How We Test


For each category, we shortlist the popular products with positive reviews after weeding out fake reviews. We then buy those products from Amazon just like any consumer. Sometimes, we loan the product from manufacturers. In such cases, we mention the same within the article. That being said, it doesn’t affect our scoring or recommendation.


For every category, we create test parameters after consulting with experts. We then objectively conduct these tests with all the products and compare the results to identify the best ones.


Following our in-depth research and testing, we recommend top products suiting different requirements so that you can choose the one apt for your needs.

We take immense care to be as accurate as possible in our tests and recommendations. Our review process is constantly updated for improvement. But, we are not perfect. So, if you have any suggestions, feedback or criticism, please drop in a mail to info at smarthomeguide dot in.

Disclaimer: Smart Home Guide is supported by readers. Every time you buy a product through our links, we may earn a small commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase price in any manner.

Informational Content

For our informational content, we seek inputs from experts in the field. Whenever possible, we also try to test out the tips and hacks to see if it works as claimed.