8 Best Mixer Grinders In India 2021

Looking to buy a mixer grinder for your kitchen? Read our guide to understand how to buy a mixer grinder suitable for your needs and the list of best mixer grinders available.

A mixer grinder is one of the quintessential appliances in an Indian kitchen. From blending, grinding and chopping to kneading, modern mixer grinders are multifunctional and quite a time saver.

Our Recommendations

We tested the top mixer grinder models available in India and out of them, Sujata Dynamix came out with flying colours in all aspects. It doesn’t have a food processor or a juicer jar. But, powered by a 900-watt motor, it was able to grind small and large quantities of soft and hard ingredients with equal ease and finesse. It is easy to clean and maintain. Having used it in my kitchen for more than 8 years, we are fairly certain of its durability too. Owing to its excellent grinding efficiency, quick performance and durability, it is a preferred choice of juice bars, home chefs and even small eateries.

If you are looking for a versatile mixer grinder with a food processor for juicing, chopping, grating and kneading, then Preethi Zodiac with a 750-watt motor would be the right choice for you. Its grinding performance is next to Sujata Dynamix. The food processor is durable and a huge time saver. And as it uses a dedicated extraction blade in its juicer jar, its juice extraction efficiency is among the best.

Those who are looking for a budget-friendly option can consider Philips Viva Collection HL7701 Mixer Grinder. It too has fairly good grinding efficiency for grinding soft and hard spices and making chutney, batter and milkshakes. But, its handle quality could have been a bit better.

Which are the Best Mixer Grinders In India?

ModelPowerNo.of JarsRemarks
Sujata Dynamix900-Watt3Heavy Duty Grinding

Preethi Zodiac MG218

750-Watt5With Food Processor attachments
Bosch Truemixx Pro1000-Watt4Handsfree/ Heavy Duty
Philips HL7707 Mixer Grinder7504With Food processor attachments
Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond750-Watt3Regular Use
Vidiem MG 521 A750 Watt3Best performance at a budget
Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 750-Watt4Regular Use

Hamilton Beach JMG

1400-Watt3Handsfree With Pre-set Functions

In order to find out the best mixer grinders in India, we first shortlisted models from Amazon with user ratings of at least 4 stars. We then filtered similar products, weeded out fake reviews, looked at various aspects like durability, user reviews etc and shortlisted 8 premium models. We then tested them on various parameters.

Grinding efficiency is the first and foremost criterion that we consider while choosing the best mixer grinder for your needs. A good mixer grinder should be quick and capable of grinding into a fine consistency. It should be able to grind a wide range of ingredients too. For this reason, all mixer grinders on the list have at least a 750-watt motor.

After using these models in a regular Indian kitchen, we ground various ingredients like turmeric, ginger-garlic, garam masala, milkshakes, batter and so on, to do a comparative analysis of the performance of each model. It also helps us understand how easy it is to use and clean them.

Further, we measured the thickness of the jar and blades. We also verified using a tachometer whether the RPM matches the manufacturers’ specifications.

In order to ascertain the durability of the mixer grinders, we chose only those options with copper motor winding. We also went through verified customer reviews on major portals to ensure that there are no major complaints about durability.

Finally, we considered and compared the price of the mixer grinders to ensure that the offerings have excellent value for money.

Best Mixer Grinders In India

Sujata Dynamix 900 Watt Mixer Grinder

Best mixer grinder in india- Sujata Dynamix with 900 watt motor and 3 jars.

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  • Best in class grinding efficiency.
  • Can grind small and large quantities in fine consistency.
  • Highly durable.
  • Tolerable noise level.


  • No overload protection switch

Sujata Dynamix is a no-nonsense mixer grinder that offers best in class performance. It is an ideal option for home chefs who need a heavy-duty mixer grinder as well as those who want to grind batter, make spice powders etc on a regular basis. Without a doubt, it is the best mixer grinder for an Indian kitchen.


The unit comes with 3 jars. They are- a 400 ml chutney jar, 1-litre medium-sized jar and 1.5-litre wet grinding jar.

Talking about its build quality, the jars are made of high-quality stainless steel with polycarbonate lids. The blades and jars have 1.2mm and 0.8mm thickness respectively. Even the gasket used appears to be of better quality compared to what you find in Preethi and Philips. The polycarbonate lids are a bit tinted. So, it retains a fresh look for a long time.

What we really loved about the jars is that the blades are designed perfectly for its job. The chutney jar is compact and has blades very close to the bottom surface. So, you can grind even a small quantity of ingredients into a fine consistency. Similarly, the middle jar and the wet grinding jar too have their blades comparatively closer to the base, yet curved well enough to create a good vortex that can grind efficiently.

The motor housing is compact and fairly heavy. Even though it doesn’t have vacuum suction feet, it doesn’t vibrate much when you use the chutney jar or the 1-litre jar. But running the wet grinding jar in full capacity makes it vibrate a little bit.

A drawback is that the top holder/cover of the motor housing has clips that are delicate. If you are not careful enough, the clips may break rendering the top cover unusable. You can use the mixer grinder without this cover. But, you will have to hold the jars in place to ensure it doesn’t move.


Sujata Dynamix with a 900 watt motor has excellent grinding efficiency with all types and quantities of ingredients. In our tests, we tried grinding turmeric, garam masala, ginger-garlic paste, idli batter, dry fruit milkshakes and even crushed ice. Sujata Dynamix had the best grinding efficiency among the lot.

The coarse residue after grinding and sieving turmeric and garam masala was quite less. Even when grinding a small quantity of ginger and garlic, the mixer grinder was able to do a thorough job without leaving much unground chunks. 

After grinding and sieving 30 gm turmeric, there was just a pinch of coarse residue.

When making shakes with dry fruits, Sujata Dynamix did a wonderful job by blending all ingredients into a smooth creamy texture. Bosch Truemixx on the other hand, though powerful, did not grind that well. There were some pieces of dates and almonds that were not ground sufficiently.

We also tried crushing ice. Sujata Dynamix wasn’t able to completely crush large ice cubes in a single go. But even then, compared to other mixer grinders, it did a better job.

You also get a chopping and whisking blade along, which can be attached to the wet grinding jar. However, you will have to add at least 2-3 eggs if you want them to be whisked properly. Egg whites can be whisked to a soft peak.

One of the biggest advantages of Sujata Dynamix is the long run time. While all other mixer grinders have a maximum run time of 30 minutes, Sujata Dynamix can be run for 90 minutes continuously. Owing to its pure copper motor, heat dissipation is quick and the housing is well ventilated too. This makes it an ideal choice for home chefs and large families. We have often seen Sujata Dynamix in commercial set-ups like juice bars and small eateries. However, the warranty will be void when Sujata Dynamix is used in a commercial establishment. The company has other 

A drawback is that it doesn’t have an overload protection switch. But even so, in our experience of using it for close to a decade, its motor never had any problem. No such issues are reported by other users too.


The noise levels of Sujata Dynamix range from 90-95 decibels. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as annoying as other options like Bosch and Hamilton Beach.

In fact, out of all the options we tested, we find Sujata Dynamix’s noise to be the most tolerable.

After Sales Service

The mixer grinder has a 2 year warranty. In this time frame, whenever you have a complaint, you can contact Sujata by mail or call them up for complaint redressal. The manufacturer will replace or repair free of cost. However, the customer will have to bear the to and fro transport charges from their service centre. Comparatively, Bosch does a better job as they replace the faulty part and deliver it home at their own expense.

 After 2 years, you will have to pay for the service and spares.

That being said, I have an 8-year-old Sujata Dynamix which works pretty well. We have had to replace its chutney jar. But otherwise, it works just fine.


