5 Best Tower Fans in India For This Summer

5 Best Tower Fans in India For This Summer

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With the onset of the scorching summers, there is always a surge in the demand for cooling appliances, especially fans that are most affordable and a must-have in every household. While time, the fan industry has revolutionized experiencing some major changes in design and techniques and offering enhanced air quality to bring some respite in the soaring temperatures that India witnesses every year.

While ceiling fans are still the most popular choice, a new and innovative design modulation that is offered and well accepted by the masses is the Tower Fans also called the Column Fans. They are designed aesthetically and innovatively to sit closer to the floor and offer a fresh gush of air at an appropriate height. With their beautiful, sleek, and compact design they add grace to your interior décor while occupying minimum space. They are lightweight and easily portable so that you can move them from one room to the other. With an energy-efficient performance, they are easy on your pocket in terms of reduced electricity bills. Moreover, built with the latest technology, they make less noise and offer the best purified cool air.

Having so many benefits listed, if you are still wondering what to look for when buying a tower fan then we help you through this comprehensive review that brings you closer to some of the finest brands in the fan industry that offer tower fans. We shall apprise you about their specifications, functions, uses, features, and all the pros and cons of these tower fans so that you make an informational buy and bring home the best column fan. Read on…

Which Are The Best Tower Fans in India?

  1. iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan
  2. Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan
  3. Impex TWISTER PLUS Tower Fan
  5. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

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Top 5 Tower Fans in India


Best Tower Fan in India

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Whether you are looking for cooling solutions at home, office, or your porch, iBell Deluxe Tower Fan should be your ideal choice. Available in an affordable price budget the quality of this product is exceptional. With a rust-free body, the fan has a modern sleek design that gels well with your modern home and office décor. The body parts are made of high-quality metal and plastic to ensure that they last long and are sturdy and durable.

The tower fan functions on a high-performing motor and an air delivery capacity of 2250m3/hr and that too without making any annoying noise. The outer glossy rust-free body makes it even more impressive and attractive. Available in two basic colors black and white the tower fan is to be operated manually and does not come with a remote. However, it has function buttons to adjust speed up to three levels. The 4-way airflow ensures that every part of the room is well covered with cool air, giving you a pleasant experience.

The product comes with a one-year warranty and you can earn six months of additional warranty by registering your purchase with the company securing your product with 1.5 years of total warranty.

With a minimal weight of just 6kgs, the tower fan is incredibly easy to move around your space without worrying about where to station it.

With an economical price tag and a multitude of features, it is indeed a purchase that is worth every penny.

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan

Best Tower Fan in India

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If you are looking forward to a cooling appliance that gives you cool air this summer, sans the annoying and loud noise that most fans make, then bring home the Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan. Designed with a sleek and innovative outer body, the fan looks premium and adds sophistication to your living room are. Its space-saving design makes it most suitable for every corner of the house or office. The ergonomic and sleek design adds to the tower fan’s efficiency in delivering cool, breezy air even when the temperatures are rising outside.

The tower fan from Deco comes with a multi-functional remote and three-level speed setting to alter its cooling as per your requirements. Featuring light blades that propel air faster, the tower fan comes in two elegant shades of black and white.

Talking about its unique features, the tower fan from Deco is equipped with a copper motor that ensures better operation and comes with a Pro 37-hour programmed timer to control its operation. The oscillation function is based on a technique that ensures the even distribution of air in all four directions.

Compared to traditional pedestal fans, this tower fan is far less noisy and highly convenient to use through an easily accessible remote.

Impex TWISTER PLUS Tower Fan

Best Tower Fan in India

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While Impex is a well-known name in the fan industry known for manufacturing all types of fans-ceiling fans, wall fans, and pedestal fans, their foray into tower fans marks the introduction of quality products in this category that are low in cost and high in performance.

The Twister Plus fan from Impex is class apart when it comes to design and technology. The aerodynamically designed blades ensure that cool air is not only generated by the fan but also distributed evenly throughout giving you a cool and pleasant experience.

The aesthetic design adds to your home’s décor while the natural airflow from the fan enhances its cooling. The tower fan comes with a powerful 25 feet air throw and a 3 speed 2-way air deflection. It operates at a high speed of about 2250m3/hr of air delivery (approximately 1200Rpm). Available in two elegant colors-black and white choose one that blends perfectly with the ambiance of your house or office.

The sleek and stylish modular design is complimented with an anti-dust coating to help it look clean and new always. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is designed to last long and offer a cooling experience that makes your summers comfortable and pleasant.


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Talking of quality fans, the first brand that comes to mind is Bajaj Fans- a name that is trusted in Indian households for decades. A premium product designed for customers who have a great taste for luxury lifestyle and aesthetically designed pieces of craft to adorn their homes.

