Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India

The Covid-19 lockdown has led to a tremendous demand for robot vacuum cleaners in Indian households. But which one to choose? How do the brands fare? How is the aftersale support? These are some of the questions that deter many from investing in one. After all, they are premium priced, and we do not want our money to go down the drain. 

So, here we have shortlisted some of the best robot vacuum cleaners in India, and we also discuss all the aspects mentioned above to help you choose the best.

What To Expect?

Setting a clear expectation is necessary that you don’t get disappointed after purchasing your robot vacuum cleaner. Here is what to expect.

  • Most of the vacuum cleaners priced at around Rs. 20k does not have mapping capability. They navigate with sensors. So, there is a possibility that it could miss out on a few areas or find it difficult to return to the charging base.
  • No matter how expensive the vacuum cleaner is, it is likely to miss out on a few spots. Don’t expect it to clean 100%. A close 85-95% is what you should realistically expect. But on the positive, it will clean areas like under the sofa ( provided the legs have sufficient height), bed, tables etc far better than you or your maid.

  • The mopping function works well if only there is a water tank. But if you have kids and hence a lot of stains and smudges on the floor, you may have to make the vacuum cleaner run over those areas a few times to have it properly cleaned. If you are mopping a large area, you may have to refill the tank in between too.
  • Most vacuum cleaners run for about 90-120 minutes. This is usually enough for a home with 1200-1500 Sq. Ft space.

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Which Are The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India?

  1. 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Eureka Forbes Robo Vac
  3. iLife V5X Pro
  4. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 35C
  5. iRobot Roomba i7+
  6. Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India

360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India - 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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360 S7 is one of the best selling robot vacuum cleaners in India. And it is truly perfect for Indian households where we need dusting and mopping functions.

The 360 S7 also has numerous features and superior functionalities that make it quite a user-friendly device.

With 24 CFM suction power, it does a neat job over hard floor and carpets. Suction can be set in 3 levels as per your need. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner itself detects carpets and increases suction power to properly clean the carpeted area. Needless to say, it works quite well on hard floors. Be it hair or larger debris, the vacuum cleaner sucks it well. As with most other vacuum cleaners, cleaning on the edges is a hit or miss. 

The rotating brush uses rubber and bristles. It can be easily detached from the vacuum cleaner and you get a cleaning brush along using which you can clean tangled hair and dust.

The mopping function is just about alright. It might not be able to take care of tough stains and smudges. But does a decent job. The water tank is just 150 ml in capacity. So, it will be able to work for just 30 minutes at a stretch, after which you will have to refill the tank. 

The 360 S7 is also capable of running over thresholds and obstacles up to 2 cm in height. This is quite an advantage if you have door thresholds between the rooms. 

One of the best aspects of the 360 S7 is that it has excellent mapping capability. After initial runs, it forms a map of your floor. You can name the rooms, zone off areas you don’t want to clean and also schedule the cleaning of just a few rooms every day without cleaning the whole space. Also, you can set up to 10 maps, which is useful for homes with multiple floor levels. 

Talking about the battery life, it lasts for 50 to 120 minutes depending on the suction mode. It is about enough to clean up about 1200 Sq. Ft space. And if in between the charge drops below 20%, the robot goes back to the docking station to replenish the battery.  It takes about 1 hour for the battery to charge from 20 to 80%. Unlike the cheaper models, 360 S7 returns back to the docking station without wandering here and there in despair. 

The vacuum cleaner can be controlled using an app and also through voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Take care to buy 360 S7 through the seller Cambium Retails on Amazon for a proper warranty. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and they claim to have service centres in various metro cities too. 

Overall with excellent features and cleaning capabilities and a fair price tag, it is definitely one of the best options for Indian households. 

Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sanitization

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Eureka Forbes Robo Vac n Mop is one of the best seller robotic vacuum cleaners in India.

It is basic and simple in terms of operations. The dry vacuum performance is pretty good. One of the biggest advantages is that being a brand with proper Indian base, the after-sales service is easy and dependable.

The unit has dry vacuum, mopping and UV sanitization functions. The dry vacuum is pretty effective and it does a fairly neat job even cleaning up corners. The height is about 7 cm and can clean under the bed, sofa and other furniture easily.

The mopping function however isn’t that good. The water tank is too tiny and it doesn’t do a good job. But then, dry vacuum is sufficient and cleans up even minute dust particles. Unless you have kids who mess up the whole place, the dry vacuum will suffice your needs.