Bosch Truemixx is a close competition to Sujata Dynamix. Truemix has better aesthetics with a beautiful black and stainless steel finish. It also has useful features like lid locks and an opening on the lid to pour ingredients when the mixer grinder is running. However, when it comes to the sheer performance, Sujata stands notches higher owing to well-designed jars and blades.

Read a detailed comparison between Sujata Dynamix and Bosch Truemixx here.

If you don’t use the wet grinding jar frequently and are looking for a blender to make smoothies and shakes, you could consider Sujata Supermix, which is available at a lesser price tag.

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Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

runners up best mixer grinder in India- Preethi Zodiac with 750 motor 5 jars including 3 in 1 juicer and food processor.

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  • Excellent grinding efficiency
  • Food processor is a time saver
  • Juicer jar has better extraction efficiency than other options.


  • Changing the blade assembly of the juicer jar is difficult.

Preethi Zodiac is one of the top mixer grinders for those who need a helping hand with the chopping, grinding and kneading chores.


Preethi Zodiac is powered by a 750-watt motor and comes with 5 jars. They are a 500 ml chutney jar, 1-litre medium-sized jar, 1.5-litre wet grinding jar, 1.5-litre juicer cum extraction jar and 2.1-litre food processor jar. 

Talking about the build quality, the jars are made of good quality stainless steel and the lids are polycarbonate and plastic. What we really loved is that the handles are welded to the jar and screwed from the outside in such a way that no unsightly screw heads are seen inside the jar. But, it does have screws from the bottom.

The blades have a thickness of 1.2mm, which ensures better durability and proper functioning. The polycarbonate lid of the chutney and the plastic lid of the 1-litre jar are interchangeable.


It is an ideal option for large and small families that need to quickly get done with chopping and grating vegetables and kneading dough. Also, compared to other options, it has a juicer extractor jar that is more efficient and well-designed.

The mixer grinder performs fairly well in all grinding chores. It was able to grind spices like garam masala and turmeric into a fine powder with less coarse residue after sieving. Grinding batter, making milkshakes etc are also quite easy. 

Upon grinding and sieving 60 gm of garam masala, we obtained 1.5 tsp of coarse residue.

But when it came to grinding a little quantity of ginger and garlic, it faltered a bit with large leftover chunks. This is probably because the chutney jar has a wide base and ingredients may simply get scattered instead of being ground. You can overcome this by grinding ginger-garlic in a moderately large quantity or by scraping the paste towards the blade with a spatula to get it thoroughly mixed.

When it came to crushing ice, it was able to do a neat job with small ice cubes. But with larger ones, it did not do a fine job.

The 3-in-1 juicer jar is one of the major selling points of this mixer grinder. It truly lives up to the expectation. Its juice extraction capacity was much better than other mixer grinders. This is because the jar comes with a special extraction blade which is typically found in centrifugal juicers. The design is patented by Preethi.

But, changing the blade assembly is no mean feat. It requires a lot of effort to twist and unlock the blade assembly from the jar. So, it is better to leave it with the extraction blade and use the wet grinding jar for making milkshakes and smoothies.

The juicer jar’s extraction efficiency is excellent for water-rich fruits like watermelon. Even with other fruits, it does a better job as the leftover pulp comparatively retains lesser juice. A drawback however is that the juice froths when the spout is plugged.

The food processor jar is a huge timesaver. If you are someone who makes Biriyani often, then slicing the onion in the food processor will save you a lot of time. And no more tears!

Using the citrus juicer attachment, you can make a glass of orange juice in less than 2 minutes.

best mixer grinder in India - Preethi Zodiac performance

Kneading dough is also quite easy. The pusher has measurement marks for the quantity of flour and water needed. However, using flour and water as per the said measurements, the dough tends to be a bit sticky. So, it is better to add water slowly as the kneading progresses. Though many reviews rue about excessive vibration while kneading, we weren’t able to notice any such problem.

Grating and chopping vegetables are also quick and easy. But take care to insert the vegetable pieces in the right orientation else, it may get sliced vertically instead of horizontally. You can grate and chop onion, carrot, beetroot, cucumber and so on any medium-sized firm vegetable.


The noise levels range from 77-79 dB. But it is not quite pleasant. It isn’t as noisy as Hamilton Beach or Bosch Truemixx. But, it isn’t as smooth as Sujata Dynamix either. So, it comes somewhere in between the both.

After Sales Service

Preethi offers 2 years warranty on the complete product and a 5-year warranty on the motor. During this period, the company repairs or replaces the faulty parts/ jars free of cost. You will however have to go to the service centre as Preethi doesn’t offer service at home. They have service centres across South India. But not so much in North India.

Preethi also offers lifelong free service. So, you will only have to pay for the spares after the 2-year warranty.


Preethi Zodiac and Philips HL7707 have pretty similar food processor jars. However, the latter doesn’t have a wet grinding jar. Also, the juicer jar is pretty basic. But, HL7707 costs just around 7000, while Preethi Zodiac costs close to Rs. 9000.

Coming to the other models from Preethi, if you are not a huge fan of the juicer mixer grinder, then, you could opt for Preethi Zion which has the same base and food processor jar. The other jars are a bit different in terms of design, but in terms of functionality, they are pretty much the same.

If you liked the juicer jar, but don’t want the food processor, then you could opt for Preethi Taurus MGA 217 which comes around Rs. 2000 cheaper.

Preethi Zodiac 2.0 is an upgraded version with pre-set buttons for chutney, atta kneading, batter and puree. The speed control knob has a separate off switch and there is a separate pulse button too. The upgraded version however costs close to Rs. 13000/-

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Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder

best mixer grinder in India- Bosch Truemixx

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  • Good grinding efficiency for regular chores.
  • Very good build quality


  • Very loud
  • Pounding blade and flow breaker doesn’t have significant benefit.

Bosch TrueMixx is one of the best mixer grinders with excellent build quality and decent grinding efficiency. It is powerful and thanks to the lid locks and leak-proof jars, it offers hands-free operations.


The mixer grinder comes with 4 jars namely a 400 ml chutney jar, 1-litre medium grinding jar, 1.5-litre wet grinding jar and 1.5-litre juicer jar.

Talking about its built quality, all jars are made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids. The handles come with a finger grip for ease of use. What we liked is that compared to other brands, Bosch’s gaskets are easier to fix and remove. The jars are leak-proof too.

When grinding in the wet grinding jar, the whole unit had a tendency to wobble a little. This was found in Sujata Dynamix too.

The polycarbonate lids have a lot of curves. So scraping off dry ingredients and cleaning it is harder than other mixer grinder lids.

best mixer grinder in India- bosch truemixx jars.


The mixer grinder is fairly efficient at grinding medium to large quantities of various ingredients into a fine consistency. 

But, it lacks finesse due to a design flaw. There is a significant gap between the blades and the bottom surface of the chutney jar. So when grinding larger chunks like turmeric pieces or dry fruits, it tends to get stuck in this gap and not get properly ground.

We were able to grind a moderate quantity of garam masala and idli batter for three people in fine consistency. But when grinding small quantities of turmeric and ginger garlic paste in the chutney jar, there were few pieces that did not grind properly.

Upon grinding just 20 gm of ginger-garlic and making a powder of 30 gm of turmeric, we were able to find a lot of coarse unground residues. Similarly, when making a dry fruit powder, a few pieces of almonds did not get ground. So, you will have to scrape the ingredients down to the blades once or twice to get get the desired consistency.

best mixer grinder in India- Bosch Truemixx performance
Upon grinding and sieving 30 gm turmeric, we got large unground chunks.

