Bosch Washing Machine Review: Indian Models Features & Comparison

Compared to LG and IFB, Bosch is fairly new to the washing machine retail segment. However, they have been supplying components for IFB washing machines for quite long. Bosch used to focus exclusively on front loaders and now, it has recently plunged in to top loaders too.

Incorporating innovative features and ensuring optimal wash quality, Bosch is capturing the Indian market quicker than ever. In fact, Bosch washing machines consistently feature in the top 10 best sellers in major e-commerce portals.

Now, let us take a look at their customer service, durability and how it compares with other brands.

Customer Service

Though Bosch has a fairly wide dealers network, when it comes to after sales service, you can see numerous user complaints about delay in installation. It is observed that these complaints are mainly from tier II and III cities.

Pre-requirements of Bosch Washing Machines

Unlike other brands, Bosch washing machine requires a minimum water pressure for proper functioning. If the water pressure is less than 8 Litre per minute, the machine may show error. Though this is not a problem in most homes, if you think the water pressure at home is less, please double-check before you make a purchase.

As with most washing machines, 15A plug point is needed for a Bosch washing machine. Ensure this is ready before you call the technician for installation to prevent unnecessary delays.


Though Bosch has outsourced its manufacturing out of Germany, it still maintains a stringent quality control system that ensures its products are durable and consistent in quality. Bosch uses various innovative functions like Active Water, Speed Perfect and Volt Check to improve water efficiency and conserve power.

You may have read in a few online reviews that Bosch Washing machine drums are chromium plated. But that is NOT true. Their drums are made of stainless steel. The product description in websites as well as manuals specify that explicitly. Also, do not think that stainless steel doesn’t corrode. As per British Stainless Steel Association, in normal conditions stainless steel won’t corrode, but in more aggressive conditions, it can corrode. To cite their words, “it is stain-less and not stain-impossible.” This is why proper maintenance and regular de-scaling of drums is required for durability.

A reader commented on this article that Bosch’s product description states that tub material is plastic and not stainless steel as mentioned in this article. Honestly, even I was confused. I know for a matter that Bosch drums are stainless steel, then why is it mentioned in the website that the tub is plastic? Is it an error? Soon, I realized that it is not a typo. Drums and tubs are different. Drums are housed inside the tub. You can refer to the below image to have a proper understanding of the internal structure.

Is your mind boggled by the numerous jargons you encounter while buying a washing machine, check out our Ultimate Washing Machine Glossary to know their meaning.

Comparison with Other Brands

IFB, LG and Bosch are the three leading brands in the front load washing machine segment.

In terms of customer service, LG fares better. Complaints about delays in installation are far lesser for LG products compared to IFB and Bosch.

Comparing quality as well as durability, we can say that they are more or less at par. However, Bosch really keeps up with innovation and tries to bring in more features to improve wash quality and power and water efficiency. They also customize their products according to the region they serve.

If you or any of your family members have sensitive skin or skin allergies, or if you live in a region with heavy monsoon, then you would especially be happy with Bosch as they have Allergy Plus mode and Monsoon mode respectively.

Overall, we would say that the three brands namely IFB, Bosch and LG are almost at par in terms of performance. In terms of features, there are a few variations between the brands and models, and a choice would be more about your personal needs. For these reasons, these brands fare in our list of best front load washing machines in India.

Bosch 6 kg WAB16060IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

bosch washing machine review

  • Basic entry level model with enough washing options.
  • Highly power and water efficient


  • No time-delay option
  • No sound alert to indicate completion of wash cycle.


WAB16060 is the basic entry level washing machine from Bosch. By basic, we mean that you can wash your clothes pretty well with this machine, but it lacks even basic features like time-delay, which is a must-have for most urban homes.
Consuming a maximum of 60 litre water per wash and with about 153Unit power a year, the machine is fairly water and power efficient. The temperature can be adjusted from cold to up to 90 degree Celsius, and there are sufficient wash programs too.
But would we recommend it? Not really, we would suggest you to rather opt for WAB16161IN as it has more features and is sold for almost same price tag. You can read its complete review in the next section.

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As mentioned, WAB16060 is a basic entry level washing machine from Bosch. With a maximum of 800 rpm, it has 15 wash programs for cotton, synthetic and woolen clothes with temperature varying from 20 to 90 degree Celsius.

Other feature include-

  • ActiveWater that detects the wash load and takes in water accordingly
  • Foam detection System
  • Variosoft drum that cleans tough stains thoroughly.
  • Super 30 program that washes clothes in just 30 minutes.