With a highly appealing and impressive design, the Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan comes with a beautiful wooden finish, a room temperature display panel, an aroma box, a touch panel, and remote control with a timer and a double sided washable filter.

Designed with a strong airflow of 14m/s and an enhanced rate of evaporative cooling, this tower fan offers instant cooling and relief on a hot summer day. The unique double-sided washable filter traps targeted contaminants from the air, purifying the air and allowing easy maintenance. The 24 hours pre-set timer offers better control on the start/stop timings and makes the operations hassle-free. The remote control makes the usage of the fan convenient and wireless. The touch panel is designed beautifully to occupy minimum space and adding to its charming design while offering easy accessibility to the operational switches.

This tower fan from Bajaj is exceptionally silent with a 70-degree oscillation to ensure the smooth flow of air all around. With instant cooling and enriched purified air passing through the double filters, the Bajaj Tempesta Tower Fan is worth a possession though slightly priced on the higher side and most suited for premium customers looking comfort with a touch of class.

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

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Another outstanding tower fan on our list is the Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan that comes from the house of Bajaj-a reputed name in the field of Indian electrical appliances. Available in a cool grey color, the outer body of the tower fan is made of a strong thermoplastic material that keeps it cool and adds strength and durability to its structure. The aesthetic design has a strong and long-lasting built giving it a corrosion-resistant life.

The ergonomic control panel comes with a user-friendly display and comes with two easy buttons to control the speed and swing. The tough blower is enabled with 3-speed control adjustments to ensure that you get an air throw ranging from low to high as per your requirements. If you want to shift the fan from one room to the other, do it easily and without any additional help as the tower fan is lightweight and easily portable.

This tower fan from Bajaj operates on 150Watts and has an air delivery speed of 2500m3/hr. The product comes with a two-year warranty assuring you of the best services on your product. Coming with an economical price tag, an enormous brand name and multiple features, this product from Bajaj is indeed a must-have this summer.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider While Buying the Best Tower Fan in India

Since the concept of a tower fan is relatively new in the Indian market, don’t let your inexperience affect your purchase. Here we tell you about all the major factors to look out for when finalizing a tower fan for your home or office.

  • Noise: No one likes a loud fan disturbing the silence of the room. Check out the model to see how loud or silent it is when operated. Always try to pick the quietest one. With a little care and maintenance, you will observe that your tower fan can deliver the coolest air without making any annoying noise even when used for years. While both silent and noisy fans are available in the market, picking the right one depends upon your prudence and observation.
  • Easy Operation: Bringing home a cooling appliance and struggling to understand its operation when the temperatures are soaring and you want some relief from the intense heat can be irritating. Use a tower fan that has easy operations, settings and functions all well displayed on the front panel so that you can easily operate the fan and change settings as required. If you are choosing a tower fan with remote or wi-fi accessibility ensure that you understand its operation while purchasing and can easily handle the first-time installation.
  • Fan Speed: Always choose a tower fan with multiple or at least 2-3 speed settings. This s a major feature to look out for in a tower fan. When you move the fan from one place to another or with changing temperatures you want to alter the speed of airflow and the fan speed buttons come in handy then. If you are looking for a model with pre-set conditions like night-mode or heat-mode ensure that you understand their complexities and functioning.
  • Timer Settings: Timer settings allow to automatically switch off the appliance after it has reached the set time. This is particularly helpful at night when you want the fan to switch off after the room is considerably cool, without disturbing your sleep.
  • Oscillation: Oscillation refers to the swings or the fan’s capability to blow air at various angles. This feature ensures that the air is blown evenly across the room. Most models come at 70-90 degree angles and it is always advised to choose a fan with maximum oscillation.
  • Stability: Always choose a tower fan with an anti-slip base or one which has a wide foundation. This gives stability to the tower fan and prevents wobbling when in operation.
  • Price and Brand Reputation: Budget is one of the foremost criteria that when considers purchasing a tower fan but do not forget to check the brand reputation as well. Choosing a reputed brand even if you have to shell out a little more money does make sense because you get assured quality, maximum warranty coverage, and good after-sales service.

Final Thoughts

As the Indian market embraces the new concept of tower fans, their popularity and use are bound to increase with passing years. Trying a tower fan instead of traditional fan models is indeed a wise option and all you need to do is keep some pointers in mind that we have discussed above. Hope our review also informs you adequately about the specification and features of the top brands in this segment and how each one of them has certain features that make them unique and outstanding.

So, this summer brings home a tower fan and beat the heat with a gush of fresh, cool air that is unmatchable in quality and coolness.

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