When you go through the product specifications, you see that two of the hyped features of Bosch TrueMixx are the pounding blades and the flow breaker. In our tests, we couldn’t really find much of a difference in grinding performance owing to these features. 

When we ground garam masala using pounding blades, there were a lot of leftover coarse strands from cardamom. But using the regular blades, we got a really fine powder of garam masala with hardly half a teaspoon of coarse residue. And there was no significant difference in flavour or fragrance between the two batches of garam masala.

Similarly, the flow breaker did not offer any significant difference from mixer grinders without them. If at all anything, it was a disturbance while grinding thick batter as ingredients tend to get stuck on top of the flow breaker lock. You won’t find this problem if you grind in a loose consistency. Also, fortunately, you can remove and keep away the flow breaker attachment.


The noise level falls within 77-80 decibels, like many other options. But it is a bit annoying. Sujata Dynamix on the other hand, though powerful and loud, doesn’t make a noise that is disturbing.

After Sales Service

Bosch offers 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor. They have a pretty good after sales service. You can contact them by mail with the details of the issue and Bosch replaces/repairs the faulty part or jar fairly quickly. And the best part, they deliver it to the home. So, it reduces the hassle of going to the service centre.


Compared to other 1000 Watt Mixer Grinders from Maharaja, Sunmeet and Butterfly, Bosch has better construction quality. However, when compared with Sujata Dynamix, Sujata has an edge due to better grinding efficiency. 

Bosch also offers the same model in 750 watts. It is pretty much the same in terms of design. So, if you don’t use the mixer grinder for heavy-duty grinding on a regular basis, then you can buy it for a lesser price tag.

Similarly, the 1000 watt model is available without a juicer jar. But, it costs as much as the model with a juicer jar. So, it doesn’t make much sense to buy it.

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Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder 

best mixer grinder in India- philips hl7707

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  • Excellent grinding efficiency
  • Value for money option
  • The food processor is a time saver.



  • Jars are slightly thinner
  • Doesn’t have a wet grinding jar.

Philips HL7707/00 is yet another option in our list of top mixer grinders that is versatile and powerful. It is a comparatively inexpensive alternative to Preethi Zodiac. But, it comes without the 3-in-1 juicer jar and wet grinding jar that you find in Preethi Zodiac. 


The unit comprises 4 jars namely, 500 ml chutney jar, 1-litre multipurpose jar, 1.5-litre juicer jar and 2.1-litre food processor jar.

The juicer jar of Philips HL7707 is the standard one found in regular Philips and Preethi mixer grinders with a polycarbonate body, plastic lid and strainer inside. Its results were decent. But nothing remarkable.

As for the food processor jar, the ones from Philips HL7707 and Preethi Zodiac are almost identical. They have the same features, functions and appearance. The only differences are in the handle design and Zodiac’s food processor jar can be detached from the locking base. 

Talking about the built quality, the jars are comparatively a bit thinner at 0.6mm. But the blades are made of 1.4 mm thick stainless steel. You get one polycarbonate lid and a plastic lid for the chutney jar and 1-litre jar, which can be used interchangeably.

The interchangeable lids are quite helpful as you can grind spices using the plastic lid, which being black in colour, doesn’t stain as easily as the polycarbonate one.

Even though the stainless steel is thin, we haven’t seen any complaints about the jar’s build quality. Other than that you may have to change the rubber gasket of the lid, you won’t face any problem in the long run. When we checked the user reviews and talked with Philips customers, everyone was quite happy with the quality and durability of Philips’ jars.

best mixer grinder in India- philips food processor jar components


The grinding performance of Philips HL7707 is quite good. It was able to grind all sorts of soft and hard spices, idli batter, make juice and smoothies with absolute ease.

In fact, Philips HL7707 and Preethi Zodiac came very close in all our grinding tests, except for juicing. 

The mixer grinder RPM without load ranges from 13,500 to 18000 cycles. It can run for 2 minutes continuously and then needs a 5 minute rest time. This way, it can run for 30 minutes, after which it needs a 45 minutes break.

Upon grinding and sieving spices like garam masala and turmeric, it left quite little coarse residues. And it was very much in the acceptable range.

But when it comes to wet grinding a tiny quantity, like for example just 20 gm of ginger and garlic, the results weren’t that good. There were a lot of chunks that needed to be further ground by adding more water/oil. 

Though it doesn’t have a wet grinding jar, the 1-litre jar can be used for grinding batter and making a glass of milkshake. Just that for larger quantities, you may have to grind in 2-3 batches.

The food processor can knead dough, make juice with citrus attachment, grate, slice and chop vegetables with absolute ease. However, just like Preethi Zodiac, if you add water and flour as per the measuring cup cum pusher, the dough tends to be a little sticky.

The only difference between the food processor of Preethi Zodiac and Philips HL7707/00 is that the jar can be unlocked from the jar lock found in Preethi. In Philips HL7707, the jar lock and the polycarbonate jar are permanently attached. 


The noise ranges from 77-79 dB. It isn’t that pleasant. But still isn’t as disturbing as Bosch TrueMixx.

After Sales Service 

Just like Preethi, Philips too offers 2-year warranty on the product and 5-year warranty on the motor. An advantage is that Philips has a wide presence in North India too- something that Preethi lacks. 


If you are looking for a mixer grinder with a food processor and are willing to forgo a wet grinding jar, then Philips HL7707 is a much more sensible buy than Preethi Zodiac. 

A lesser-priced alternative is the Philips HL7763/00 750W Mixer Grinder which costs around Rs. 5500. It comes with a chutney jar, medium-sized jar, a blender jar and a food processor jar. But, it doesn’t have a wet grinding jar.

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Philips Viva Collection HL7701 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

philips hl7701 mixer grinder review

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  • Excellent grinding efficiency
  • Value For Money
  • Compact and takes minimal space on the countertop.


  • Build quality of the handles could have been better

Philips Viva Collection HL7701 is one of the best budget-friendly mixer grinders that is basic and competitively priced.


The mixer grinder comes with 4 jars namely, a 500 m chutney jar, 1-litre multipurpose jar, 1.5 litre juice jar and 1.75-litre wet grinding jar.  

The stainless steel used for the jars is just 0.6mm in thickness, which is a tad less than other options on the list. But the blades are thick enough at 1.4mm.

In terms of appearance and features, it is basic yet elegant. The motor housing comes in white, is compact and has vacuum suction feet. The jars come with white-lavender handles and lavender jar locks. 

The lid is also a bit flimsy along the vertical joint connecting the white and lavender sides.

Other than that, you can’t really find much of a complaint with it.


In terms of performance, Philips HL7701 does a pretty neat job. It grinds turmeric into a fine powder with very little coarse residue after sieving. With 60 gm garam masala, it left about 2 tsp of coarse residue after sieving.

Grinding batter, milkshakes etc is fast and efficient. 

With ginger-garlic however, there were some coarse chunks. This is again because the base of the chutney jar is so wide that it doesn’t get completely covered with the ingredients. You can overcome this by adding more water or scraping the ingredients towards the blade one or two times so that it gets ground to a fine consistency.

This is common with Preethi Zodiac and both Philips models because they all have chutney jars of the same dimensions.

Though the rated maximum RPM without load is 20,000, we were able to register just 19000 using a tachometer.


The noise level of Philips HL7701 is the same as Philips HL7707 because they both have the same base- only a change of colour. 

Even when you compare it to the Preethi Zodiac or Preethi Blue Leaf series, the noise level is almost similar.