While, those who shift to front loading machine after using a top loader may be happy with the features, there are a few aspects that it lacks.

First of all, the temperature and RPM of individual wash programs cannot be altered to our wish. Then, it doesn’t have time delay function.

Next, it doesn’t have an audible sound alert indicating the completion of a wash cycle, instead it just has an LED indicator that blinks—so you will have to keep watching the machine every now and then to see if the machine has completed its cycle.

Note that the WAB16161IN overcomes these drawbacks.

bosch washing machine review


Talking about the performance, as mentioned above, even though the machine doesn’t have certain important features, it has a fairly good performance in terms of wash quality and durability.

The washing machine is efficient enough to clean tough stains and is pretty silent and has minimal vibration even when the drum spins at 800RPM.

Note that the machine requires 15A power outlet and if you are installing on your own, just reconfirm with the customer care in writing if this could amount to voiding of warranty. If not, take care to remove the transport brackets behind the machine as it could lead to terrible vibration and cause damage to the machine.


Though WAB16060 is a fairly good machine, overall, we are of the opinion that it is better to opt WAB16161IN as it has better features at almost same price tag.

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Bosch 6 kg WAB16161IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 

bosch washing machine review

  • Overcomes drawbacks of previous model Bosch WAB16060
  • Has wash programs suitable for people with skin sensitivities


  • Do not have quick wash programs


Bosch 6 Kg WAB16161IN can be called as an upgrade to the previous WAB16060 model. Overcoming the drawbacks of the previous version, it has additional wash programs; LED as well as audible alert to indicate completion of wash cycle, time-delay; and the RPM of individual wash programs can be adjusted.

In addition, it comes with ECARF certification that it is suitable for those will allergy and sensitive skin, Speed perfect to reduce duration of each wash cycle by up to 65%.

Price wise, it is almost at part with WAB16060. Overall, by all means we would highly recommend Bosch WAB16161 over WAB16060.

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Bosch 6 Kg WAB16161IN has a numerous features and options making it one of the best entry level washing machines in India. The machine is quite efficient in terms of power and water consumption, using just about 150 Units in standard conditions and water consumption of less than 40 litres per wash cycle.

Other useful features include-

  • ActiveWater that adjusts the water consumption depending on wash load
  • Allergy Plus Hygiene function that removes detergent residues completely from the clothes—making it a useful feature for those with skin allergies and sensitivities;
  • Speed Perfect function that reduces wash time by up to 65%
  • Time Delay for up to 24 hours

Overall, overcoming the drawbacks of the previous version, WAB16161 is a washing machine with sufficient wash programs and features that helps make laundry a breeze.

However, one important feature it lacks is super 15/30 that washes clothes in 15-30 minutes. So, the only way is to use Speed Perfect option to reduce the duration of wash cycle.

Note- Though the product description in various portals say that it has super 15/30, that information is misleading as per the product pictures and user reviews.

bosch washing machine review


As with all Bosch washing machines, WAB16161 also fares high in the wash score. The clothes are cleaned efficiently thanks to the power and water conserving features.

Though it doesn’t have a Super 30 program like WAB16060, you can make up for it using the Speed perfect function that reduces wash time by up to 65%.

It has to be noted that the Bosch WAB16161 requires 16A plug point and you may also have to spend about Rs. 400 extra for connector for inlet pipe.


Considering the price as well as the features, we highly recommend Bosch WAB16161. Though it is a basic entry level model, it has all features required for an Indian family.

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Bosch 6 kg WAB20267IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

bosch washing machine review

  • Efficient dryer that dries clothes up to 80%.
  • Anti-crease function at the end of all wash programs that reduces creases.


  • Expensive
  • Incorrect product description


It is true that Bosch 6 Kg WAB20267IN is expensive compared to other washing machines of the Series 2. But, it definitely has advanced features and wash programs that makes it worth it.

This washing machine comes with a number of wash programs for quick wash (with 15 and 30 minutes’ wash cycle) to a thorough wash cycle for heavily soiled clothes.

Unlike the previous two models, the maximum RPM of Bosch WAB20267IN is 1000 cycles—giving better dried clothes at end of wash cycle. It also has features like temperature adjustment, reload function, anti-crease function and sensitive drying system. Though the clothes don’t really come with a ready-to-wear look as advertised, the function helps avoid stubborn creases.

