Best Copper Water Bottles

Best Copper Water Bottles

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Of late, copper bottles have taken the Indian market by storm. A primary reason for this is the ayurvedic touted health benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel. This therapeutic water is famous as Tamra Jal in Sanskrit. 

Given the innumerable copper bottles available today, it can be daunting to select the best one. We list out a few copper bottles that you can consider purchasing with complete trust.

Which Are The Best Copper Water Bottles?

  1. Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle, 920 ml Copper
  2. Prestige TATTVA Copper Bottle TCB 01-950 ml
  3. TAGOTT Apsara Copper Water Bottle
  4. COPPERTOWN Leak Proof Copper Bottles
  5. Ayurveda Copper Copper Water Bottle
  6. Springway- Neer Pure Copper Water Bottle
  7. Home Shastra Multicolour Designer Printed 100% Pure Copper Bottle
  8. UDDHAV GOLD Mat Finish Copper Water Bottle

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Care of Copper Bottles

Before we go into the detailed review of the best copper bottles, it needs to be pointed out that they stain and tend to get dark over time due to oxidation. For health benefits, they cannot be given any toxic lacquer coatings. For same reasons, we should use a copper bottle strictly for plain water and not for any other beverages or juices. 

To clean the outside of the copper bottle, you can take half a lemon, dip it in salt and rub it on the outside of the bottle. Squeeze lemon slowly so that the juice comes out while scrubbing gently. Rinse well in water to have a shiny surface. 

To clean the insides, pour the juice of half a lemon, half a cup of water and one tablespoon of salt. Now close the lid and shake the mixture thoroughly for a couple of minutes. Pour the mixture out and rinse the bottle well. It would be shining both inside and outside. 

You can also use vinegar in place of lemon juice and baking soda instead of salt. You would get the same results. 

You must also always wash a new copper bottle thoroughly at home before use.

Best Copper Bottles In India

Now, let’s look at some of the best copper bottles that you can consider buying.

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle, 920 ml Copper

Best Copper Water Bottle

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In India, Milton is a brand associated with superior quality of water bottles, flasks and thermoware utensils. This copper water bottle also flaunts an exceptionally superior quality and performance. 

Crafted from 99.9% copper, the bottle flaunts a curved sleek, slim, ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle and carry the bottle anywhere. In copper brown colour, it has a plain exterior and leak-proof ring cap. The mouth is sufficiently wide for easy filling and cleaning.

The bottle’s capacity is 920 ml that is sufficient to last while on a picnic, gym or anywhere on the go and at home. It is lightweight at 295g and can be carried around effortlessly. 

The purity of the copper flaunts anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties. Filling the bottle overnight and drinking the water on an empty stomach in the morning will help you boost digestion, neutralize toxins, eliminate free radicals, and prevent and reduce obesity and cholesterol. 

Cleaning and maintaining the bottle is easy and should be done like we had stated. 

On the flip side, its cap squeaks because of its ring-like closing. Few customers also complain of the bottle leaking. 

But with an average customer satisfaction score of close to 80%, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and reasonable pricing of below Rs.800; it’s an excellent copper bottle to consider. 

Prestige TATTVA Copper Bottle TCB 01-950 ml

Best Copper Water Bottle

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Prestige is another reputable brand in the home appliances and accessories segment that needs no introduction. This copper bottle under its Tattva flag, too, does not disappoint. 

Crafted from pure copper, the bottle flaunts a smooth and glossy exterior surface in a reddish-brown colour. It has a straight ergonomic design and easy to carry around despite its weight being on the heavier side of 500 grams.

It has a sealed cap with a silicone seal to make the bottle leakproof. It makes carrying the bottle more manageable and secure. 

The capacity of the bottle is 950 ml, slightly more than our previous choice.

Cleaning and maintaining the bottle remains standard and easy. 

The bottle comes with just a 15-day manufacturer warranty, which can be disappointing for many. 

On the flip side, the bottle is vulnerable to scratches and dents despite being durable. Its pricing is also higher compared to many other similar-sized copper bottles.

But given its excellent customer rating of more than 80% and the trustworthiness of the brand, it’s a copper bottle packed with plenty of health benefits and high on aesthetic appeal.

TAGOTT Apsara Copper Water Bottle

Best Copper Water Bottle

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If you are looking for a genuine copper bottle, high on style, you must look into this copper bottle from TAGOTT.

Foremost, the bottle is handcrafted, and its beautiful ergonomic design is bound to grab eye-balls. The entire body is joint-free and has a curved and slim design for easy portability. It is lightweight at just 327 grams.

Its outer surface has a beautiful wood brown color, dual lacquer coating for extra shine and gloss, and an embossed brand logo.  Cumulatively, it creates a style quotient that anybody would love to flaunt at gym, offices, or similar places. 

The bottle has a reasonably wide mouth and a cap with tightly fitted plastic and deeply embedded silicone ring. Hence, the bottle is leakproof and safe against any spillage. Moreover, it does not make any squeaky sound. 