After Sales Service

Philips HL7707 comes with 2-year product warranty and 5-year motor warranty. They have a fairly wide network of service centres across the country. In case of complaints within the first two years, they replace/ repair without any charge. After that, you have to pay for the service charge and spares.


If you don’t want a juicer jar, you could opt for Philips HL7699, which is priced at about Rs. 500 lesser.
Another option you could consider in a similar price range is Vidiem MG 581 A Vision Plus. Though we weren’t able to test it, it has an excellent review and user rating.

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Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder

best mixer grinder in India- Philips Blue Leaf series

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  • Very good grinding efficiency
  • Grind N Store Jar is useful for storing spices, chutney etc.


  • Not a value for money option.

Preethi Blue Leaf powered by a 750-watt motor has pretty good grinding performance, giving it a well-deserved position in our list of best mixer grinders. Its grind n store jar is its main USP. But, it is a bit overpriced. Up till March 2021, it was sold for around Rs. 5200 which was reasonable. 

But now, for 6K, you can get a Sujata Dynamix or Bosch Truemixx, which has far better grinding performance.


The Blue Leaf Platinum comes with a 300 ml chutney jar, 1-litre medium-sized jar, 1.7-litre wet grinding jar and 1.5-litre juicer jar. You get a separate grind n store jar which has 500 ml capacity.

Talking about the built quality, the jars appear fairly durable. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and a polycarbonate lid that is shatterproof. With Blue Leaf Diamond, you get a Flexi-lid for the chutney jar which is helpful when you need to grind just a little quantity of ingredients.


The grinding performance is fairly good. You can make all sorts of batter, milkshakes etc. But, it isn’t as quick or efficient as a Sujata or even Bosch TrueMixx.

The chutney jar does a good job at grinding hard and soft spices like pepper, turmeric, garam masala etc. But, it does leave some coarse residue after grinding. However, it comes in the acceptable range.

The wet grinding jar is large and you can grind enough batter for 5-6 people at one go. It is quick and efficient too.

Juicer jar, as we have always said, lacks efficiency just like any other mixer grinder. The leftover pulp is wet and retains juice. It is particularly pathetic with coconut milk extraction.


The noise level of Preethi Blue Leaf is moderate. It ranges between 77-80 dB on the Soundmeter Decibel app.

After Sales Service

Being a part of Preethi, the after-sales service is prompt and fair. You get a 2-year product warranty and 5-year motor warranty. Within this period, Preethi replaces or repairs faulty parts or the jar free of cost. But, you have to take it to their service centre.

After this period, they won’t charge for service. But spares come at a cost.


If you don’t want the juicer extraction jar and can make do with a regular chutney jar, then you could opt for Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder. The jar designs are a bit different. But the housing base is the same.
A close competitor to Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond is Philips HL7756. But, all its lids are made of plastic and they tend to get loose over a period of time. So, it is worth spending a little extra to be assured of better performance and durability.

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Vidiem MG 521 A 750W Mixer Grinder

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  • Excellent wet grinding efficiency
  • Jars can be easily locked to the base.
  • Value for money


  • Noisy

Not many know that the brand Vidiem is owned by Maya Appliances who founded Preethi. Philips bought Preethi in 2011 and later Maya appliances launched the brand Vidiem which now sells a variety of home appliances including mixer grinders.


The jars of Vidiem MG 521 A are made of stainless steel. The smaller jars have plastic lids, while the largest wet grinding jar has a polycarbonate lid.

A noteworthy feature is that the lid of the chutney jar comes with a locking system, which makes it practically hands-free while running.

Yet another feature that distinguishes all Vidiem mixer grinders is its self-locking base. It doesn’t exactly lock on its own. But, the lock shape is at an angle, which makes it easier to fix it to the base.

Something you notice about Vidiem MG521A is its bright orange handle. Though it might appear funky and too bright, it is actually quite practical. Like typical households, if you have a maid who washes all utensils and dumps them as a huge pile in a large utensil basket, then the orange handle makes it easier to find the jar from the pile.

You also find that the coupler designs of their jars are different from other brands. We found it a bit looser comparatively. Vidiem claims that theirs is an improved design that has higher strength, secure mating and is apt for heavy loads. 

The blades of all jars are made of 304-grade stainless steel. Also, they all have zig-zag edges which give a better grinding performance. 

The shape of the motor housing of Vidiem MG521A is similar to Preethi Zodiac.  But, it is bright orange and grey in colour and don’t have a power indicator.

The manufacturers claim that the Aria Cooltech motor has better performance, power and torque. Well, we agree with it and you can know why in our next section on the performance of the mixer grinder.

Like other mixer grinders on the list, it too has vacuum suction feet and an overload protection switch at the bottom of the housing.


The grinding performance of Vidiem MG521A is pretty good for everyday grinding chores.
It can grind chutney, curry paste with onion and coconut, idli batter etc really quick. In the wet grinding jar, you can grind batter for 6 people in less than 1 minute. Chutney and curry paste can be ground to a fine consistency in about 30 seconds. Even upon grinding urad dal for making medu vada, the batter came quite soft and fluffy.

However, when dry grinding spices in the multi-purpose jar, it lacked finesse. Upon grinding and sieving 50 gm garam masala, we got an unusually high quantity of coarse residue. However, grinding 30 gm of turmeric in the chutney jar, the results were quite satisfactory. 

What we really liked is the performance of the wet grinding jar. It is designed in such a way that the mouth is wide and it tapers down with a narrow bottom. This along with the well-designed blade creates a perfect vortex. In fact, when we ground rice and urad, the batter did not splash or bounce around. Rather it created a nice vortex that did an excellent job of creating a fine batter.

Overall, the mixer grinder has outstanding wet grinding performance and an above-average dry grinding performance.


When we checked using Decibel Meter app in Android mobile, it recorded about 77-79 dB noise. The noise is a bit too loud and annoying. It is almost comparable to what you experience with Preethi Zodiac and Philips HL7707.

Ease of Cleaning

The base can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Just like every other mixer grinder, it has a gap at the top, along the coupler, through which spills can be cleaned. However, this gap is too narrow that even a finger can’t go in. So, if anything gets stuck in the coupler, it may be a tad difficult to clean it up.

The jars are fairly easy to clean. Even turmeric stains came off easily by handwashing it. As the smaller lids are made of plastic and being black in colour, it doesn’t get stained easily. 

After Sales Service

We checked with a few users to understand Vidiem’s long term performance and most of them are highly satisfied with its grinding quality. The build quality is also fairly good.
The product comes with a 2-year warranty and a 5-year motor warranty. This is at par with what Philips and Preethi offer.


When you compare with Philips HL7701 and Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond which comes at similar pricing, Vidiem does have an edge as it is faster. Its wet grinding efficiency especially is quite commendable. However, in terms of build quality, Preethi seems to be better as the plastic quality of their jar lock appears better.

If you wish to have a juicer jar, you could take a look at the Vidiem MG 541, which is priced around Rs. 5000.

Now, if you haven’t really liked the orange-grey colour combination, you could consider Vidiem MG 518 A VSTAR Premium 750W Mixer Grinder. It comes with 5 jars including a juicer jar. The multipurpose jar and the chutney jars are a tad larger with 1 litre and 500 ml capacity respectively. 

Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder

hamilton beach professional juicer mixer grinder

Buy now ( Amazon)


  • Excellent built quality
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Precise control over grinding speed.


  • Very expensive
  • Too noisy

Featuring a 1400 Watt motor, three leak-proof stainless steel jars, superior safety features and hands-free operations, Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder is one of the best and sophisticated mixer grinders available in the market.


