Garden the Right Way With Akshay of The Right Gardening

Garden the Right Way With Akshay of The Right Gardening

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An avid gardener, vlogger, entrepreneur, Akshay dons many hats with ease. From learning about how to sow your first seed to the right technique for harvesting, his blog offers a plethora of information to guide a new gardener. In this interview, he talks about his blog, his passion for gardening and his aspirations for the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Akshay Chugh and I’m a marketer by profession and a gardener by passion. You can take me as your friendly neighbour who always has something interesting to share with you. So who am I?

A marketer who is currently settled in New Delhi, India.
An obsessive organic gardener. I am a serious promoter of organic gardening.
A strong believer. I believe together as a community we can make a difference.
A loyal friend. I am all ears to people who visit my website or YouTube channel. I respond to the comments and look forward to learning something new from my readers.

How did you discover your passion for gardening?

It was back in the year 2017 when I discovered my love for gardening. I always liked building things and gardening is all about building something plain and simple. It gave me a sense of accomplishment when I saw everything in my garden come together. Every morning, when I look at my garden, I know I have something to admire all spring, summer and fall.

What did you first plant?

My first ever plants were Ferns (all ferns). Ferns are great for a beginner gardener. I would rate them as plants with medium difficulty when it comes to growing and caring for them. They can teach you a lot about soil composition, what fertilizers should be used and how the location really impacts the growth of your plant.

Any gardening fails that you encountered and would like to share with our readers?

The one I still remember is failing to weed my Rose plant. The weeds were so deep-rooted and strong, it actually killed my Rose plant. Make sure you have a schedule to pull the weeds out of your garden or they will eventually consume all the energy available in the soil.

You seem to be really passionate about organic gardening. Is it really practical for a city dweller to grow their food given space and time constraints?

I’m a serious promoter of organic gardening because it makes your soil healthy in the long run. Synthetic fertilizers can help you bring quick results but they will degrade the quality of your soil in the long run. The salt buildup is one of the issues when you use too much of synthetic fertilizers. City dwellers can take up a lot of waste from their kitchen and can actually turn them into quick and free fertilizer. For example eggshells (which we all usually throw away) are a great source of calcium for your plant and calcium is one of those nutrients which actually helps in absorption of all the other essential nutrients.

Also, you can use banana peels because they are rich in Potassium and can help boost the growth of your flowering plants. All the non-plastic waste which usually goes to your dustbin can be turned into free organic fertilizer.

Though many people venture into gardening enthusiastically, they get disheartened when things don’t go as expected, like if flowers don’t bloom or vegetables don’t grow as expected or say some pests attack their plants. Do you have any tips to motivate them to not give up?

Never ever lose hope. As a popular saying goes, there are no mistakes in gardening. Only experiments. Even if your plants are not growing or bearing fruits and flowers, keep learning and try new things. In my opinion, you should always check three things. Sun, water and fertilizer. When these three schedules are sorted, your plant can show you amazing results.

What are your future plans for your garden as well as your blog and YouTube channel?

I’m planning to develop a forum for all the gardening enthusiasts, where they can drop in their questions and the community will answer them. The first step to this is my Facebook page which is now 4700 people strong and growing. The response has been overwhelming and I’m very excited to connect with more people to collaborate.

You can also follow Akshay on his YouTube Channel.

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