8 Best Pressure Washer in India

8 Best Pressure Washer in India

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Pressure washers were once strictly an industrial appliance but they have today reinvented themselves as a popular domestic appliance as well. Whether you need to clean your car, garage, window panes, tiled driveway, or even your garden, pressure washers are your outdoor vacuum cleaner counterpart to keep any outdoor space and equipment shining clean.

Emerging as an efficient and cost-effective appliance, they make use of high-pressure water sprays to clean the toughest of stains and dirt of the exteriors of your house. However, you need to choose this powerful cleaning equipment with extreme care for fruitful and safe results. Here, we would look into some important tips to heed to while selecting the best pressure washer for your needs and then look at some of the top recommended models available in the market today.

Best Pressure Washers in India

Based on our intensive research, we now list down a few of the best pressure washers available in the market today.

AllExtreme EXW3112 Electric Power Heavy Duty Car Washer Pressure Sprayer Cleaner


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A multi-national company, AllExtreme is a brand reputed for offering cost-effective products with innovative designs. This electric power washer packs the brand’s punch and is an ideal choice for you if your home cleaning needs vary from light to heavy duty.

Its motor is quite powerful and can generate a maximum water pressure of 1450 PSI at 300L/Hr. This power is enough to remove tough dirt from your  cars and bicycle, and moderate cleaning of your  outdoor furniture, driveways, patio etc.
Now if you want a more powerful machine to clean tougher dirt and grim, you can opt for the one with pressure of 2030 PSI.

The AllExtreme Pressure Washer has a detergent tank as well as a sprayer accessory which makes your cleaning faster and more efficient. Another big advantage of this machine is that it is self-priming ( can draw water from pressureless water source) and utilizes very little water to bring about sparkling cleanliness. The blast of the sprayer is such that you need just one big bucket of water to clean the body of a large SUV.

Despite the power, the machine is relatively quieter in operation compared to most other similar pressure washers available in the market today. It also comes with plenty of accessories like an adjustable wand, extension pipe, a pressure gun with its four supporting accessories and pressure washer sprayer along with soap dispenser. It also comes with a manual to help you use the equipment properly.

The machine is small enough for easy portability around the house. Being efficient, it saves big on both water consumption and your electricity bills. The price is also affordable.

The only con you can attach to the machine is the lack of a washing brusher.
Even though it comes with just a year of manufacturer’s warranty, you can be confident of the machine lasting you for years and keeping your car and outdoors pristine. It is a machine that you will not be able to help but recommend to others.

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Bosch Easy Aquatak 110 1300-Watt High-Pressure Washer 


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This is another portable and sleekly designed versatile pressure washer from Bosch which is a terrific alternative choice to our first pick. With a slightly high price tag, it gives you plenty of added advantages.

Foremost, it is smartly designed with a broad base which making storage easy as well as enhances its stability. Despite being lightweight and portable, this nifty pressure washer is a mighty beast at home cleaning.

It has a 1300 W motor which generates an amazing water pressure up to 110 Bars ( 1595 PSI). The unit can be easily used from the moment you unpack it. Like the AllExtreme model, it is also self-priming and saves you big on both water and electricity bills.

The machine comes with a plethora of nozzles and accessories like high-pressure detergent nozzle for cleaning using soap; high pressure gun as well as nozzle; lance, variable fan jet nozzle for effortless cleaning of large areas like the driveway; rotary nozzle for deep cleaning, water filter and a user manual for correct and optimum usage of the equipment.

Its handles are quite ergonomic and make handling the equipment less strenuous than its comparable counterparts. It is ideal to fulfill all home cleaning requirements of a small to a medium-sized house.

The only thing you can complain about is a mere six months manufacturer’s warranty and slightly short hose length. Some users also remark that the nozzle attachments flying off during pressure washing.

Compared to previous model, it is slightly noisy. Despite all of this, with easy maintenance and verified durability, you can never go wrong with this choice.

If you want a more powerful pressure washer, you could opt for the Bosch Aquatak 125 with 1500 Watt motor and 125 bar pressure.

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Karcher K 2 Basic OJ High Pressure Washer


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Ideal for occasional use; this machine from Karcher is a great choice if car cleaning and light cleaning of your house is your prime objective.

Crafted from German technology, its motor consumes 1400 watts of power to deliver water pressure of a maximum of 110 Bar (1595 PSI). This entry-level model has power sufficient to wash your patio, car, furniture and to blow away the tough stains and dust from most surfaces.

Since it is a basic model, you get only the high-pressure gun with it. It packs minimal basic accessories like the trigger gun, hose pipe and a dirt blaster. If you desire a soap wash or a 360-degree wash, you would need to purchase accessories separately. You might also need to purchase an extension pipe as its hose-pipe length is shorter than desired ( only 3 metre).

The equipment comes with a one-year warranty. However, the unit with its pricing close to the AllExtreme model does fall in the expensive category when the features and accessories are compared. But it is still a machine worth investing if light cleaning is what you need.

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StarQ High Pressure Washer Cleaner W2 1800 Watts/ 100-120 Bar 


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This pressure washer is another choice that would please you with its features and cleaning capacity.