The mixer grinder comes with 3 jars. The smallest chutney jar has 500 ml capacity. The medium sized jar has 1 litre and the wet grinding jar has 1.5 litre capacity.

The built quality of the jars is excellent. As the base and handles are welded, you don’t find any unsightly screw heads popping inside the jar, which makes it quite easy to clean. Its gasket is also quite superior in quality.

The blades are strong, but not removable. 

It is also the only option on the list that is dishwasher friendly. None of the other options on the list have dishwasher holes on the jar lock to drain off water. So, they accumulate dirty water when kept in a dishwasher. Over a period of time, this could lead to grime getting accumulated in the area. Hamilton Beach, however, doesn’t have such an issue.

The safety features are also quite good. The mixer grinder doesn’t start operating unless the lid is locked and then the jar is locked to the base. It also features a motor temperature indicator to warn you when the motor heats up and has triple overload protection too. 


The mixer grinder has a pre-set menu comprising grinding functions like Dry, Wet Hard, Wet Soft, Soup and Blend. You can set the consistency to your choice from fine, medium to coarse. Once you choose an option, the mixer grinder runs for a preset time ranging from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. The blades move in pulses and continuous rotation at varying speeds to provide the best results. Overall, this feature is quite useful for those who multi-task as it is hands-free and functions in the right manner for optimal performance.

In the manual setting, you can set the speed at 10 different levels ranging from 3000 to 18000 RPM. This gives precise control over the speed. When wet grinding or blending, you can start at a low speed and gradually increase so that the mixture doesn’t splatter all over.

The performance of the grinder is fairly good with hard and soft spices and heavy-duty grinding like idli batter. But when it came to grinding a little quantity of ginger-garlic, Hamilton Beach had the worst results. Instead of grinding, ginger and garlic were just coarsely chopped. This is because it has a comparatively lower RPM of 18000 cycles and also, the blades don’t reach end to end of the jars. 

Talking about the drawbacks, it is too noisy while running at maximum speed.

Also, it is a bit too expensive for most households to afford. And at that price, you do expect to get a food processor attachment or juicer attachment.

But given the results, efficiency and hands-free operations, it definitely is an option worth considering if you have deep pockets.


As the mixer grinder comes with a 1400 watt motor, it makes a pretty loud noise. In fact, it was the loudest and most annoying among the options we tested.

After Sales Service

Hamilton Beach offers a 5 year warranty on its products. It has tied-up with On-site Go to offer after sales service at your door steps. The product is picked up, serviced and dropped back. So, it is a hassle-free experience. However, it takes at least 2 weeks to get the product repaired.

Read detailed review

What To Know When Buying A Mixer Grinder For Your Needs?

The following are the main aspects to consider when buying a mixer grinder for your needs.

Power & RPM

Most mixer grinders have a maximum RPM of around 18000-20000 cycles without load. But when loaded with ingredients, it will be able to sustain a high RPM if only it has sufficient power.

For a full-fledged kitchen, we recommend buying a mixer grinder with at least 750 Watts motor. It is needed if you want to make dosa batter, grind spices etc on a regular basis. 

You may be able to grind batter in a 500-watt mixer grinder. But, if you do that on a regular basis, it will put undue stress on the motor and affect its durability. 

So consider a 500-watt mixer grinder only if you have a minimal kitchen and plan to use it for making milkshakes, curry paste, chutney and such light grinding jobs.

A mixer grinder with a 900-1000 watt motor on the other hand is highly powerful and so pretty quick in grinding. It can handle all sorts of heavy-duty grinding in no time. 

Jars & Blades

According to experts, jars with wide mouths that taper off towards the base are better for wet grinding and blending. This shape helps create a vortex with the blade at the centre. All ingredients get pulled to this centre and get uniformly ground. 

For grinding a smaller quantity of ingredients, you need to have chutney jars that have a narrow base with the blades extremely close to the bottom surface. This way, the blades will be completely covered with the ingredients and there is no chance of anything getting missed in the gap between the blade and the bottom.

Sujata has such a chutney jar and so you can grind even a small quantity of spices or ginger-garlic paste into a fine consistency. Bosch Truemixx on the other hand has a narrow base, but there is a noticeable gap between the blades and the bottom which leads to inefficient grinding when there is just a little quantity of ingredients.

Safety Features

Safety features like shockproof body, vacuum suction feet and overload protection switch are common in most mixer grinders.

You could also look for a double lock protection mechanism, which allows the mixer grinder to start working only if the lid is locked to the jar and the jar is locked to the housing perfectly.

Hands-Free Operation

One of the good-to-have features in a mixer grinder is lid lock, which offers hands-free operations. Bosch, Panasonic, Hamilton Beach are some of the brands that have jars with lid locks. Wet grinding jars from Sujata and Bajaj too have lid locks.

Food Processor Attachments

Food processor attachments are a boon when you have to chop or grate vegetables in a large quantity. They also have kneading and citrus juicing attachments. 

Popular mixer grinders with food processor attachments like Preethi Zodiac and Philips HL7707 have almost the same food processor jar. So, it is better to make a decision based on other aspects than focusing just on the food processor component.

Juicer Jar

Most of the brands offer the same mixer grinder model with and without a juicer jar to give consumers more flexibility in choosing the one apt for their needs. And partly because juicer jars aren’t that effective.

If you are serious about following a juicing regimen, then don’t buy a mixer grinder with a juicer jar. Rather, invest in a cold press juicer. But, if on the other hand, you want to make juice just once in a while entertaining guests, then a mixer grinder with a juicer jar may be worth considering.  If you don’t fall under either category, you can often save close to Rs.1000 by purchasing a model without a juicer jar.

Many brands claim that you can use the juicer jar for extracting coconut milk. But unfortunately, that is not the case. The leftover crushed coconut retains a lot of milk which can be manually extracted. 

Out of the mixer grinders available with juicer jars, Preethi Zodiac has better extraction efficiency as it has a proper extraction blade. All others have just blender blades and the leftover pulp retains more juice.


Mixer grinder noise is a concern for many consumers. But, a silent mixer grinder simply doesn’t exist. Even the ones marketed as silent are comparatively noisy. So, this is something you have to bear and live with.


You can get a good quality mixer grinder within a budget of Rs. 4-6K. At this budget, you can expect to buy a mixer grinder from a reliable brand with at least 750-watt motor, stainless steel jars and necessary safety features. They will be durable and trouble-free.

If you are willing to spend more, you can get mixer grinders with food processing jars. Or, you can opt for ones with 900-1000 watt motors.

Inexpensive mixer grinders priced less than Rs. 3000 usually have a 500 watt motor with aluminium winding. They are apt for basic functions and not heavy duty grinding. You can’t really expect it to have the durability of a Preethi, Bosch or Sujatha mixer grinder.


Which is the best mixer grinder for grinding turmeric and other spices?

The best mixer grinder for turmeric and other spices is Sujata Dynamix. It has a powerful motor, sharp blades and is designed for heavy-duty grinding.

What is the RPM of a mixer grinder?

RPM of a mixer grinder refers to the number of times the blade rotates per minute. Usually, it varies from 18 to 24k. High RPM and power usually mean better grinding efficiency.

How many watts is good for a mixer grinder?

Some of the best mixer grinders in India come with 550 to 1400 Watts motors. If you are looking for a mixer grinder for making curry paste and chutney occasionally, then a 550-watt mixer grinder would suffice. 

If you intend to make idli batter and are into more of South Indian cooking with coconut, then you would need a 750-watt mixer grinder.