A drawback is that it doesn’t have all features as mentioned in the product description in major e-commerce sites. It doesn’t have drum light or monsoon mode as advertised. There are a few complaints that the machine doesn’t have reload function too. But we were able to understand that to activate reload function, you have to press the start/pause button and wait for a while to open the door and add the clothes you forgot.

Overall, the washing machine is definitely worth buying considering its outstanding features and wash performance.

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Bosch 6 Kg WAB20267IN front loader offers more features and more possibilities for customizing each wash program by adjusting its temperature and RPM. The two main highlights of the model are better functions for drying clothes and for reducing creases in clothes.

For drying clothes better, the washing machine uses DuoTronic functionality, sensitive drying system and Low heat technology that detects the moisture level in the clothes and regulates the heat inside the drum optimally to conserve energy and prevent any damages to the clothes.

For reducing creases, after every wash cycle, the drum rotates in the opposite direction to untie knotted fabrics and reduce creases. Though it doesn’t make the fabrics absolutely wrinkle free, it does reduce stubborn creases especially in cottons and thus make ironing a much easier.

In order to improve the power efficiency and reduce water consumption, the machine uses a combination of eco-perfect that regulates water and energy consumption by assessing the fabric kind and moisture level; eco-silence drive that reduces any sort of friction during drum rotation to prevent loss of energy and finally, the eco-projection shows you the energy that will be consumed for each wash cycle. So, if you feel it is too much, you can adjust the settings accordingly for power-efficient washing.

Other features include-

  • ActiveWater Plus that reduces water consumption by sensing the washing load;
  • Allergy Plus function that removes even minute detergent residues to prevent skin allergies and sensitivities;
  • Anti-vibration design;
  • Reload Function
  • Speed perfect that reduces wash time by up to 65%;
  • Volt check to protect the device from voltage fluctuations;
  • Quick wash programs that washes up to 2 kg of lightly soiled clothes in 15-30 minutes.

Note that even though the product description in various websites show that it has monsoon function and drum light, it is not so. 

bosch washing machine review


The wash quality of Bosch WAB20267 IN is one of the best in class. Thanks to the functions for crease control and optimal drying, the clothes are in good finish without any damages. The machine is energy and water efficient too. The wash cycles consume a maximum of 55l of water.

As it has an RPM of 1000 cycles, the drier is fairly efficient drying clothes up to 80%. Note that the clothes washed and dried in the machine has to be air dried further.

Also, take care to use front load machine washing powder as there are complaints about machine getting rust due to leakage of excessive foam from the wash tub.


 Overall, Bosch 6 Kg WAB20267 IN is an advanced washing machine in the Series 2 that has number of features and wash programs. We highly recommend this model for those who need an efficient wash system that causes minimal damages to the fabric in the long run.

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Bosch 6.5 kg WAK20166IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

bosch washing machine review

  • Variety of wash programs.
  • Top wash quality.


  • Has maximum wash temperature of 60 degree Celsius instead of 90 in other models.


Bosch 6.5 Kg WAK20166IN can well be called a complete package. It washes the clothes well and removes even tough stains with minimal damage to fabrics.

It has almost all wash programs that a family would require, from daily wash for lightly soiled clothes to kids wear and allergy plus for heavily soiled clothes.

The durability of the washing machine is also above expectations. Overall, it is one of the best washing machines for a nuclear family with 3-4 members.

Other Variants

Two colour variants of this model are available-

Bosch 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK20165IN, White)

Find price: Amazon

Bosch 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK20167IN)

Find price: Amazon


Bosch 6.5Kg WAK20166IN has 10 wash programs, RPM of up to 1000 cycles and temperature settings from 20 to 60 degree Celsius, making it fairly sufficient for most Indian homes. You cannot individually adjust the RPM and temperature of each wash programs, but the variety of programs makes up for it.

The wash programs include Super 15/30, Monsoon, Gentle Wash, Allergy Plus, Kids wear, Drum Clean (for maintenance), Cotton, Cotton Super clean, Synthetics, Daily Wash, Delicates, Wool, Rinse and Spin Dry.

