LG Vs Bosch Front Load Washing Machine Comparison

LG, Bosch and IFB are some of the market leaders in the domestic washing machine industry. While IFB is an Indian brand, Bosch is German and LG is Korean. There is a tight competition between the three major players and most consumers are confused when it comes to choosing between LG and Bosch Front Loaders.

So, we here bring to you some of the key differences and features that differentiate between the two.

lg bosch front load washing machine comparison

Motor Technology

Motor technology is one of the key difference between LG and Bosch.

Bosch uses conventional technology whereby the motor is connected to the drum with a belt using a pulley mechanism.

LG, on the other hand, uses an inverter direct drive motor whereby the motor is directly attached to the drum without using any belt. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages. But overall, LG fares better as it has silent and vibration-free operations.

Winner: LG

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Repair Costs

Bosch’s repair cost pertaining to its motor and drum is comparatively lesser as it uses conventional technology. The belt is usually what wears out and it doesn’t cost much to replace it.

 In LG, repair costs of the motor mechanism are usually higher as the entire motor mechanism has to be taken out for repairing it. But that being said, inverter direct drive motor has a better life than the conventional belt-driven mechanism

Winner: Bosch

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Drum Design

As the motor is at the bottom of the drum in Bosch, it allows enough space for deeper drums. In LG, drums are taller and less deep as the space for the motor too has to be made.

Deeper drums are better as it allows for better abrasion of the clothes on the minute protrusions and paddles on the insides of the drum. It can accommodate more clothes too.

Newer models of LG front loaders have Drum Clean feature just like Bosch. So, they are both at par in this aspect.

Winner: Bosch

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Sound and Vibration

LG markets its inverter direct drive technology by emphasising on the silent operations. And that is absolutely true. Comparatively, Bosch makes more noise and vibrates a lot more than LG when it spins at the highest speed.

Winner: LG

Gasket Design

The gasket in the washing machine’s door is what makes it airtight and prevents water from leaking out. But unfortunately, it is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

The door seal gasket in Bosch front loaders have a flap at the top. Underneath this, a lot more mold tends to get accumulated and they are more difficult to clean. In LG however, such a flap is not present and the gasket is thinner compared to Bosch. So, it doesn’t accumulate much mold.

Overall, Bosch’s design is more prone to developing mold than LG.

Winner: LG

Wash Programs

Wash programs of each model from both the brands vary. So, it might not be possible to give a general comparison. So, we take a look at some of the general aspects below.


A positive of LG is that all their front loaders ( except the basic models FHM1207ZDL and FHM1006ADW) have programs that wash in temperature of up to 95 degree Celsius. This is quite useful when it comes to washing bed, bath linen and baby clothes. Not all models of Bosch front loaders can wash in 90-degree hot water. For example, in WAK24168, you can wash the clothes at a maximum of 60 degree Celsius, while only in WAK24268, you can wash in up to 90-degree celsius hot water.

Winner: LG


The Quick wash program of LG takes 30 minutes, while in Bosch, you can wash in even 15 minutes. Further, many of Bosch washing machines have Speed Perfect Function that reduces the time by up to 65%. But on the flip side, it affects the wash quality and is suitable only for washing mildly soiled clothes.

Winner: Bosch

Allergy Wash

Bosch claims its washing machines to be ECARF ( European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) certified. Their Allergy wash program ( found in certain models) helps eradicate up to 99.9% of allergens. This is quite useful for those who suffer from skin or respiratory allergies especially due to dust mites.

Though LG doesn’t have such a certification, most of their washing machines have wash programs that can wash at up to 95 degree Celsius hot water which is sufficient to eradicate allergens. So, it can be considered just as good as Bosch in this aspect. 

LG claims its steam wash is quite excellent at cleaning stain and allergens. But Consumer Reports have debunked this claim. So, if you plan to buy an LG washing machine just for the steam wash, we would advise against it.

Winner: Both

Wi-fi Connectivity

Advanced models of LG washing machines come with wi-fi connectivity. Through AI-ThinQ app, you can control the washing machine remotely, download wash programs and know the status of the wash program.

Bosch does have models with wi-fi connectivity. But most of them are available just offline and not on popular ecommerce portals.

Winner: LG


When you compare the 7 Kg models, we find that the basic model of LG- FHM1207ZDL costs a bit higher than Bosch WAK24168.

Similarly, when you compare Bosch WAK24268 with LG FHT1207ZWL, Bosch costs lesser. But this LG model comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and steam wash programs, which the Bosch WAK24268 doesn’t have. 

So, though marginal, the pricing of Bosch is more competitive than LG. The primary reason for this is that direct inverter drive technology costs more than conventional belt drive technology. 

Winner: Bosch

Water Consumption

When comparing the 7 Kg models, Bosch uses 47 litres of water, while LG uses 8.28 litres per Kg which comes to close to 58 litres of water for 7 KG load.

Winner: Bosch


Overall, when it comes to silent and vibration-free operations, flexibility in wash program and superior motor technology, LG is the clear winner.

But if your priority is price, lesser water and energy consumption, larger drum and lesser repair costs, then Bosch is the one for you.


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