Options with 1000 plus watts give better performance and faster grinding

How do you maintain a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder is a fairly maintenance free appliance. A few tips to follow are-
– Wipe the housing with a damp cloth.
– Wash the jars immediately after use by running it for 30 seconds with dishwashing liquid and water. Then, rinse and scrub if necessary and place it upside down to rinse off the water before storing it away.
– Always break harder spices like turmeric to small pieces less than an inch length before grinding.
– Ensure all ingredients are cooled down to room temperature before grinding.

How many jars should ideally be there in a mixer grinder?

Three is the bare minimum. The smallest dry grinding jar, the wet grinding jar for making curry paste and the largest one for making idli batter and shakes.
A food processor attachment is good to have if you chop and grate a lot of vegetables. A juicer jar however is not worth it in our experience.

What safety features should I look for in a mixer grinder?

The bare minimum safety feature to look for is the anti-skid base, ABS shockproof body, three-pin plug and overload protection switch. Fortunately, mixer grinders from most of the reputed Indian brands have these safety features.

A few brands like Panasonic have a double protection system. This ensures that the mixer grinder runs only if the lid is locked to the jar and the jar is locked to the base.

Do all mixer grinders have a juicer?

No, not all mixer grinders have a juicer. In some models, there is a juicer jar with a strainer using which you can make juice of fruits or vegetables. The pulp is collected in the centre.
Then there are juicer mixer grinders which have a proper juicer attachment with a feeding chute to which large chunks of fruits are fed and juice comes out from one spout and pulp to another container.

Are food processors and mixer grinders the same?

Along with some mixer grinders, you get a food processor attachment. Using it, you can chop vegetables in various sizes, knead atta, juice citrus fruits etc.
A dedicated food processor has a lot more features. You can chop vegetables in different sizes and shapes. They are a lot more versatile.

Is it necessary to hold the upper lid of the mixer grinder jar? 

Not necessary. In most of the newer models, the lids are fixed pretty tight and you needn’t hold the lid. It won’t leak unless you fill the jar to the brim or if it is very liquid in nature. In certain models like Bosch Truemixx and Hamilton Beach, the lids have a lock that ensures that it doesn’t spill at all.

How can I reduce the noise of a mixer grinder?

Noisy mixer grinders are always a pain. To reduce the noise of a mixer grinder, you could keep it away from the wall so that the sound doesn’t bounce off and get accentuated. Next, you could place it on top of a placemat so that the vibrations don’t cause too much noise.

What is the cause of the burnt smell while running the mixer grinder?

The burnt smell while running a mixer grinder is because of varnish coating on motor getting heated. It usually goes away after a few runs. If it persists, please contact the service centre of the respective brand.

What is the difference between a blender and a mixer grinder?

Blenders, also known as smoothie makers usually have different blades that are apt for making smoothies, shakes and maybe occasional chutney or dry grinding of nuts. 
They are not meant to do extensive tasks that a mixer grinder carries out with ease, like dry grinding spices, making curry paste, idli batter etc. A blender would be more suited for a student or bachelor who takes in smoothies and shakes regularly and occasionally makes chutney or such minor dishes.

Which is the best 750 Watt Mixer Grinder In India?

Preethi Zodiac is one of the best 750-watt mixer grinders in India. They are versatile and powerful enough to take care of all day to day grinding jobs. It has 5 jars including a  food processor jar using which you can knead dough, chop vegetables and mince meat.

Which is the best mixer grinder in India for making idli batter?

A mixer grinder with a minimum of 750-watt motor is ideal for making idli and dosa batter. You could look at options like Sujata Dynamix and Preethi Zodiac that are best suited for this purpose.

Which is the best mixer grinder for South Indian cooking?

As South Indian cooking involves grinding coconut, rice and urad for batter and a lot of masalas, you would ideally want at least a 750-watt mixer grinder. Options to consider are Sujata Dynamix, Bosch Truemixx or Preethi Zodiac.

Best Mixer Grinder Under Rs. 5000

Gone are the days when you could buy the best mixer grinder within a budget of Rs. 5000. Nowadays, within this price, you get a fairly good 750-watt mixer grinder with fairly good durability and performance. The top-notch ones with 900-1000 watt motors and a plethora of features and functions cost Rs. 6000 plus.

Within this budget, the best option to choose would be Philips HL7701/00. It comes with 4 jars- a 500 ml chutney jar, 1-litre medium-sized jar, 1.75-litre wet grinding jar and 1.5-litre juicer jar.

The grinding performance is excellent. It can grind all sorts of soft and hard spices very well. Making batter, ginger-garlic paste, milkshakes etc is also quite easy. 

You can make powders of spices like pepper, garam masala, turmeric, chilly etc. and it gets powdered pretty well. However, as it gets older, you may not want to grind hard spices for the sake of its durability. 

The build quality of the mixer grinder is also fairly good. However, the joint connecting the lavender and white parts of the handle is a bit flimsy. ( Read in-depth review here).

Given below are some of the other best mixer grinders in India under Rs. 5000. 

Preethi Chef Pro Mixer Grinder, 750 watt

The Chef Pro is one of Preethi’s oldest selling models. And it is still running strong owing to its excellent performance and competitive pricing.

The features are basic. But it is pretty strong in terms of performance. 

The mixer grinder comes with 3 jars. The smallest chutney jar has a 500 ml capacity, while the middle jar has a 1-litre capacity. The largest wet grinding jar has a 1.5-litre capacity.

All jars are made of stainless steel and have polycarbonate lids with rubber gaskets. 

The grinding performance of the mixer grinder is also pretty good. Be it chutney, batter or dry spices, the mixer grinder does a quick work of it.

The motor housing comparatively takes a larger footprint on your kitchen countertop. Unlike the higher-end Preethi models, it doesn’t have a power indicator. But, it doesn’t compromise on the safety features. The base comes with anti-skid vacuum suction feet and has an overload protection switch too.

Overall, it is one of the best mixer grinders you can buy for under Rs. 5000.

Bajaj GX-4701 800W Mixer Grinder

Bajaj is known for reliable and durable products. The Bajaj GX-4701 follows suit with close to 80% of users rating it above 4 stars.

Compared to other options on the list, Bajaj GX-4701 has a higher power of 800 watts. Also, it has 4 jars.

The smallest is a 400 ml chutney jar. Then, you get jars of 1 and 1.5-litre capacity and the largest juicer jar has a 1.8-litre capacity.

The main jars are made of stainless steel. While the smaller ones have a plastic lid, the large wet grinding jar has a dome-shaped polycarbonate lid with clip-on locks. 

The juicer jar is made of polycarbonate. Just like Bosch, it has a tall strainer in the centre fruit filter. Also, you can add the fruit pieces through the opening on the lid.

The performance is fairly good. It can grind various dry and wet ingredients into a fine consistency. But, sometimes, it needs a longer time than other 750-watt mixer grinders.

The juicer jar works well. But, the leftover pulp retains juice that needs to be manually extracted.

Like most other options, it has vacuum suction feet and an overload protection switch. 

Overall, it is a decent option under Rs. 5000 that you could consider.

Butterfly Jet Elite Plus Mixer Grinder

Kitchen appliances from Butterfly are of fairly decent quality and economical in pricing.

The Jet Elite Plus Mixer Grinder comes with a 750-watt motor and has 5 versatile jars.

The largest ones are a juicer jar and wet grinding jars of 1.5-litre capacity each. Then, you have a 750 ml dry grinding jar and a 400 ml chutney jar. A unique jar that you get only with Butterfly Jet Elite Plus is the tiny smart grind and store jar. 

One of the challenges faced while using a mixer grinder is its inability to grind a little quantity of ingredients. Like say, you want to grind a teaspoon of pepper or ginger-garlic paste for a single dish. To overcome this, Butterfly has brought out the smart grind and store jar. And it does a pretty neat job too.

