8 Best Idli Makers in India

Idli is a popular breakfast and snack dish throughout India. Being a steamed food, it is a hit favourite with health buffs. Preparing it in your kitchen is easy and hassle-free, provided you have an idli-maker in your kitchen. 

If you are looking to add an idli-maker to your kitchen but are confused with the innumerable options in the market, this article is for you. We have rounded some of the best idli-makers available in the market based on their specifications, features, and customer reviews. Check them out!

Which Are The Best Idli Makers in India?

  1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadai with 6 plates
  2. iBELL Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Kadai with 2 idli Plate (8 Idli) and Steel Lid
  3. Alisha Stainless Steel Steamers & Idli Maker, Silver
  4. eKitchen Stainless Steel Multi Steamer Pot
  5. Prestige Classic Idli Cooker
  6. Butterfly Idli Cooker Set
  7. Subaa Stainless Steel Silver Idly Cooker
  8. Luxuria Idli Pot & Steamer

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Best Idli Makers in India

Amazon Brand – Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadai with 6 plates

Best Idli Makers in India - Amazon Brand - Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadai with 6 plates

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The first choice in our list is this fantastic idli maker from Amazon’s in-house brand, Solimo. 

Foremost, the shape of the idli-maker is that of a kadhai. It is crafted from high-quality, rust-proof, stainless steel in silver colour for better durability and efficiency. Its bottom is thick and comes with a high-gauge induction base that makes it suitable for all types of cooktops, including the induction cooktop.

The kadhai is of 30 cm neck diameter while the plates are of 27 cm diameter, which is reasonably standard. It gives you enough space to take out the plates once the idlis are steamed.  It is lightweight for easy usage and storage. 

The unit amount to a kadhai, two idli plates with seven cavities each, one mini idli plate with 21 cavities, two dhokla/momo plates, and one pathra plate. With them, you can do versatile steaming and prepare several kinds of steamed delicacies, including the idli. 

The Kadai and the plates have plastic handles to help you handle them easily when they are hot from steaming. The steel lid of the kadhai has a bakelite knob that we know as heatproof and makes handling the appliance easy while steaming. 

As it is made from steel, it is easy to clean it and maintain it. It is even dishwasher safe, thereby adding to your ease. 

On the flip side, few complaints of the steel being a little thinner than desired. A little sturdier build would not have hurt. The water capacity for steam is also on the lower side, causing an issue if you need to steam any food for longer than standard. 

Few customers complain of a plastic smell coming from the unit when the food and idlis are steamed. Taking its bottom plate out when hot can be a challenge because of the small space between the kadhai and the plates for manoeuvring. Given that, its pricing can be tagged at the higher side. 

All-in-all, it is a standard and versatile idli maker that will steam out perfect idlis and be your loyal kitchen partner. 

iBELL Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Kadai with 2 idli Plate (8 Idli) and Steel LidBest Idli Makers in India - iBELL Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Kadai with 2 idli Plate (8 Idli) and Steel Lid

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If you are looking for an exclusive idli maker for a small-sized family, then this idli maker from iBell would be an excellent choice for you. 

Foremost, it is also crafted from high-quality steel and boasts of an attractive design. It, too, has the shape of a kadhai and has a thick bottom that is compatible with most cooktops, including induction. 

It comes with two plates having four cavities each. Hence, you can prepare eight idlis at a time. It has a separate chamber for water that makes steaming easier. The handle of the kadhai is also made of steel, and the overall build is quite sturdy and thick. 

The upper idli plate has a bakelite knob for secure handling and taking it out. The kadhai is so sturdy that you can even use it for cooking purposes, thereby adding to the versatility of the utensil. Apart from idli, you can also steam dhoklas, dim sums, etc.  in it. 

Cleaning is easy with soap and water. You can even clean it in a dishwasher without any worry of damage. 

A standout feature of the appliance is the six-months warranty on it. Moreover, if you register the product within fifteen days of purchase, you can get an additional six-month warranty. It speaks about the reliability and durability of the appliance.

Looking on the flip side, the space between the two plates is also less. Customers complain of the idlis in the lower plate getting stuck on the bottom of the upper plate. The overall weight of the appliance is also on the heavier side. 

But given its unique warranty and cost-effective pricing, it is an ideal idli maker for a bachelor or a couple’s family. 

Alisha Stainless Steel Steamers & Idli Maker, Silver

Best Idli Makers in India - Alisha Stainless Steel Steamers & Idli Maker, Silver

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It is an excellent versatile idli maker with a premium finish that gives you value for money. 

Foremost, it has a unique, stylish design, crafted from high-quality steel. It’s a very compact unit and looks incredibly suave and elegant because of its mirror finish. It is lightweight and sturdy enough for daily use with little to no worry. Storage is also easy as it needs minimal space. 

The design and engineering of the product are such that the cooking time of the idlis is reduced. It has a thick gauge bottom and is also compatible with all cooktops, including the induction ones. 

All its handles are of steel and sturdy for prolonged usage and better grip.

It gives you 13 idlis at a time with its three idli plates. Apart from it, the appliance has a small idli plate with 18 crevices and a dhokla and steamer plate as well. 

The utensil is versatile, and you can cook and steam several dishes in it like dhokla, momos, idiyappam, etc. 

Cleaning the appliance is effortless, and it is dishwasher safe too.