While IFB washing machines would be best suitable for those who have hard water supply, Bosch machines would be what you need if you have soft water at home as the water plus function helps completely remove the lather by increasing water level and rinse cycle duration.

bosch washing machine review

Other useful features include-

  • Active water that adjusts water consumption by assessing the wash load;
  • Allergy Plus function that removes complete detergent residues in the clothes;
  • Reload function that allows you to open the door mid cycle to add a forgotten laundry;
  • Speed perfect that reduces wash cycle duration by up to 65%;
    Time delay of up to 24 hours;
  • Volt check that acts as a stabilizer with memory function to resume wash from where it stopped in case of power failure;
  • Super 15/30 programs for quick wash;
  • Monsoon program to quickly freshen up clothes with slight moldy smell due to moisture.


It is true that you can hardly find a fault with Bosch WAK20166 in terms of its wash quality. The machine has minimal noise and vibration thanks to its anti-vibration design. In terms of wash consumption and power consumption, the machine is pretty efficient too.

But there are two aspects which could be improved upon.

First of all, the timer is not accurate at all times. Sometimes mid-cycle, the duration is further extended. This might be a little inconvenient for those who schedule their washing in a hurry before heading to work. In LG front loaders, the wash duration is shown after proper assessing of load after a few drum rotations and such a problem is never seen in it.

The inlet/outlet pipe provided by Bosch is just about 1 metre long. So, if the tap and drain aren’t in close proximity to the machine, you may have to spend extra money on it.


Bosch WAK20166IN offers all features and best in class wash quality for a typical Indian home. Though there are a few flaws, none are deal breakers so to speak. Overall, considering the price and features, it definitely is a wise choice.

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Bosch 7 kg WAK24268IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 

bosch washing machine review

  • Completely customizable wash programs
  • Excellent wash quality
  • Very low vibration and noise


  • Installation delays


Bosch 7 Kg WAK24268 is one of the best-selling washing machines in India that offers completely customizable wash programs.

The temperature and RPM of the 12 pre-set wash programs can be adjusted as per your needs. Even while running at the maximum RPM of 1200 cycles, it is quite silent and vibrations free.

The machine is very energy and water efficient too, consuming a maximum of 47 litres of water and less than 1 unit for an elaborate and complete wash cycle.

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Bosch WAK26268IN has elaborate features and functions and solid performance making it one of the bestselling washing machines in India. In addition to 15 completely customizable wash programs, it has a number of features that makes the machine highly environment friendly.

ActiveWater adjusts water consumption according to wash load, Speed Perfect reduces wash time by 65% by increasing speed of each stage, thus reducing water consumption efficiently.

Voltcheck deals with power fluctuations and has a memory function that resumes where it left off in case of power failure. Ecoperfect detects wash load volume as well as fabric type in order to adjust water temperature for optimal duration for perfect wash and thus overall reduces energy consumption.

Other useful features include-

Allergy Plus function to remove detergent residues and thus reduce skin allergy and sensitivities due to exposure to detergents;

Anti-vibration design;

Reload function to add laundry mid-cycle;

Time delay from 1 to 24 hours;

Super 15 and 30 programs for cleaning lightly soiled clothes in a jiffy;

Monsoon program to eliminate mouldy smell from wet clothes;

Note that the main difference between Bosch’s WAK24268IN and WAk24168IN is that WAK24268 has a larger LED panel, Eco perfect option to save energy; and temperature and RPM of each wash program can be adjusted. WAK24268 also has additional wash programs like jeans, sportswear and temperature can be adjusted up to 90 degree Celsius instead of 60 degree Celsius in WAK24168.

 Bosch WAK24268IN is a successful model which is environment friendly, high in performance and allows for customization of wash programs. We highly recommend it for families with 4-6 members of different age groups who have varied washing requirements.

bosch washing machine review


The wash quality of WAK24268 is top notch and there are hardly any complaints about it. The machine is fairly quiet and vibration free even when spinning at the maximum RPM of 1200. Comparatively, the vibration and noise of Bosch machines are lesser than IFB.

Even in case if you add excess detergent resulting in excessive lathering, the foam detection system symbol glows and an extra rinse cycle is introduced to remove the foam before resuming the next stage of washing. You may have read complaints about inaccurate timer that increases the wash duration mid-cycle. Actually, the increase in wash duration is because of the foam detection system and it is not really a fault with the machine.

In case you are installing the machine on your own, take care to unfasten the transit bolts before switching it on and level the machine properly to minimize vibrations.


Bosch WAK24268IN is a highly successful model which is environment friendly, best in performance and allows for customization of wash programs. We highly recommend it for families with 4-6 members of different age groups who have varied washing requirements.