The grinding efficiency of the mixer grinder is also fairly good. It makes batter, chutney, curry masala etc pretty well. You can dry grind spices too pretty well. 

Overall, it is a pretty decent mixer grinder you could get under Rs. 5000

Vidiem MG 581 A Vision Plus 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Vidiem is owned by Maya Appliances, who previously owned Preethi. They sold Preethi to Philips and have now ventured back into the kitchen appliance market with Vidiem.

Competitively priced and with excellent construction quality and design, Vidiem MG581A Vision Plus is a pretty good mixer grinder priced under Rs. 5000.

The mixer grinder comes with 4 jars. The smallest is a 400 ml chutney jar. Then you get a 1-litre multipurpose jar, 1.5-litre juicer jar and 1.5-litre wet grinding jar. All jars are made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids. The blades are made of 304-grade stainless steel.

It is worth mentioning that the chutney jar blades are zig-zag, which helps grind with better efficiency.

The grinding efficiency of the mixer grinder is quite top-notch. It handles all sorts of dry and wet ingredients with equal ease. 

Other than that it makes a really loud noise, there are hardly any complaints about the product.

Best Mixer Grinder Under Rs. 4000

Nowadays, you can get a 750-watt mixer grinder within Rs. 4000. They are fairly good in terms of performance. But, the build quality and durability wouldn’t be as good as one that costs Rs. 5000 plus. At this range, it is advisable to buy a mixer grinder with just 3 jars. Fancier options with 4 jars may be alluring. But are likely to lack the durability that a basic mixer grinder with 3 jars offers.

Out of the available options, our top recommendation is the Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder. It uses the same motor housing as the premium Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum. The difference lies only in the jars. You get three jars of sizes 400 ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litres. They are all made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids and have excellent build quality. The chutney jar also has a Flexi-lid to reduce the jar capacity for grinding a small quantity of ingredients. The grinding performance is also quite good.

Other options are-

Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W

Philips HL7756/00 is one of the best selling mixer grinders in India. It has a 750 watt motor and 3 jars.

The motor housing is elegant and compact. It has suction feet and an overload protection switch.

The jars have a capacity of 300 l, 1 litre and 1.5 litre. They are all made of stainless steel. The smaller ones have plastic lids, while the large wet grinding jar has a polycarbonate lid.

While most mixer grinders can be run for 30 minutes at a stretch, Philips HL7756 can run for just 25 minutes maximum, with 2 minute runtime and 5 minute breaks.

The grinding efficiency is fairly good for chutney, batter and milkshakes. You may be able to grind dry spices finely in the first 1-2 years. But after that, it is better not to risk it, as the coupler and blades could get loose. As the blades are not removable, you will have to get professional help if any problem occur.

Overall, considering the excellent pricing and fairly decent build quality and performance, it is an option worth considering.

 Usha Thunderbolt Mixer Grinder 800-Watt

Available in two colours, Usha Thunderbolt is a basic yet powerful mixer grinder that works fairly well. It may not be well suited for grinding hard spices like turmeric on a continuous basis. But, in terms of performance for day-to-day grinding chores, it does a pretty decent job.

The mixer grinder comes with 3 jars. The smallest is a 500 ml chutney jar, then a 1-litre multipurpose jar and 1.5-litre wet grinding jar. It is all made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids.

The blades are thick and what we really liked is that the chutney jar has 4 pronged blades for better grinding efficiency of even small quantities of ingredients.

The motor housing comes in stunning colours. They are compact and have vacuum suction feet and an overload protection switch underneath the base.

The grinding performance, as mentioned, is pretty good for day to day chores like making chutney, curry paste, ginger-garlic paste, batter, milkshakes etc. It is a tad noisy. But not uncomfortably high either.

Overall, it is a close second to Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond in terms of quality and performance.

Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Crompton’s entry into the kitchen appliance segment has been well-received by Indian consumers.

The Ameo 750 watt mixer grinder is basic, yet does a good job of grinding all types of ingredients. 

It comes with 3 jars- a 500 ml chutney jar, 1-litre multi-purpose jar and 1.5-litre wet grinding jar.

They all have stainless steel bodies and polycarbonate lids. The wet grinding jar has lid locks and is leak-proof too.

The grinding performance is fairly good. But it isn’t really ideal for heavy-duty grinding of dry spices on a regular basis. Also, it may not be as durable as options like Preethi.

A drawback however is that there are numerous cases of damaged products being delivered. So, take care to inspect thoroughly at the time of delivery. 

Bosch TrueMixx Joy Mixer Grinder 500 Watt

If you are looking for a mixer grinder for basic chores like making curry paste, chutney, milkshakes etc and don’t intend to make idli dosa batter or such heavy-duty grinding, then Bosch TrueMixx Joy would be an ideal choice for you.

It is compact and comes with an excellent build quality. So, you can be fairly assured of its durability.

The mixer grinder comes with 3 jars. They are – a 400 ml chutney jar, 800 ml dry grinding jar and 1-litre wet grinding jar. All jars are made of high-quality stainless steel with plastic lids.

While most of the premium models from Bosch come with lid lock, the TrueMixx Joy DOESNT.

Its grinding performance is decent with soft and medium-hard ingredients. Also, the jars are smaller than other options available in this price range.

Overall, it is an excellent option for those who use a mixer grinder just minimally for their cooking prep.

Best Mixer Grinder Under Rs. 3000

At a price of less than Rs. 3000, you can get basic 500-watt mixer grinders with 3 jars. They are just about average in terms of grinding efficiency, performance and durability. These mixer grinders are best suited for making chutney, curry paste, puree and such minor tasks. Even then, you can’t expect it to have a long life like Sujata, Preethi or Bosch.

Some of the options worth considering are-

Butterfly Jet Elite 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

With a 750 watt motor and 3 jars, Butterfly Jet Elite is one of the best selling mixer grinders available in the market. With compact housing in black, it looks stylish.

The smallest jar has 300 ml capacity, while the others have 800 ml and 1.2-litre capacity. They are made of stainless steel. The chutney jar and wet grinding jar has a polycarbonate lid, while the dry grinding jar has a plastic lid. This is actually better as plastic lids are less prone to getting permanently stained by spices.

The grinding performance is fairly good for soft spices, chutney, puree etc. But, it isn’t that great for hard spices.

The build quality is just about average. However, given the pricing, it is worth it.

PHILIPS HL7505/02 500W Mixer Grinder

Priced less than Rs. 3000, Philips HL7505/02 is powered by a 500 watt motor. It has 3 jars of sizes 330 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre. They are made of stainless steel with plastic lids and handles. They have 4 pronged stainless steel blades, which are not removable.

The grinding efficiency is fairly good for curry paste, chutney etc. But not for heavy-duty grinding. 

The build quality is just about average.

Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder

With almost 80% of the 23500+ users rating it 4 stars and above, Bajaj Rex is an option worth considering in this price range.

It comes with 3 jars of sizes 300 ml, 800 ml and 1.2 litres. They are all made of stainless steel with plastic lids.

The grinding efficiency is fairly good. You can even dry grind soft spices and make idili batter. But, it gets heated up badly and may affect product durability.

The build quality of the housing and stainless steel jars are above average. But the lids- not so much. The rubber gasket tends to get loose within a few months of use. So, if you don’t press down on the lid while grinding, it may leak and cause a mess.

Overall, considering the price, it is a good option for those who need a compact mixer grinder for occasional use.

