Oxygen Chamber: A Respite from Pollution Woes for Gurgaon

Winter is one of the testing times for the residents of Delhi, Gurgaon and surrounding areas, thanks to the air pollution that is getting worse by the day.

The sales of air purifiers spike around this time. But even then, hospital cases due to air pollution do not have any respite.

In such a testing time, Nurturing Homes, a Gurgaon based gardening retail chain have done their part and come up with a solution to the pollution woes with Oxygen Chamber.

Oxygen chamber
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What is Oxygen Chamber?

Oxygen Chamber is a 13000-sq. ft. green space located next to Huda City Metro Station and comprises of air purifying plants which NASA been using for its space stations.

Snake plant, Areca palm, Aloe Vera, Peace Lilly and are some of the plants that occupy this area. NASA says these plants are a part of nature’s life support system as it is found to absorb air pollutants like benzene, ammonia, xylene, formaldehyde and release oxygen.

Not only does these plants improve the air quality, but also makes people living around it feel better and positive. In fact, researches have shown that hospital patients with plants in their rooms have lesser mental fatigue and lower blood pressure and stress levels.

Oxygen chamber
Image source: Tweeted by @greoverannu

However, the plants alone don’t provide all the fresh air that Oxygen Chamber needs. The air purifying plants are complemented with air purifiers that work to reduce the PM 2.5 particles in the air and thus bring a wholesome change to the air quality.

Nikhil Grover, senior marketing manager of Nurturing Green says electronic air purifier works as allopathy, while the air purifying plants are somewhat close to homeopathy. He also says that you can build an environment like the Oxygen Chamber for your home for about Rs.15,000-20,000.

How Can We Build Oxygen Chamber at Home?

All you need is a good air purifier and a few air purifying plants and you can build your own oxygen chamber at home. Converting your complete house in to an oxygen chamber may not be a feasible option. So, it would be better to convert just the most used room—usually the living room in to an oxygen chamber.

Here is how you can do it step-by-step.

    • First of all, store away any sources of air pollution, especially chemical based cleaners. These chemicals emit volatile organic compounds that are one of the major sources of indoor pollution. So, keep them away in a closed cupboard away from the living area and kitchen.
    • Install a HEPA air purifier with air change rating and CADR apt for your living room size. Check our list of best air purifiers and buying guide to buy an air purifier best suitable for your home.You can input the square footage of your living room in our CADR calculator to know what should be the CADR of the air purifier you use.
    • Next, buy a few indoor air purifying plants for your living room. As they are relatively inexpensive, we would suggest buying them for every room in your home.


  • Next, ensure that there are no air gaps through which purified air from your living room could escape.
  • Indoor air generally is more polluted than air outdoor. So, when the air purifier is not running, open your window and allow proper ventilation.
  • Some of the plants you could buy are-
    Spider plant, Dracaena, Peace Lilly, Boston Fern, Snake Plant and Aloe Vera. You can buy them from a nearby gardening center or even get it online.
    If you are looking for something artistic to beautify your home, you could buy this set of five air purifying plants with decorative wooden frame.


Oxygen chamber

You may not be able to help with the outdoor pollution. But with little care, the air indoor, where you spend majority of your time, can be kept in check to improve your health and overall well-being.


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