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Bosch 7 kg WAK24168IN Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 

bosch washing machine review

  • Elaborate wash programs
  • Highly environment friendly in terms of energy and water consumption


  • Temperature and RPM of individual wash programs cannot be adjusted


Performance wise, Bosch’s WAK24168 is almost at par with WAK24268. Other than a few additional wash programs, bigger LED display panel, temperature of up to 60 degree Celsius instead of 90 and features to adjust temperature and RPM of individual wash cycles, both the models are at par. If these factors are not quite important to you, then, by all means opt for WAK24168 that will help you save around Rs. 2-3k compared to WAK24268.

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Instead of describing the complete features, let us discuss how WAK24168 differs from WAK24268, as this would be more helpful in your purchase decision.

The differences mainly are-

  • In Bosch WAK24168 washing machine, the temperature and RPM of each wash program is pre-set. You cannot adjust it according to your needs.
  • The maximum wash temperature of Bosch WAK24168 is 60 degree Celsius, while WAK24268 has a maximum wash temperature of 90 degree Celsius.
  • WAK24168 does not have wash programs like Jeans and Sportswear, while WAK24268 has them.
  • WAK24168’s LED panel shows RPM and wash cycle duration, while WAK24268’s LED panel shows RPM, wash cycle duration, temperature, Speed Perfect and Water Plus function status.
  • WAK24168 doesn’t have Ecoperfect function that reduces energy consumption.

Other than these differences, both the washing machines are at par in terms of features.

bosch washing machine review


In terms of wash quality and performance, WAK24168 and WAK24268 are identical. It has minimal noise and vibration and has all necessary functions that makes it suitable for an Indian household.


Other than the difference in features mentioned above, there are hardly any differences between two of Bosch’s most successful models namely WAK24268IN and WAK24168IN. If you are particular about washing your bed linen and towels in hot water and would like to have the luxury of being able to adjust temperature and RPM of each wash program according to the clothing habits of each individual in your home, then opt for WAK24264, otherwise, you can happily save that extra Rs. 2000 by opting for WAK24168.

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Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WAT2846SIN, Silver)


  • Anti-tangle function that helps reduce tangling
  • Drier clothes thanks to higher RPM
  • Excellent wash quality


  • Installation woes reported by many


The WAT2846SIN is one of the best 8 KG front loaders you could opt for. It has numerous wash programs, immensely useful functions like anti-tangle; and consumes optimal water and electricity too. Overall, users are quite satisfied with the wash quality, making it a preferred choice among smaller joint families.

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The Bosch WAT2846SIN belonging to their Serie 6 range has 8 Kg capacity making it suitable for families with 5 plus members. The washing machine has numerous features that make it quite a powerful and user-friendly appliance.

The washing machine has numerous wash programs like Cottons, Synthetics, Mix Load, Delicates/Silk, Wool, Drum Clean, Spin/Drain, Rinse, Shirts, Sportswear, Jeans/Dark Laundry, Lingerie, Freshen Up, AllergyPlus and Super 15/30 min. The temperature and spin of wash programs can be adjusted too.

While many of the 8 Kg front loaders come with RPM of 1200, the WAT2846SIN has 1400 RPM which will result in drier clothes. The clothes retain just 50% moisture after the complete spin cycle.
Bosch has also incorporated new technology which reduces clothes from getting tangled by up to 50%– something bound to happen when clothes spin at such high RPM. The manufacturers have also taken care to ensure minimal vibration even at the fastest spin cycle.

Other useful features include-

Foam detection system which comes into action when you accidentally add excess detergent. The washing machine detects the excess foam, and incorporates a rinse cycle to get rid of the foam which could be detrimental to the wash quality.

VarioPerfect which helps reduce energy consumption by 20% and wash duration by 65%

VarioDrum design which reduces damage to clothes

Allergy Plus function which gets rid of even minute detergent residue and washes clothes at 60 degrees to remove any allergens.

Multiple water protection that reduces risk of leakage by using a magnetic valve.

As with other Bosch washing machines, it too has time delay and reload function to add to the convenience.

Overall, the washing machine is equipped with all necessary features and functions that ensures best cleaning performance, optimal energy and water usage.


Most users are highly satisfied with the wash quality of the WAT2846SIN. Thanks to fuzzy logic, it adjusts water and energy consumption by sensing the wash load quantity.

The machine also intelligently uses hot water to remove detergent residue from clothes as well as drum. This not only enhances wash quality, but also improves the durability of the drum.

