10 Amazing Cleaning supplies For The “Monica” In You

At my home, it is my husband’s duty to clean the floor. Needless to say, he hates it. But once we bought a new vacuum cleaner, it became a lot more tolerable chore for him. In fact, sometimes I feel that he is looking forward to it.

Having practical and time-saving cleaning supplies make the chores fun and enjoyable. So here we have rounded up some such cleaning supplies that are affordable and useful.

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Window Cleaner With Magnet

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It’s easy to clean the side of the window inside your home. But the dirt outside remains. With this double sponge connected with a magnet, you can clean both sides of the window easily. Just that you may have to soak the sponge in a strong cleaning liquid.

Dish Soap Dispenser

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Sinks are always messy. But you don’t have to add to it with an unkempt sponge and bowl with the dishwashing liquid. Just fill in this dispenser with diluted soap and press gently to dispense just the right quantity right into the sponge. No more wastage! No more mess!

Flathead Mop

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Easy to clean, easy to dry, this flathead mop will make every other mop look primitive. The super micro-absorbent fabric leaves less water stain. Further, the thin head makes it easy to access under the furniture, making it an excellent option for every home.

Microfibre Duster

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Experts say you should always start cleaning from the top. So where else to start than your fan. This microfibre Duster that is highly rated by the users come with a pole long enough to reach fans, AC vents and even clean cobwebs in the ceiling.

Faucet Drain Rack

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Your wet kitchen sponge can harbour harmful bacteria. And the solution is to squeeze it and keep it dry. This universal sponge drying rack can be hung on the faucet and has enough space for your dish cleaning liquid, brush and keep your sponges dry.

Soap Dispenser Kitchen Brush

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For some stubborn stains, a sponge won’t cut it. You need a stronger brush with an angled handle that gives enough leverage to apply sufficient pressure to clean. This kitchen brush has just that and also a soap dispenser, plastic and sponge heads, making it a versatile must-have cleaning tool.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

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If you are a hands-on cleaner who don’t like to drag along a bulky vacuum cleaner, then a cordless vacuum cleaner is what you need. If options from Dyson are way too expensive for you, then check out a less expensive option from Eufy that is lightweight and with versatile attachments. It has a maximum run time of 40 minutes, which is fairly sufficient for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Double Head Cleaning Brush

best cleaning supplies

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Cleaning blinds, ac vents is much easier when you have the right tools. This brush comes with a microfibre head on one side and plastic bristles on the other, making it a multifunctional cleaning tool for your home and car.

Avance Kitchen Chimney Stain Remover

best cleaning supplies

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If you left your chimney filter unattended for a really long or if you burnt your stainless steel cookware bad, then this efficient stain remover will clean up the stubborn grease in no time. Being strong and pungent do take sufficient precautions to protect your skin and avoid breathing its fumes. 

Silicone Dishwashing Gloves

best cleaning supplies

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Soft, flexible and durable, the silicone gloves are a versatile option to clean dishes, bathroom and other hard to reach surfaces. Moreover, your furry friends too will love it when they need a good scratch in the belly!

So which of these cleaning tools did you like? Let us know in the comments if you have any other favourites!


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