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A Goan by birth, Mumbaikar by heart, Maria Gonsalves lives by the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” She turned a rough spot in her life to the beginning of a truly remarkable journey to finding her passion- food.

In her blog Flavors of Mumbai, Maria shares detailed step-by-step recipes of multi-cuisine delicacies. And oh boy, her Instagram page makes you literally drool. It is no wonder that Maria was the winner of Hottest Food Photography by PromoCode and was adjudged as one of the top 30 food photographers by BonusApp.

In this interview she talks about her love for food, blogging and more…

What inspired you to start Flavors of Mumbai? 

Flavor Of Mumbai took birth in a very unique way. My father had met with a paralytic stroke and I left my job to help my coping father and support mom. It was a shocking phase we had to go through and slowly my father started recovering. I started to explore in kitchen and ventured in to cooking by shadowing my mother. I knew minimal cooking earlier like making aloo paratha, tikkis, dal, rice and omelettes. However whenever mom assisted my father, I started to cook and everyone like the food. That is when I realized my passion to cook and experiment in cooking.

My elder sister suggested to start a food blog, that is how my culinary experience and flair for writing started to develop. Have come a long way by learning new age techniques of cooking skills, baking skills, writing content, managing SEO, learning and developing technical expertise in food photography and visuals impact in blogging industry. My journey is still yearning to learn more forays of cooking adventures. My family inspired me to start FOM, and I thank them all for it.

If I were to come to Mumbai, what would be the one dish that I shouldn’t miss out?

Wish I could name just one there are plethora of dishes one needs to taste while in Mumbai. First one should be road side Wada Pav’s, Pav bhaji, Bhurji Pav, Elco- Bandra Pani pooris or even road road side pani puris, Mumbai Masala Toast Sandwich,  Momos and Keema Pao. You can also check my article for Top Mumbai Street food along recipes here.

What’s your favorite cuisine?

I love any Cuisine which is made with love, cleanliness and mildly spiced. However am very fond of Maharashtrian, Goan, Kerala, Thai, Chinese, Gujarat and Punjabi Cuisine.

Life as a blogger has a lots of ups and downs and struggles especially in the initial days. Was there a turning point when you decided this is what you want to do as your career?

Life itself has ups and downs so is when you have any career not just a blogger. Passion, determination, openness to learn new skills and adapt to it, hard-work, patience and good deeds helps in any career even as a blogger. When your heart gives a small whisper or signal you need to catch that and follow to tee, this can be a turning point in your life. Let not your mind over power your heart.

What are some of the achievements as a blogger that you are proud of?  

People know me as an honest, passionate and popular food blogger which by itself is a great reward for me. I have been interviewed several times and featured on newspaper and magazines and called for many blogger forums and awards which I refrain from going for personal reasons. My blog is also voted as top 30 food blog in India plus I have a great social networking followers and likes on Facebook, Pinterest and Insta.

What do you do when recipes don’t work out the way you expected it? 

I keep altering the measurements or the style of the recipe. For instance when it comes to baking,  proportions are very crucial and so is the temperature of baking. Even when it comes to Biryani or pressure cooking one needs to keep a lot of pointers in mind. Once I tried Gulab Jamuns it didn’t come out well. I kept trying and perfected in the fourth attempt. So keep trying, to err is good as then you can learn more.

Finally, what should a new reader expect from your blog? 

Tried and tested recipes along with some popular Indian cuisines like Goan, Maharastrian, Mumbai street food and baking. You will also find traditional Goan food, eggless baking, lip smacking sea food recipes, Christmas and Diwali Sweets and budget recipes too

You can follow Maria and her blog Flavors of Mumbai on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


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