Coming to the noise level and energy consumption, the washing machine uses EcoSilence Drum which is powered by Brushless DC Motor. This reduces friction to enhance the overall efficiency. The noise level of the washing machine is just about 49 dB at lower speed and maximum of 74 dB when running at the fastest spin cycle.

Similarly, energy consumption is also quite optimized. Washing a load of delicates in 30 degree Celsius takes up just 0.20 units of electricity, while the same in Woollens takes up just 0.17 units. At the maximum, running full load in cotton at 95 degrees takes up 1.9 units.

Overall, the machine promises high wash quality using optimal water and electricity.


To sum up, the WAT2846SIN is quite a good option for a family with 5 plus members. It consumes optimal energy and water, has a plethora of wash programs and can dry up clothes well, causing less tangles. Overall, it is definitely one of the best 8 Kg washing machines available in the market today.


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      1. WAT series are mostly 7.5 and 8 Kg washing machines from Bosch. Both new and old models come in it. Like for example, the WAT24464IN was first available on Amazon in 2018. However, just like you said, we have been asked to update about newer models too and our team is working on it. We shall update them soon.

    1. Our analysis is based solely on checking the specs as we haven’t had an opportunity to take a look at WAK2426SIN directly. First of all, Bosch WA2426SIN( has anti-tangle function which Bosch claims reduces tangling by around 50%. This option is not available in WAK24264IN (

      When you compare the sound level, WAK24264IN is a tad better as washing and spinning produces a max. of 49 and 65 dB respectively, while WAK2426SIN produces 55 and 73 dB for washing and spinning respectively. You also notice that WAK2426SIN doesn’t have extra rinse function. Otherwise, most of the features remain almost the same.

      1. Sorry to hear that. We live in Bangalore and Bosch was prompt. Despite delays from our end, they installed within the 36 hours they promised. The technician did try to sell their accessories though.

  1. which is the latest series in BOSCH front loading washing machines?
    Kindly advice as I’m confused in selection between 7 kg fully automatic FL IFB or BOSCH washing machine

    1. Would suggest you to go for Bosch. It is better in terms of wash performance, durability and after sales service. Complaints about IFB after sales service are reported by many. If you are looking for a 7 Kg model, then the WAK24168 ( ) and WAK24268 ( ) are the best. You could check out the article to know the key differences between the two models.

  2. Hi, washing machine seem to be working fine. But the customer service seems to be very bad. Calls get disconnect and not response from contact form also. We bought Bosch washing machine and dryer. the sales person at Croma did not tell us we need stacking rack. Now we are not able to get any response from either Croma or from Bosch about where to buy.
    Any suggestions where to get stacking rack?

  3. Unfortunately I bought this washing machine by hearing seller words but it’s got repaired within 6months complaint raised 1 month back and complaint registered but till the date no service person visited or called. When we try directly also no response from the service engineer. Its very poor service comparatively other companies. Service is worst and poor response from the company and dealers also. Don’t go for this brand very bad experience for me with this brand. Worst brand within 6 months got repaired.

    1. Sorry to hear that. However, generally, Bosch is pretty good in quality and their service is also fair. Personally, some of our staffs use Bosch. We haven’t had any complaint And generally, user reviews are also quite positive. What has happened to you is very bad. Would suggest you raise this issue on Twitter and FB. You could also try to contact their corporate office.

  4. A very helpful guide. Could you however decode the Model numbers.

    For example the model WAT2846SIN. I know W = washer; AT=Automatic; 28=1400 RPM spin;

    Do you know what 46 is?

    Do you know what the different suffixes IN [presumably India] CIN and SIN indicate?

    1. Hi Sunil, Thanks for this interesting question. We are also not completely aware of how it is. W, as you said, is Washer. “A” refers to front load washing machine with standard 60 cm depth, T refers to Series. You will find that most 8 Kg ( 6 series) have T and 7 Kg ( series 4)- K. 28- spin (1400 RPM), 24- 1200 RPM, 20- 1000 RPM. From many websites, I understand that 46 refers to type or generation of electronic control. The last 2 is the country of assembly. As for the prefix before the country code- C or S or W, I am not really sure. Sometimes it is a number too. I am hoping someone else might be able to enlighten us 🙂

  5. Good morning “Smarthomeguide”. That was a prompt answer! My 8 year old Siemens is on its last legs and was looking to replace, hence the research, the dead end, and, consequent question to you. C, S and W are indeed intriguging. Hope someone cam amswer.

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