The Magical Tool For Cleaning Windows! Yay or Nay?

Over time, dust and smoke that accumulates on the windowpane can cause a mess and obstruct light and your view. When you set out to clean them, the insides are manageable with microfiber cloths and squeegee. But the outside- not so much! It is difficult to reach and a lot nastier with stubborn dirt and grime from the outdoor pollution.

Amazon now has a product that promises to solve this problem- a magnetic window cleaner. We tried it out on our windows and yes, it works! But, it is not without flaws.

What It is Like?

magnet window cleaner

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The cleaning tool has two parts with magnets that hold them together. Each part has a thin strip of absorbent felt and a rubber wiping blade. The absorbent felt cleans the dirt, while the squeegee wipes off any water from the felt that remains on the window. The felt is attached to the plastic body using velcro.

The part meant for cleaning the outside of the pane has a long safety cord that prevents it from falling outside.

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How Well It Works?

Placing the cleaner correctly on the window is paramount. When you move it, the felt should be followed by the squeegee. Else, it just leaves smudges all over without cleaning the window.

We sprayed glass cleaner on the felt strip facing inside and Harpic on the strip that cleans the outside.

Use Harpic to clean stubborn dirt or hard water stains from windowpane.

Moving it around was a bit tricky in the beginning. But you soon learn to correctly manoeuvre it around. Even so, when moving around the edges, the part outside tends to lag and fall.

It was pretty easy to access every part of the window. The cleaning results were also good. The dirty felt can be cleaned easily in running water. However, it did leave some water stains on the window.

magnet window cleaner
The cleaning tool leaves water stains on the window.

To prevent any accidents, the outside part has a safety cord that needs to be wound on your finger or wrist. But, the felt strip loses its stickiness pretty quick and it may fall outside while in use.

magnet window cleaner

Considering that there are no other options for cleaning the window from the outside, I really liked it despite the flaws.

Will It Last?

This cleaning tool we bought cost us a little less than Rs. 400/- Within cleaning 3-4 window panes, the felt strip lost its stickiness and its fibres started coming out. But, you can attach a regular kitchen scrub and use it.

Scrub attached in place of felt.

The squeegee is small, flexible and a bit delicate. Even if it comes out, you can easily push it back into its slot and use it.

The magnet, plastic body and safety cord are strong and appears durable.

So while the tool appears durable, you will definitely have to find an alternative to the cleaning felt.

Yay or Nay?

We wouldn’t really recommend this cleaning tool for aquarium, shower screens, mirrors or tiles as there are better alternatives for that.

But for cleaning windows, Considering that there are no other alternatives it is definitely an option worth considering despite the flaws.

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