OnePlus TV : Reviews, Features and Performance

OnePlus TV : Reviews, Features and Performance

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OnePlus has revolutionized the way Television industry with the launch of OnePlus 55 inch Q1 and Q1 Pro. With stylish aesthetics, functional design and sophisticated technology, OnePlus TV and a special mention to its remote looks like nothing we have seen before.  Check out detailed sales page here.

Even in terms of pricing, OnePlus gives a tough competition to the indomitable brands. While a 55 inch QLED TV from most brands cost above Rs. 1 lakh, OnePlus sells the Q1 for Rs. 69,900, while Q1 Pro is sold for Rs. 99,900. 

The main difference between Q1 and Q1 Pro is that Q1 Pro comes with motorized sound bar that rolls out when TV is switched on. Q1 Pro also has a table top stand which Q1 doesn’t have. Though Q1 has 50 watt audio output, it doesn’t have a sound bar.

OnePlus TV review

Let us delve in to the details of the features and performance of the OnePlus TV.


OnePlus TV has a sleek minimalistic appearance. The TV is near bezel-less and the screen to body ratio of 95.57% provides an immersive experience like none other.

When you switch on the TV, the sound bar drops down in about 7 seconds making practically no noise. This looks pretty cool and imparts a refined look to the TV.

The stand too looks quite sleek and sophisticated. However, you might have to check an installation video as it might be confusing as to which screws go where.


As mentioned, OnePlus TV comes with 55 inch screen size. The screen uses QLED while most brands are still using LED display. So, how does QLED differ from the rest? In QLED TVs, the manufacturers use LCD panels lit using LED. Between the LCD panels and back light, there is a filter with energy reactive nano-particles which filter the back light.  This produces more pure and saturated colors. Thus the color quality and vibrancy of QLED panels are quite superior to LED TV. In fact, OnePlus claims that the TV display has a very high color range of NTSC 120%, which it claims is the highest in the world. This results in vibrant and crisp images.

When you compare QLED and OLED, the latter fares better in terms of contrast and overall picture quality. This is because luminosity of each pixel can be adjusted in OLED. They are also quite expensive compared to QLED and LED display TV. So, it is OLED> QLED>LED.

In order to enhance contrast and color, the TV is equipped with HDR technology. It supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision too. This means for supported content like video from Prime, Netflix and Bluray discs, the contrast and color is adjusted on a screen-by-screen basis, thus providing far superior display. In fact, Dolby Vision support is seen only in the premium range TVs of other brands like LG, Samsung and Sony.
To further enhance HDR technology, the TV utilizes micro-dimming whereby brightness and darkness are adjusted zone wise for better contrast and color.

A problem usually seen in LCD panels while watching fast action scenes is blurring. To overcome this, OnePlus has introduced Ultra Smooth option which can be invoked to add extra frames and thereby reduce blur and smooth out image transition.

Overall, the display is quite superior to usual LED TVs.


Most TV manufacturers in a bid to make the TV thin compromise on the speakers and sound quality. OnePlus overcomes this by introducing rolling sound bar that rolls out upon switching on the TV.

The TV has a total of 8 speakers- 4 full-range front-facing speakers, 2 front-facing tweeters for the highs and 2 rear sub-woofers for the bass. Thus the 50 W sound bar ensures loud sound that is crisp, clear and with sufficient bass. Moreover, the Dolby Atmos technology also ensures sound experience typically you experience in movie theatre.

Now, a feature that party hosts would love is the Bluetooth Stereo. You can connect your mobile phone to the TV and convert it to a virtual speaker. The TV screen can be switched off in this mode.

Overall, you wouldn’t need to invest in an additional sound bar if you opt for OnePlus TV.

Smart Features

First and foremost, let us talk about the remote.

The remote controller of the OnePlus TV looks like it is from another world. The minimalistic design is what one typically sees and expects from Apple products.
The remote has dedicated button for Prime and Google Assistant. In addition to the buttons, the remote has a track pad and on the sides a scroll for controlling the volume. As the remote has a mic, you can invoke Google Assistant and carry on voice command too.
Yet another innovative feature is that you can charge the remote using a Type C USB cable. So say good bye to batteries!

The smart features of this TV are build on Android platform. All major popular streaming apps are in-built. You can also install apps of your choice from PlayStore. However, the TV doesn’t support Netflix. Many are of the opinion that it can be expected the next year with a software update.

In addition to Playstore, OnePlus has introduced OxygenPlay which is an entertainment hub where you can access content from various providers.

Talking about connectivity, the TV has 4 HDMI port and 2 USB port. It also has a type C port on the rear top with which you can easily connect your OnePlus mobile.

Overall, with outstanding features and sophisticated technology and a smooth inter-phase for which OnePlus is already known for, the TV industry is all set for a revolution.

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