Bosch Dishwasher Review

Covid 19 lockdown has resulted in an unprecedented demand for dishwashers. And among the available options, Bosch dishwashers are the most sought after owing to their brand’s credibility, durability and the highly positive online reviews. 

So, does it really live to the hype? 

After using the Bosch SMS66GI01I 12 Place Settings Dishwasher for 3 months, we bring to you the comprehensive review about its features, operation, performance and maintenance.

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bosch dishwasher review india

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The Bosch SMSG66GI01l comes in silver colour and has 12 place settings. It is also available in white colour and its model number is SMS66GW01I.

What is Place Setting of a Dishwasher?
A place setting consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, and an assortment of cutlery. 12 place setting is usually sufficient for a 3-4 member family.

The dishwasher comes with 6 wash programs. They are Intensive Kadai, Express Sparkle, Auto, Eco, Quick Rinse and Pre-rinse. In addition, there are functions like Vario Eco, Extra Dry and Half Load. It also comes with a time delay function, whereby you can delay the start of the cycle from 1 to 24 hours, incrementing by the hour. There are also LED indicators to refill salt and rinse aid.

Let us take a look at each of the wash programs.

bosch dishwasher review india

Intensive Kadai: As the name suggests is for utensils with intense and stubborn stains that you typically find when you fry food,  make curries or if you end up with scorched food on the bottom. It takes 1 hour 30 minutes for a wash cycle and utensils are cleaned in 70 degree Celsius hot water.

Express Sparkle:  Is for moderately soiled utensils. It takes 59 minutes and washes the utensils in 65-degree hot water.

Auto: is for mildly soiled utensils. It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes and washes the utensils in 45 to 65-degree hot water.

Eco: This mode is again for less soiled utensils. It takes 1 hour 25 minutes and washes in 50-degree hot water. The advantage of this mode is that the energy consumption is lesser.

Quick: In this mode, you can wash lightly soiled utensils. It takes 29 minutes and washes in 45-degree hot water. But utensils are not dried.

Pre-rinse: If you plan to use time delay, then it is advisable to pre-rinse your dishes so that the food residue doesn’t dry up on the utensils making it hard to remove. This takes just 15 minutes time.

Wash ProgramSuitable ForWater TemperatureDuration
Intensive KadaiHeavily Soiled70 C1.30 hours
Express SparkleModerately Soiled65 C59 mins
AutoLess Soiled45-65 C1.20 hours
EcoLess Soiled50 C1.25 hours
QuickLess soiled. Doesn't dry45 C29 mins
Pre-RinseQuick rinse before main cycle5 mins

You can reset the programs and modes by pressing on the start button for 3 seconds continuously.

Now, we look at what the different functions do.

Vario Eco: Saves energy and water. But the wash duration increases. The Intensive Kadai program duration increases by 1 hour. While the Express Sparkle and Auto increases by 50 minutes and 1.20 hours respectively. If you club the Eco wash program with Vario Eco, then it increases the duration by 2hours.

. It will save energy, water or time depending on the load. It reduces the wash duration by 5 to 10 minutes.

Extra Dry: As the name suggests intensifies the drying performance. It increases the wash duration by around 15 minutes.

These three functions can be used in different combinations to get the desired results too.


A dishwasher requires detergent, rinse aid and salt for washing the utensils. You can either buy them separately or get 3-in-1 dishwasher tablets, which are comparatively more expensive. 

At a time, the dishwasher can hold about 2 Kg of salt and 200 ml of rinse-aid. Just like a washing machine, you put detergent depending on the load every time you switch on the machine.

bosch dishwasher review india

Different brands of consumables are available in the market. After experimenting with a few of them, we find Finnish the best. They are recommended by Bosch too. We found IFB detergent the least favorable as it has a really strong and unpleasant smell. The wash results too weren’t that ideal.

A common complaint you see in reviews is the appearance of white residues on dishes. This issue is more common among metro households that have hard water supply. The salt that you use for the dishwasher is to counteract this hardness in the water. But the Bosch technician whom we interacted with says that if the TDS of the water is above 500, then some residue is bound to be there on the dishes. 

bosch dishwasher review india

At our place, the TDS of the water ranges from 700 to 900. Needless to say, the utensils do not come spick and span as expected. However, we find that upon using 3-in-1 tablets, the results are better. If the water quality is even worse, you may have to use 3-in-1 tablets along with the salt and rinse aid separately.


As per the manufacturer, water consumption ranges from 9 to 17 litres depending on the wash program and mode and energy consumption ranges from 0.8 to 1.75 units per cycle.

We shall discuss about the consumption of salt, detergent and rinse aid below. However, please note that these are only indicative and may depend on the water quality, wash program and modes used.

Salt consumption depends on the water hardness at your place. The technician sets it from level 0 to 7 depending on your water quality. Zero means no salt is dispersed, while 7 implies the maximum quantity is dispersed. Set at the maximum level of 7, 2 Kg of salt lasts for about 30-40 washes. 

200 ml of rinseaid also lasts about 30 washes and a kg of detergent lasts about 60 washes. 

If you use all-in-one tablets, then 1 tablet is used per wash. 


After using the Bosch SMSG66GI01l dishwasher for over 3 months, we can say that the results are rather mixed. This could partially be due to the poor quality water supply.

First of all, only stainless steel and glasswares are to be washed in dishwashers. Cast iron wares tend to lose its seasoning when washed in dishwashers. We have washed clayware and they have come out quite clean. But  certain people are of the opinion that it could damage the clay pot.

White residue and discoloration of Anodized aluminum cooker cleaned in dishwasher

Aluminum and anodized aluminum shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher at any cost. Anodized aluminum develops a really unpleasant white residue and aluminum turns blackish in colour. 

Before loading the dishes, you should remove the leftover food. Though rinsing is not necessary, we highly recommend it for better results.

Detergent + Salt + Rinse Aid Separately

When detergent, salt and rinse aid are used separately, the dishes are left with a white residue. Its often worse on glasswares. Heavily soiled utensils often don’t come out clean enough.

3-in-1 Tablets

When the 3-in-1 tablets are used, the results are much better.

Upon using Intensive Kadai and Express Sparkle programs, mild to moderately soiled plates, bowls etc are cleaned to absolute satisfaction. Be it pressure cookers or Kadai, the dishwasher cleans it amply well. But when it comes to frying pans that have oil residue or kadai with scorched food, the results aren’t that ideal. 

Here are some of the before and after pictures so that you have a better idea of what to expect.


The appliance requires just minimal maintenance. You need to clean the dishwasher filter every 2-3 weeks so as to remove any leftover food debris. The spray arms too should be cleaned similarly.

It is advisable to add some descaler powder and run the dishwasher in Intensive Kadai cycle to remove any scaling that can occur due to hard water. 

And now for the most important question…

Is it economical?

To be honest- NO. It is not economical. If you use the dishwasher twice a day, then, you are likely to spend close to Rs. 1500 per month on 3-in-1 tablets. Water and electricity are additional.

But the more important question is- Is it worth it? And the answer is Absolute Yes!!!

The time and effort you save with a dishwasher and the mental peace are invaluable. Earlier, we used to spend 1-1.5 hours every day on washing the utensils. And you know the uncertainties when you depend on a maid. 

Washing dishes is the last thing anyone wants to do. So, even if the results are not 100% perfect or even if it consumables cost as much as hiring a maid, it is absolutely worth it.

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