As for UV sanitization, we honestly can’t say much about its effectiveness as we can’t quantify it in any way.

The vacuum cleaner doesn’t have wi-fi connectivity. Rather, it works with remote control. And obviously, it doesn’t have a mapping function. Using the sensors, the vacuum cleaner moves randomly to clean all areas. So, it may sometimes get stuck and need to help with navigation.

Using the remote, you can schedule the timer, also invoke functions like spot cleaning, corner cleaning and auto cleaning. You can manually move it as you need too.

Overall, it is definitely an excellent option, given the fair price and good performance.

iLife V5X

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India - iLife V5s Pro

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In the US where carpets are standard, vacuum cleaning will suffice. But in Indian households, we need not only vacuum cleaning but also mopping. That is what makes ILife V5s X yet another desired choice. 

They have improved upon the previous version iLife V5S Pro by enabling control through mobile app, Google Assistant and Alexa.

The vacuum cleaner is pretty good on hard surface floors. It cleans quite well. Its suction power varies from 16 to 23 CFM, which is better than the more expensive Roomba i7+. This probably is because, unlike Roomba, it doesn’t have a rotating brush in the suction port which could hamper its actual suction capacity. An advantage of this style is that you don’t have to worry about long hair getting tangled on the brush. But on the flip side, it can’t agitate the carpets and deep clean them.

The side brushes of ILife 5 X is also longer than usual, which helps it clean the corner better, but still, it isn’t perfect. (But neither are maids for that matter)

The vacuum cleaner can run for 2 hours at a stretch once fully charged. But a full charge takes about 4-5 hours.

Unlike the more expensive Roomba, it doesn’t have a mapping function whereby it remembers the rooms and obstacles it comes across. Instead, it has a random navigation function whereby it randomly moves around the room to clean it. While it might not sound that efficient, in practice, it is found to be good at cleaning almost all spots within a room. But you might have to help it at times to move to spots which it has missed or its docking station when the charge is low.

To turn on the mopping function, you will have to change the tank and fill it up with water and attach the mop to the base. Be it dried juice, coffee or stains you generally come across on a day to day basis, iLife X cleans it all pretty well. 

Talking about the negatives, the dirt bin is tiny. You will have to clean it up daily. Next, it isn’t that great moving over to rugs from the hard floor. Also, you will have to remove the bath mats and carpets before you start mopping. 

Yet another negative we felt is that vacuum cleaning an apartment of about 1500 Sq. Ft would take about 2 hours. After this, you will have to recharge for 4-5 hours before it can start mopping. So, you might not be able to vacuum and mop at a go.

Overall, it is an excellent fit for an Indian home where rugs are minimal, but pet and human hair are plenty and needs mopping regularly. 

Now, talking about the after-sales service, like Roomba, iLife too seems to have an exclusive Indian distributor who takes care of warranty, repairs and the like. They provide a 1-year limited warranty. Delhi and Bangalore customers can drop it at life’s service centre. As for others, iLife arranges to pick, repair and return the product at their own cost, which is quite better than Roomba’s service.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 35C

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India  - Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30

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If you are looking for a more affordable robot vacuum cleaner, then Euphy RoboVac 35C is a pretty great choice. It has a pretty good suction power, which is quite sufficient for hard floors and low pile carpets. But not quite enough for thorough cleaning of high pile carpets. The Boost IQ technology here refers to its ability to increase suction power when needed.

Improving upon the previous version Robovac 30, the new Euphy RoboVac 35C can be controlled using your smartphone, Alexa and Google Assistant. It enables better mapping, virtual barrier and easier controls, which the older version didn’t have.

RoboVac 35C cannot map floors. Rather, it just moves around randomly to clean the places. So there is a possibility of missing places that need to be cleaned. This especially happens around areas where there is a lot of furniture and other obstacles, like a dining room, for example. But if you keep the dining chairs aside and give sufficient space to manoeuvre, it wouldn’t be an issue. The Robovac 35C can easily climb over low profile items with less than 0.63 inches. Also, as it is just 7.3cm tall, it can clean under the beds, sofa and other furniture with ease.

With the Roomba i7 plus, you can set virtual walls as barriers. But with this RoboVac35C, you have to set boundaries using the strips that come along. You get just 6 ft long strips, while the previous version Robovac 30 used to have just about 13 ft of strips with it. 

The vacuum cleaner can run for about 100 minutes continuously without a break upon full charging. Once it exhausts 80% of its charge, it returns to the base to recharge itself, which typically takes about 2 hours. 

