of Philips Air Purifiers
The newer models have extra thick nano protect true HEPA filter, better air change rate and auto switch on in case of power failure. Though some of the older models are available in certain online stores for a bargain, we recommend buying the newer models for its better features.

Now, lets review each model of Philips air purifiers.

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

The least expensive air purifier from Philips uses vita shield IPS technology and employs extra-thick Nano protect True HEPA filter, with night sensor mode and smart light mode that automatically adjusts the fan speed and light for comfortable sleep at night.

The unit is fairly silent at 33 decibels and has a child lock protection to avoid accidental change of settings. Another useful feature is its 4-color air quality sensor that changes from red to blue as the particulate matter in the room reduces to the ideal condition.

Thanks to the filter change alert, you don’t have to frequently check the dust level in the filter to see if its due for replacement.


Now, for the important question—is it suitable for use in a polluted city like Delhi? Many reviews suggest it is not. ​

AC1215/20 has a CADR of 270 m3/hr. So, its air change per hour ( ACH)rating is pretty low for a 678 sq. ft. room. For this reason, this unit is not quite suitable if you live in a heavily polluted city or if you or any of your family members suffer from Asthma or allergy.

However, the results will be better if you use it for a smaller room less than 270 sq. ft or if you use it in one of the lesser-polluted cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai etc. (Oh yes, these cities don’t come under the top 10 polluted cities in the world.)

Yearly filter change will set you back by around Rs. 4,100 (carbon filter-Rs. 2000 and HEPA filter- Rs. 2100)

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Philips 2000 Series AC2882/50 Air Purifier

philips air purifier review
With a fairly high ACH rating between 3.2 to 5.52 in coverage area of 408 and 236 sq. ft respectively, Philips AC2882 is a great choice for homes in polluted cities as well as for asthma and allergic patients. It has a smoke CADR of 324 m3/hr. and formaldehyde CADR of 115m3/hr.

At the given CADR, the air purifier works the best for a room of size less than 320 sq. ft. by maintaining an ACH rating of 4.

In addition to the Vita shield IPS technology, the activated carbon filter used in it has high-grade honey comb structure that is much advanced in purifying impurities from the air.

Its timer can be set for up to 12 hours and even though its fan has turbo setting, the noise level is pretty low at 20 decibels, making it one of the most suitable air purifiers for night time use.

What is the difference between Philips AC 2882 and AC2887? 
First of all, AC2887 has a higher formaldehyde CADR of 200 m3/hr compared to 115 m3/hr in AC2882.
Next, AC2887 has real-time display of PM2.5, whereas AC 2882 has a visual indicator with red being worst to blue being optimal air quality and also a numerical indicator from 1 to 12 with 12 being worst and 1 being the best.

The annual filter replacement will cost you about Rs. 4000 (carbon filter- Rs. 1500 and HEPA filter- Rs. 2500)

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Philips 2000 Series AC2887/20 Air Purifier

best air purifier India

This air purifier belongs to the AeraSense series, which shows the real-time measurement of PM 2.5.

 Its smoke CADR is 324 m3/hr. and its formaldehyde CADR is higher than AC2882 at 200 m3/hr.—making it apt for rooms less than 320 Sq. Ft in size, be it in the midst of heavy traffic or in industrial area or in cities like Delhi and Gurgaon.

Manufacturers recommend using the air purifier in room of size 24-41 m2 (258- 441sq. ft). But then, the ACH rating would remain between 2.95-5.05. Hence, using it in area less than 320 sq. ft would be ideal for maintaining ACH rating above 4.

Other features are almost comparable with the previous model AC 2882.

We consider this as one of the best picks of air purifiers available in India because it has a fairly high CADR and good quality filter system which includes thick nano protect HEPA filter, making it suitable for polluted cities like Delhi as well as apt for those suffering from respiratory ailments.

It also has features like auto switch-on after power failure resuming back to the saved settings and dedicated allergen and virus mode.

The activated carbon filter of AC2887 has life of about 12 months and costs about Rs. 1500, while the HEPA filter can last up to 24 months depending on usage and environmental conditions and costs about Rs. 2500.


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Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 Air Purifier

philips air purifier review

With smoke CADR of 367 m3/hr and pollen CADR of 430m3/hr, Philips AC3256 is equipped with Aerasense technology, thick Nanoprotect HEPA filter that has anti-bacterial coating and superior activated carbon filter that helps reduce harmful gases like formaldehyde, toluene and TVOC, in addition to disease causing pathogens.

It also has allergen mode that boosts the cleaning performance whenever the system detects a change in the air quality. An important upgrade from the older models of Philips air purifier is the auto switch-on feature that turns the device on automatically if the power fails in between.

The only reason why we have not listed this as the best performing Philips air purifier is because when used as per manufacturer recommendation for a room of size 1022 sq. ft, the ACH of the air purifier will be just 1.41; which is sub-par. However, its performance will be second to none if you use it in a space less than 350sq. ft.

The yearly filter change will cost you Rs. 5400 (Carbon filter- Rs. 2100 and HEPA filter- Rs. 3300)


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Philips 4025-40 Air Purifier 

philips air purifier review

Philips AC 4025/40 is not a current model sold by Philips. Though the appliance is supported by Philips, we wouldn’t really recommend you to buy it.