Usha Colt Plus MG 3772 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

With a 750 watt motor and 3 jars, Usha Colt Plus is one of the few 750 watts mixer grinder available at this price range.

One of the advantages of the mixer grinder is that it has 4 pronged blades in all the jars for better grinding efficiency.

The jars measure 400 ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre in capacity. 

The grinding efficiency is decent. However, the build quality isn’t the best out there.

Best Mixer Grinder Under Rs. 2000

At a price less than Rs. 2000, you generally get a basic mixer grinder with 500 watts motor and 3 jars. These mixer grinders usually have stainless steel jars and plastic lids. As for performance, you can use it for grinding ginger-garlic paste, making curry paste, purees and milkshakes. They won’t do well with idli-dosa batter, dry grinding spices etc. As for durability, they are likely to last 2-3 years with proper care and maintenance. An advantage is that owing to low wattage, it is likely to make less noise than a 750-watt mixer grinder.

Solidaire 550-Watt Mixer Grinder 

Solidaire mixer grinder comes with a 550-watt motor and has 3 jars. The sizes are 400 ml, 1 litre and 1.2 litres. All jars have a stainless steel body. The smaller jars have plastic lids, while the largest one has a polycarbonate lid. Only the largest jar has a handle.

As it has four prong blades, the grinding efficiency is comparatively better. However, reviews about durability aren’t very favourable. 

Lifelong LLMG74 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Lifelong LLMG74 is one of the few options on the list with a 750-watt motor. It comes with 3 jars of sizes 250 ml, 800 ml and 1.25 litre.

All jars come with a stainless steel body and plastic lid. The build quality of the mixer grinder and the jars are just about average. 

Boss E-Series 550W Mixer Grinder 

Boss E-Series is a 550 watt mixer grinder with 3 jars. The smallest jar has a size of 500 ml, while the two larger ones have 1300 ml size.

An advantage is that the jars are comparatively larger. But, the disadvantage is that two of the jars don’t have handles.

Eveready Glowy Mixer Grinder

Equipped with a 500-watt motor, Eveready Glowy is one of the best selling mixer grinders at this price range. It comes with three jars of sizes 400ml, 800 ml and 1 litre. The smallest chutney jar has two-pronged blades with zigzag edges. The 800 ml jar has 4 pronged blades and the largest has 6 prong blades for better grinding efficiency.

The mixer grinder has fairly decent grinding efficiency. But its durability and product quality aren’t that great.

AmazonBasics 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

AmazonBasics comparatively sells better quality appliances at given pricing. Comparatively, its build quality and durability are better.

The unit comes with a compact motor housing and 3 jars. The smallest is 300 ml in size, while the others have 800 ml and 1.2 litres capacity.

Its grinding performance is above average and the build quality is comparatively better. So, if you are looking for a mixer grinder for occasional use, it could be a good choice to consider.


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      1. Which is the original Sumeet , there are many , which is the original ? can you please guide & give further information on the original Sumeet

  2. Preethi Zodiac 2.0 is an option that we really liked. But its too expensive. Is it really worth it?

    1. Yes, Preethi Zodiac ( https://amzn.to/2A682TT) is one of the expensive mixer grinders available in the market. But on the positive, it is quite a user-friendly mixer grinder. The pre-set functions like Batter, Chutney, Atta kneading allows you to fill the jar with ingredients, switch it on and then leave the mixie to handle its job. You can take care of other chores in the meanwhile. So, if you can afford, it is definitely one of the best options available in the market.

  3. We are confused between Preethi Zodiac and Bosch Truemixx. We are a South Indian family of 5 members. Which one do you suggest is better.

      1. The brand Summet is not manufactured by the same company mow. Today the compamy does not exst anymore. If you buy Sumeet today, they areall fakes, as the orignal manufacturer closed down 1 1/2 years ago.
        Can a guru tell me which is another brand which is the nearest in quality to the orignal Sumeet.

      2. Before Going for final but try once Vidiem ADC (Original manufacturer of Preethi Brand) AND you will love the new innovative excellent product….It’s a south indian company with base in chennai

  4. Will the middle jar of another mixie grinder fit onto a Prestige Delux mixie grinder? The jar and blade of the middle jar of the mixie grinder has been damaged. I bought this mixie grionder in India when I lived there.

    1. If you are using the jar on a Prestige base there is a possibility. But can’t say for sure… We have usually seen that locking system of individual brands are different.

  5. Whats your take on butterfly 750w mixer grinder? Found philips and bosch really loud. Vidiem seems to have a lot of positive reviews online.

    Iv been using butterfly desire for 10 years now. The jar lids are broken now and wanted to replace asap. Have been checking reviews in every possible website and with ppl I know. Not a fan of too many attachments.

    750w with/without juicer is what am looking for. Wouldn’t mind buying the ones with chopper/blender option only if There aren’t decent options available in my criteria. No budget constraint. Good build quality of both the machine and jars+ not too noisy options pls.

    1. Noise is a problem and it is very subjective too. Most of the 750 watts mixer grinders are noisy to an extend. Else, you have to opt for Philips Silent. But its 600 Watts. Butterfly Desire- we have the same opinion. The lid tends to break after just a few years. Vidiem is from the same company that launched Preethi though Philips has bought Preethi later. So, Vidiem does have good brand backing.

  6. Hi
    I saw a couple of reviews on youtube and also your website, great reviews by the way.
    I wanted to gift my mom a Mixer Grinder and was confused between two models.
    Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder and Preethi Zodiac 2.0 Mixer Grinder ( Not the 1.0 version)
    Could you please help and suggest me one of the two?
    I’m getting the Preethi one at 10,900 and the Hamilton Beach One for 19,998.
    I’m really confused and would love if you could reply me with a suggestion!!
    Budget is not an issue at all!!
    And if there’s any other model just like these please suggest!!
    One more model i liked was the Bosch Truemixx 1000W but i feel overall the Preethi was better than this but am confused between Preethi and Hamilton Beach as there are a lot of positives for the hamilton one!!

    Hope to receive a quick response


    1. B
      Hamilton also has very good grinding performance. But it’s blade tends to lose sharpness after a while. Pulsing rock salt can help a bit. Its also very loud. What we really loved is that it’s absolutely hands free. Preethi Zodiac 2.0 as you can see is comparatively less powerful with 750 watt motor, and is comparatively less noisy. It has preset functions like Hamilton. But as it doesn’t have lid lock, it’s not exactly hands-free. But with food processor and juicer attachment is more versatile.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for the blog, can you add the post sale service details, for the above mentioned products. It will be very helpful o have.

  8. Thanks for the post. Just wanted to know if we really need a 1000 watt mixer grinder for a regular home? Won’t 750 watt be enough? I think it would be less noisy too. Isn’t it?

    1. For a regular kitchen, 750 watt is enough. It can grind soft spices, make batter and take care of all usual chores without any problem. But, if you grind hard spices often, then its coupler and blades may get loose and be damaged. Heavy-duty options like Sujata Dynamix can be used for grinding turmeric more often. Also, it is very quick and has a better motor that lasts longer.

  9. Quite helpful post. Thanks a lot. Just wanted to know how is the aftersales service of Preethi? Not from local stores, but actual service centre

    1. Preethi offers 1-year guarantee on their products. So, if in case you have any problem, manufacturing defect etc, you can take it to the authorized service centre and they replace or repair without any charges. Even after this time period, they don’t take service charge, but only charges for the spares. Also the motor has 5 year warranty. They don’t have any door-step service, however.

  10. This was an excellent post. While most others simply compare the specifications without testing the product, you have actually gone through the pain of doing the tests and in-depth analysis of all products. This is much appreciated. Really useful and insightful.

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