You need to clean the dirtbag every day and the filter monthly.

Now talking about the drawbacks, first of all, it doesn’t have a mopping function. Its mapping capability and suction power are not as excellent as Roomba.

But then, it comes at about half the price and is far more silent.

Also, we hear that the seller often doesn’t sell the model specified on Amazon, but instead sells the latest model available. This needn’t necessarily be negative, as the newer models have advanced functions than the previous generation. 

You get to buy the vacuum cleaner on Amazon and Flipkart. But when you go to Euphy’s US website, they don’t seem to have any details of an Indian office, distributor or website. So, it looks like the seller is buying the product from the US and selling it in India.

Within the 12 month warranty period, the seller replaces the product in case of manufacturing defects. You can also buy accessories and filters online. But you seem to be your own in case of any malfunction or repair after the warranty period. 

iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+

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iRobot is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners with sophisticated features that makes floor cleaning an absolute breeze. It comes with advanced mapping skill that is capable of creating up to 10 maps, making it ideal for homes with multiple floor levels. Moreover, after a few initial runs, you can name the rooms. Then using the app, you can schedule the cleaning and pick and choose the specific rooms that you want to clean. Also, compared to the previous versions of Roomba, it is better at remembering the layout, and hence it avoids bumping into furniture and other obstacles.

Now, talking about the cleaning functionality, the Roomba i7+ with 17 CFM suction capacity is capable of cleaning hard surfaces as well as carpets with ease. Be it large debris like food particles or minute pet hair; the vacuum cleaner sucks it all brilliantly.

And the best part, after cleaning up the place, it goes back to the docking system for charging and also empties the collected debris into the large dirtbag in the docking system, which is capable of holding 30 bins of dirt. This large dirtbag within the docking system is completely locked so that you don’t have to worry about it escaping back into your living space. 

The vacuum cleaner has a straight line cleaning path, unlike budget friendlier options like iLife V7+. This means the chances of missing out spaces is less or none. Also, the low height of 3.6 inches means it can clean underneath sofas and beds with ease.

With a single charge, the Roomba i7+ runs 75 minutes without a break, and it takes about 2 hours to recharge itself completely.

The noise levels are also moderate at 68 dB. 

Now, talking about the negatives, first of all, it is a pretty expensive option. At this price, that it doesn’t have a mopping function is a real drawback.

As with most robot vacuum cleaners, Roomba v7+ is not that great at cleaning corners. Also, it isn’t able to climb on objects with a low height profile. So if the door frame between rooms has a threshold at the bottom, it might not be able to climb over and move to the other room.

Talking about their after-sales service, Roomba sells in India through their exclusive distributor PureSight Systems which is headquartered at Bangalore. They have a showroom in Chennai too. The company provides a 2-year limited warranty on Roomba and a 12-month warranty on its battery. However, the onus is on the customer to send the device to their service centre.

Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Roomba 692 is one of the affordable robot vacuum cleaners from the iRobot. It has fairly good suction, decent navigation capability and a few smart features that make it really worth it.

The vacuum cleaner comes with fairly good suction capacity. It has a rotating brush which can agitate the surface and remove stubborn dirt. It works well on low pile carpets, wooden floor and tiles. But when it comes to plush high pile carpets, the results aren’t that satisfactory. 

A noteworthy feature is the dirt detect technology. When the vacuum cleaner senses an area to be dirty, it runs multiple times over the same surface to clean it thoroughly. Reviewers have found this feature to be quite thorough and fairly good at cleaning up the kids’ play area and dining area where debris and dirt are more. A drawback, however, is that hair gets tangled on the rotating brush and you have to clean it up often.

Unlike the more expensive Roomba which has mapping capability, the Roomba 692 has just sensors which help navigate it throughout your home. This is actually what makes it a rather affordable option. But on the flip side, it might sometimes find it difficult to return to the charging base or even miss out larger portions of the house. 

The vacuum cleaner takes 2 hours for complete charging and it can run around for 90 minutes when fully charged. This is sufficient for a 1200-1500 Sq. Ft home, as the actual space where it has to clean, will be far lesser.

As with most robot vacuum cleaners in the list, Roomba 692 also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Even if you don’t have the device, you can control with the apps using your phone. At less than 65 dB, the vacuum cleaner has low noise operation too. 

The after-sales service, as mentioned earlier is provided by the iRobot through their sole distributor in India. The product has a 2-year warranty and the battery has a 1-year warranty. For any repairs, the customers will have to send the device to their service centre in Bangalore.


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