The bottle has a capacity of 1000 ml, the best available in the market. 

The bottle comes with instructions on maintaining its interiors and exteriors and is easy to execute. 

The brand offers excellent customer service and offers free replacement against any manufacturing defects within the first month. 

There is barely any complaint against this bottle. The only thing you can rue is its expensive price tag, but its quality completely justifies it. 

All-in-all, this premium and trendy looking pure copper durable bottle is excellent for personal use as well as gifting purposes. 

COPPERTOWN Leak Proof Copper Bottles

Best Copper Water Bottle

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If you are looking for highly stylish and affordable copper bottles, you cannot miss this set of copper bottles from Coppertown. 

Foremost it is a pair of bottles set with which you get two glasses, free. The exterior color is a standard copper hue, but its aesthetic appeal goes notches higher with beautiful peacock print.

Due to the lacquer coating, the exterior does not blacken due to oxidation. The bottle has a 1000 ml capacity while the glasses are of 250 ml capacity. Being lightweight, they ae convenient to carry around. 

The quality is excellent and is durable and reliable. The pricing is stellar as you get two copper bottles and two glasses in less than Rs. 950. 

With almost negligible complaints and a high customer satisfaction score of 86%, you cannot go wrong with this choice. 

Ayurveda Copper Copper Water Bottle

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Next on our list is another excellent copper bottle from Ayurveda. 

The bottle is crafted from 99.9% copper and has a capacity of 1000 ml. Lightweight at 220 grams, it is easy to carry just about anywhere. 

What attracts you to this bottle is beautiful modern art in vibrant colors on the exterior of the bottle. You have several choices of colors and prints to choose from. With a lacquer coating, the printing is waterproof and lasts for quite a long time. 

Cleaning and maintenance of the bottle instructions come with the bottle and is almost standard. The bottle is leakproof. 

On the flip side, the bottle has a crock type cap, which is often cumbersome to close and open. The bottle also scratches and dulls easily. Few users have complained of an inferior copper quality. 

Overall, with an extremely reasonable pricing and 80 percent customer satisfaction rating, it is a copper bottle that you will not regret buying. 

Springway- Neer Pure Copper Water Bottle

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Another excellent choice is the copper bottle from Springway. 

The bottle is made from pure copper and flaunts a stylish, sleek, and modern looking design. It is lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to handle and carry around. 

A delightful feature of this copper bottle is the availability of design and capacity range. Its capacity varies from 750 ml to 1000 ml while its design versatility ranges from classic to sporty. You can easily pick the best fit for yourself. 

Its cap has a silicon washer that makes the bottle leak-proof and easy to carry around. The bottle is joint-free and thus is significantly sturdy and durable.

The only worthwhile complaint against the bottle is its slightly higher price tag That varies from 500 to 800 rupees. 

All-in-all, you get impressive variation and choices here to get the perfect bottle. It is a bottle worth considering, given its 80% customer satisfaction score. 

Home Shastra Multicolour Designer Printed 100% Pure Copper Bottle

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It is another one-liter capacity water bottle that will impress your aesthetic side and bring you several health benefits. 

The bottle boasts a modern and contemporary design with a lacquer coat to make the prints last long. At around 490 grams, the bottle is on the heavier side, and thus carrying it around might need discretion. 

Bottle is crafted from hundred percent copper, and its cap has a plastic interior and leakproof design. 

The cleaning and maintenance are standard. The wide mouth makes it convenient to clean, pour, and take-out water. 

On the flip side, many complaints of the bottle being not leak-proof. Its printed design also comes off fast and makes the bottle look odd. Given that, its pricing is way higher than many other available bottles in the market. 

With a customer satisfaction score of 76 percent, the bottle will serve its purpose and is worth considering. 

UDDHAV GOLD Mat Finish Copper Water Bottle

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The bottle is manufactured from pure copper, lacks any joints, and look elegant and attractive in a matt finish. Lightweight at 281 grams, it is safe and effortless to carry around. 

The bottle’s mouth is reasonably wide for easy usage. Its screw like cap is sufficiently tight with a silicone washer and does not cause any leakage or spillage. The bottle is both rust-proof and dirt-proof to take its health factors a notch higher. 

The bottle has a 1000 ml capacity, which is sufficient. 

Cleaning and maintenance are standard. 

On the flip side, the bottle is vulnerable to scratches and getting dull. The cap also makes a squeaking sound when opened or closed. Given that, its price tag is on the expensive side. 

But with a customer satisfaction score of 76%, you will never regret buying this copper water bottle. 

Wrapping up 

Given the health benefits and immunity-boosting properties, the growing trend of the copper bottle looks justified amidst the covid pandemic. We hope to have given you enough choices to help you grab a copper bottle within your budget. 

Do get back to us for any suggestions, feedback, or inquiries. 

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