15 Delightful Accessories To Spruce Up Your Home Office

Home has been our office for over a year now. So, if you still haven’t revamped it to give it the love it deserves, we bring you this guide with some utilitarian and delightful products that add oomph and practicality to the space!

Wire Bin

Tidy up the wires and make your office table more organized and neat with this wire bin which accommodates all adapters and wires!

wire bin

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Desk Mat

Have a neat and organized desktop with this tough anti-slip mat that is ideal for writing, sketching and ensuring no mouse lag!

desk mat

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Monitor Riser Table

Just what you need to keep the monitor at your eye level and make extra space on the table for your stationery, mouse and other gadgets.

monitor raiser table

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Adjustable Computer Arm Rest

Maintain the right posture and prevent arm ache with this computer armrest that can be attached to your table.

computer table arm rest

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Groot Flower Pot

Add a dash of green and cuteness to your table with this baby Groot flower pot!

groot flower pot

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Workstation With Wheels

When you don’t want to miss your favourite show while working, move your work to your couch with the workstation on wheels!

Delightful Accessories To Spruce Up Your Home Office

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Cord Organizer

If your cables and cord often fall into the abyss between the table and the wall socket, you may need this organizer that never lets your wires slip!

cord organizer

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Orthopaedic Backrest Cushion

Miss those ergonomic chairs at your office? Get these orthopaedic backrests made of memory foam to give your back the much-needed support to say goodbye to aches!

Delightful Accessories To Spruce Up Your Home Office

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White Board Wall Sticker

Sure you can’t huddle with the group and brainstorm like you did at the office. But at least organize your thoughts with this removable whiteboard sticker!

whiteboard sticker

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Table Phone Holder

Have easy access to your phone and tab with this sleek, easy to carry table phone holder!

table phone holder

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Ergonomic Laptop Riser

Yeah… more ergonomics coming up your way. And this one is a must-have if you want to keep your laptop at eye level and avoid shoulder strain! Yes, you will have to buy a keyboard too to type without strain!

laptop stand

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World Map World Sticker

Reminisce those good old days of travel and plan for the brighter days ahead with this world map sticker! 

world map wall sticker

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Under The Table Foot Rest

Yet another accessory to help you maintain the right posture so that you are still fit and fine after a day of work!

under the table foot rest

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Multi Plug Extension Board

If multiple gadgets are suffocating your wall socket, get this multi-plug extension board with USB points!

multi plug extension board

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Multifunctional Stationery Organizer

When things go gloomy and you want something to cheer you up, it is good to have this multifunctional stationery organizer urging you to believe!

believe stationery organizer

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