7 Things To Consider While Buying A Refrigerator, According To Experts

Just like every other home appliance, refrigerators are also technologically advancing every day. But which are the features that you need and which are the ones that are eyewash? Beyond the obvious ones like capacity and energy rating, we talked with a few service technicians and appliance experts to help you understand the most important aspects to consider while buying a refrigerator. 

So do check it out! After all, once you buy a refrigerator, you will have to live with it for a decade. And this is one purchase that you don’t want to go wrong!

Bottom Mounted Vs Top Mounted

Bottom mounted refrigerator is the new kid on the block. Every brand is quick to advertise the benefit of not needing to bend anymore to access the vegetable crisper. But what you really need to know is that bottom mounted refrigerators consume way more electricity than a top-mounted refrigerator of the same features and capacity.

Emily Beach of SF Gate attributes this to the close proximity of the freezer to the compressor. The heat from the compressor enters the freezer, forcing the compressor to work extra hard to maintain the cool temperature in this compartment. Thus, the refrigerator consumes more energy. 

On a top mounted refrigerator, the freezer is far away from the compressor. The vegetable crisper is in the nearest proximity to the compressor, which doesn’t have to be as cold as the rest of the refrigerator. So, there is no undue pressure on the compressor.

So unless you have a really bad back that just can’t bend, buy a top-mounted refrigerator instead of a bottom-mounted one. 

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You might be surprised that many refrigerators are returned back to the dealers because they simply wouldn’t enter the kitchen through the narrow door to it. So, measure not just the door to the kitchen, but also space where you intend to keep the refrigerator. Ensure there is ample distance between the refrigerator and the walls and nearby cabinets so that there is no obstruction anywhere.

Fridge To Freezer Ratio

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The fridge to freezer ratio is a major factor to consider when deciding between a double door refrigerator and a side-by-side refrigerator. 

Most double door refrigerators in India have a fridge to freezer ratio ranging between 70:30 to 75:25. But a side by side refrigerator has a fridge to freezer ratio of 60:40. So, the actual space to store chilled food is very less and you get a whopping space to store frozen food. 

Moisture Retention Features

Colder the air, the lesser the humidity. While this is not a problem while storing frozen food, your fresh produce thrives in a chilled environment with higher humidity. Some of the Samsung refrigerators have dual compressors that cool the fridge and freezer independently. This ensures cold air with higher moisture content is circulated in the fridge to enhance the life of fruits and vegetables.

Now even if the model you prefer doesn’t have a dual compressor, at least buy a model that has a moisture control vent in the vegetable crisper so that you can adjust the humidity level inside it.

Color And Finish

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In India, we get refrigerators in various colours and finishes. From floral to abstract, the designs available are so colourful and vivid. But before you choose a colour or finish in your favourite colour, Joseph of CARE advises checking if the colour matches with the cabinets and other appliances that you have in the kitchen.

Think About The Future

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Refrigerators are generally durable appliance. You can expect one to last for at least a decade. So, think in advance. If you expect your needs to change or the number of family members to increase, then factor the same before you finalize a choice. 

Do You Need An Ice Dispenser?

High-end refrigerators that come with ice dispensers are really cool to have. But unless you need around 60-80 ice cubes a day, it isn’t really worth the extra money you spend. In addition to the higher costs, refrigerators with ice dispensers have higher repair costs too. Moreover, as reported by Consumer Reports, they have less usable storage space as the dispenser unit takes up a lot of the top shelf area.

Not just the ice dispenser, many of the cool features that appear to be awesome at first might be a huge pain later on. So, it is always recommended that you keep it simple. Opt for a good brand, seek features that matter and leave out the gimmicks. It saves money and the hassle of getting flimsy features repaired in future.


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