On the flip side, you can want a little better design. Its handles are also not heatproof; that can be an issue. Given its price cost, any warranty on it would have been appreciated. 

Despite it, it is indeed a good idli maker that is earning its customers’ appreciation. It should be on your choice list. 

eKitchen Stainless Steel Multi Steamer Pot

Best Idli Makers in India - eKitchen Stainless Steel Multi Steamer Pot

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This idli maker from ekitchen is another useful item for you to consider for your kitchen. 

It, too, is constructed of high-quality steel and is aesthetically pleasing and attractive. The Bakelite handles and knobs make for heatproof handling. There is no fear of your hands getting burnt. 

Its outer body is in the shape of a pot, and the components include two idli plates, each with seven cavities, one mini-idli plate with twenty cavities, and one all-purpose steamer plate.

The idlis steamed out are medium and small size. 

It is easy to use and clean and is also dishwasher safe. You can use it on all types of cooktops, including induction. Its bottom is heavy gauge enough to be sturdy, reliable, and durable. 

On the flip side, it steel plates and pot might be thinner compared to other idli makers in the same price range. Few customers have complained of being able to use just one idli plate at a time for perfect idlis. There is also no warranty provided on the appliance. 

Nevertheless, it is an excellent choice and a good competitor to the other idli makers we have added to our list. 

Prestige Classic Idli Cooker

Prestige Classic Idli Cooker

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Prestige is a name that garners plenty of credibility and durability against its name. This idli maker is no exception and remains true to its brand name. 

Foremost, the idli maker is shaped like a pot and is crafted from stainless steel with a shiny finish. It has four plates, each with four crevices to give you sixteen idlis at a single go. 

All its handles are of stainless steel and sturdy. Hence, they provide you with a good grip. Its lid has a whistle that lets off steam. You can easily use the idli maker on all types of cooktops. Cleaning and maintenance are like all idli makers above. 

On the flip side, you miss other types of plates like the steamer and the flat plate. It just has the idli plates. The steel and the bottom could have been thicker and sturdier. Given that, the price of the idli maker is a little high. 

But it is an idli maker with a prestigious name attached to it and will not disappoint you. 

Butterfly Idli Cooker Set

Butterfly Idli Cooker Set

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This is another good quality idly maker that you would love to add to your kitchen.  Like most of our choices, this one is also made of heavy gauge stainless steel and has a heavy base. Hence you can use it with all types of gas tops, including the induction. 

Its shape is can-like and has a bright mirror polish that gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. It has six plates with four crevices each to give you 24 medium-sized idlis at one go. Thus, this set can easily cater to the middle to large families. 

It has bakelite handles that are sturdy and heatproof to let you work with no worries. Its lid also has a whistle for occasionally releasing pressure.  Cleaning the appliance is easy and dishwasher safe. 

While its construction is sturdy and robust, it lacks versatility as it does not have the mini idli plate, steamer plate and other plates as in many other idli makers. Few customers complain of its lid coming out due to the force of the steam pressure. Hence, a little precaution is recommended. It also lacks any warranty. 

Given its relatively high price but rust-proof and sturdy build, it is an excellent choice to add to your kitchen. 

Subaa Stainless Steel Silver Idly Cooker

Subaa Stainless Steel Silver Idly Cooker

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Finally, on our list is this brand new idli maker from the house of Subaa, a new brand. 

It is made of rust-proof, high-grade stainless steel with a mirror finish and flaunts of a dynamic and compact design that reduces your time of steaming the idlis. 

It has three plates and lets you prepare versatile dishes like dhokla, appam, momos, and other steamed food. Its thick base and sturdy build give it reliability and durability. The appliance is compatible with induction and other cooktops. 

All its handles are made of steel and are sturdy for a firm grip. You can store it easily. Cleaning is also easy and dishwasher safe.  

The idli maker is new and is yet to have any customer reviews. But its look, design, build, etc. is impressive and comparable to most other idli makers we have talked about. 

The only flaw evident is the lack of heatproof handles or lack of any warranty. But given its reasonable pricing, it earns its place on our list of preferred idli makers. 

Luxuria Idli Pot & Steamer

Luxuria Idli Pot & Steamer

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If you are looking for a compact idli maker suitable for a 3-5 member family, then this option would be right for you. You can make 21 idlis at a go using 3 plates.

The idli plates and the pot are made of high quality stainless steel that is rust-proof. They have bakelite handles that are heat resistant. The lid closes the pot to allow the steam to escape smoothly, but still is tight that it doesn’t pop up due to pressure. It is induction compatible too.

The pot has a fairly thick base that allows even heating. Even so, it is advisable to pour a bit of excess water to avoid the base getting burnt.

Along with the idli maker, you get a steamer plate and a mini idli plate too. As there is sufficient gap between the plates, you can also make idiyappam with this idli maker.But at a time, you can keep only 3 plates in the idli pot.

Talking about the drawbacks, the idli pits have small holes. So it could be a bit messy if the batter is runny. But that wouldn’t be a problem for pro idli makers.

Wrapping up 

There is no shortage of choice if you try to look for idli makers. We hope that we have made your choice easy with our chosen list. Do get back to us for any comments, suggestions, or feedback. Till then, enjoy your steaming idlis with any of the idli makers. 


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