Discover Delicious Multi-cuisine Food With Jolly Homemade Recipes

Discover Delicious Multi-cuisine Food With Jolly Homemade Recipes

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Jolly, as her name suggests is a happy go simple person who is fiercely passionate about cooking and blogging. What started off as a simple food blog has now grown to become one of the top 100 food blogs in India and Jolly, one of the top 30 food photographers in India.
Her blog and social media pages stand testimony to the fact that you can achieve heights provided you put your heart and soul in to it.

In this interview, Jolly talks about her inspirations, achievements and more…

What was your inspiration to start your food blog “Homemade Recipes”?

My family inspired a lot to start this food blog(especially my mom) She is my biggest mentor or what you call “Guru”.
Cooking has always been my passion. I have taken most of my simple recipes that I use in my kitchen and shared it to my blog. I have also learnt from my family and shared them too.

This blog really means a lot to me, and it has helped me a lot in gaining confidence. I have tried different varieties of cuisines and written them down to get to where I am today! I really never expected it to come this far or even be successful at all! During these years of journey, I have faced many situations- happiness, sadness, facing the ugly people but always learned a new lesson.

Apart from cooking, what are your other passions?

Beyond cooking I love photography — food, ingredients,nature. I am a person who love to capture beautiful things which are going around in life. It is either sunset, flowers, clouds, moon, sky… Actually whatever I find interesting in my daily routine, I capture them into my eyes and save on my phone…You can check it on my Instagram account. 

Being a Punjab married to a South Indian, what is the one South Indian dish that you cannot live without?

Masala dosa and utapam.

What are some of the achievements as a blogger that you are proud of?  

Last year, my blog was mentioned as a “top 30 Indian Photographer award” by Bonusapp. I also got a mention as a “best 150 food blog” by Brand Ballot. It was like a dream come true when my blog came under Top 100 Indian food blog. Also, I have a great social media followers and appreciation on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Being in this competitor world, people knows me as an honest person who is passionate about cooking and being a known blogger by itself is a great achievement for me.

Which are your favorite blogs? 

Cook with whiskaffair by Neha Mathur

What are your cooking inspirations? 
My family especially my mother has inspired me a lot to do what I want. I just wanted to say a huge, massive thanks to my family for everything!!

Finally, what should a new reader expect from your blog?
Tried and tested recipes with step by step pictorial representation which I always do in my blog. New and creative Indian and international cuisine healthy recipes. Quite some baked food too.

You can follow Jolly on her blog as well as on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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