 It is almost as expensive as AC2882 and has a low CADR of 147 m3/hr, which doesn’t really make it worth the money. If you already own it, don’t worry, the spares are still available and Philips supports the repair and warranty too.

The air purifier has 3-stage filtration which consists of a pre-filter, activated carbon filter and a true HEPA filter.

The CADR of 147 m3/hr makes it suitable for rooms of size less than 140 sq. ft.

Other features include fan with three speed settings and a timer that can be set between 1-8 hours. It also has a filter change indicator so that you don’t have to keep worrying about when you need to change the filters.

A far better option instead of AC4025/40 is AC2882 or AC2887 which has higher CADR and much superior user-friendly functions.

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Philips 4012/10 Air Purifier 

philips air purifier review

Though supported by Philips, 4012/10 is also an air purifier that is not one of their current models. The air purifier costs over Rs. 16,000 and doesn’t have any of the wow worthy features that AC 2882 or AC2887 has.

The air purifier uses a pre-filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter. Its CADR is just 160 m3/hr.

Just like 4025-40, it also has a 3 step air quality indicator, 1-4-8 hour timer and fairly silent operations.

Overall, we wouldn’t really recommend buying it. You could rather opt for Philips AC2882 or AC2887 that is available at a comparable price.

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Philips AC 4081/21 Air Purifier 

philips air purifier review

Philips AC 4081/21 is the only air purifier from Philips that has an in-built humidifier.

It has 5 speed fan with turbo, a humidification filter with anti-bacterial coating and an integrated multi-care filter which has HEPA filter as well as Activated carbon filter fused in to one.

It has a CADR of 223 m3/hr which isn’t really that great. If you have respiratory ailments or if you are in a heavily polluted city, you can use this air purifier in rooms lesser than size 210 sq. ft to maintain an ACH rating of 4.

The humidity level can be adjusted to 3 settings from 40-60%.

Do note than you will be set back by around Rs. 7000 for replacing the complete filter set. So, weigh in whether you need an air purifier with humidifier or whether you will be better off with a separate humidifier from Philips which costs about Rs. 6000/-

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Philips AC4372/10 Air Purifier 

philips air purifier review

Probably the most expensive air purifier from Philips, AC 4372 has advanced level filtration comprising of pre-filter, activated carbon filter with superior honeycomb structure, HEPA filter with anti-bacterial coating and a multi-care filter in addition.

 It also has 6 setting fan speed and turbo mode for extra power. It has the highest CADR amongst all Philips air purifiers and works optimally even in rooms as large as 15 x 22 ft.(330 sq. ft) eradicating 99.97% of PM 2.5, 84% TVOC, 81% Toluene and 99.99% of bacteria and virus.

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Our Recommendation

Overall, all of the newer Philips air purifier models are pretty effective in reducing the indoor air pollution, provided you use in a space as per recommendation. As a rule of thumb, the CADR should be almost the same as the square footage area of the room in which you use it.

Philips Aerasense 2887 is especially recommended for rooms of size less than 320 sq. ft. owing to its superior features and efficient purification system. An equally good, but a more expensive option is the Philips Aerasense 3256.



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  1. awesome points! I have used alot of 2887/20 in many rooms for my family (250-400Sq.ft.). I agree that they give a good value. 1) how would you compare the 3256/20 to the 2887/20. Is it worth the extra money? upon my research it looked like not much of an upgrade from 2887/20 for 250-400sqft rooms. 2) What do you recommend for a 1000 sq. ft. hall in New Delhi with 11 ft height.


    1. Yes, we agree with you. Considering value for money, Philips AC2887/20 ( is better than AC 3256/20.
      For your living room which is pretty huge, and as you live in Delhi, you probably have to get 2 air purifiers for optimal results. Even Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier (, which is one of the expensive air purifiers that work for large areas claim to be efficient for max. 600 Sq. ft area.

      1. To Prevent any Aerosol infection Medical Grade Hepa filter containing Air purifiers are recommended for dental chambers…Kindly guide any of the Airpurifiers which suits my Operatory of 9.6 breadth, 22 length $ 10 is ceiling height with 12 Air changes / Hr.

  2. Worst service Bought high end Philips air purifier and despite of repeated requests no bony came for Demo I called Dealer as well as customer care.
    I have lost my confidence in Philips products
    Customer care centre keeps on lying one after another Probably only option left is consumer court now

  3. Kindly suggest me air purifier for dental clinic my operatory room size is 23×10= 230 sqfeet and height 10feet. Please suggest at which ach cycle is recommended for dental clinic.and which purifier will best for me.

    1. CDC recommends air change rate to be 6 for dental settings ( ) So, you may need an air purifier of at least 375 m3/hr. Sharp FP-J80M-H ( ) would be a good option. It uses H14 grade HEPA filter, which is excellent; has plasmacluster to remove contaminants and has CADR of 480 m3/hr. That being said, we are not completely aware of the nuances of air purification needs of a dental clinic. So, we recommend you consult medical equipment suppliers as well before making a decision. And if possible, please do let us know about your choice so that it would be helpful for our other readers too.

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