Its motor consumes the highest power discussed so far of 1800 watts but it still gives you great energy savings. This is because of its induction motor having copper windings and auto start/stop feature.

The design of the equipment is stylish, ergonomic and portable for both easy usage and convenient storage. With a maximum water jet pressure of 120 bars ( 1750 PSI), the machine is powerful and versatile for your numerous cleaning needs. Vehicle cleaning, road cleaning, walls and window cleaning, driveways, patio and even your AC can be cleaned by this machine effortlessly. You can even water your garden with it.

A self-priming model, its water consumption is also low. The machine is comparatively less noisy, thanks to its powerful pump.
It comes with inlet and outlet pipe, washer, adapter and other basic accessories. However, it lacks the foam dispenser at present which the manufacturer promises to add soon.

On the flip side, many complain of its hose pipe as being short of desired length.
Given the one-year warranty on the product, gigantic cleaning capability and extremely cost-effective pricing, this power washer is a killer deal and best value for money for any buyer.

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American Micronic-AMI- PW1- 1500WDx- Imported 120 Bar, 1500 Watts Pressure Washer (Red/Black)


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American Micronic is a reputed and trusted brand in the niche of vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. The quality and efficiency of this machine make your cleaning time effortless and minimum possible duration.

The machine has a fantastic space-saving ergonomic design. With wheels and folding ergonomic handles, moving the machine is a child’s play. The fittings of the machine offer hassle-free mechanism and thus saves plenty of time while cleaning.

Its 1500 W powerful motor generates a maximum of 120 bars of pressure ( 1750 PSI) with a superb flow of 390l/hr. The nozzles are innovatively designed and angled such that you can wash your car in less than ten minutes. The motor has the auto-stop system which along with the IPX5 water protection class, helps save both on water and power consumption. It also helps increase the lifespan of the motor by protecting it from damages arising from power fluctuations and frequent cuts. Yet another advantage is that it can use water up to maximum temperature of 50 degree celsius.

Even though the machine comes with all standard user manual and accessories like spray gun and other accessories, most consumers have complained of the soap dispenser missing and getting it only after complaining about it to the manufacturer. The length of 5m of the hose is also found to be small by about three to four meters.

However, the cleaning power of the machine has been consistently found superior to most brands even though it is comparatively noisier in operation. A reasonably priced unit, it effectively covers its flaws with its superior quality and performance, making it an ideal choice for residential cleaning needs.

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Bosch AQT 35-12 1500-Watt Home and Car Washer (Green, Black and Red)



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A machine with beastly washing powers, the Bosch AQT 35-12 power washer is a bestseller on most leading online e-commerce sites.

Turning all your outdoor cleaning chore a fun activity, this Bosch pressure washer not only has a space-saving design but its running rubber wheels makes it easily portable equipment to clean all outdoors and even indoor spaces like the bathroom or kitchen floors.

With a flow rate of 350l/hr.; its intensively powerful 1500W motor creates a maximum pressure of 120 bars ( around 1750 PSI). With its fast connect accessories in its integrated accessories holder and three-in-one nozzle, you get everything at your fingertips and can easily direct the force to unreachable areas like crevices effortlessly for a professional looking cleaning experience.

The 5 meters length of power cable and the hose enhances your maneuverability such that even hard to reach places like crevices shine like new.

Equipped with a powerful gun, soap dispenser and all necessary accessories considered standard in a premium model, the pressure washer is capable of taking care of both your light and heavy cleaning needs including the tough stains of a BBQ.

On the flip side, the machine is noisy in operation and does not self-prime ( you might need a self-priming attachment for the same). You also miss the tap attachment with the kitty. Given its expensive price tag, you rue the six-month warranty provided by the manufacturer. But the perfect cleaning assistant that it proves itself; you can only tag yourself smart for investing your money into it.

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StarQ XNT W1 High Pressure Washer Induction Motor with Rubber Hose Pipe 1500 Watts (100Bar)

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We couldn’t help but mention another pressure washer from the StarQ XNT brand. The machine is a lighter version of the model discussed above and is awesome for occasional use and light cleaning needs.

Its 1500W motor oozes out a water pressure of 100 bars( 1450 PSI) which is adequate for any light cleaning job. Its induction motor, auto-stop feature and all specifications are similar to the StarQ W2 model. With a one-year warranty, it is the best budget buy for occasional but versatile cleaning needs.

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Karcher K2.360 1400Watt High Pressure Home and Car Washer with Wheels


best pressure washer India

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The pressure washer is the machine to opt for to take care of your intermittent cleaning needs and all those annoying jobs that you have been procrastinating.

Redesigned into a sleeker and streamlined model, its wheels and telescopic handle allows easy mobility. It even has an onboard storage compartment to store all parts and accessories. Using just 1400 Watt power, its motor can generate a water pressure of maximum 120 bars ( 1750 PSI).

The effect resilient plastic body plays a significant role in protecting the motor and the nozzle for enhanced durability. Additionally, there is a safety valve blocks any pressure load on the machine by automatically turning the motor on/off.

It has a detergent injector system which can clean areas with soap even with a low-pressure force. It comes with standard accessories but you might need to buy few others if deep cleaning is what you might fancy in the future. Its gun is quite ergonomic and makes cleaning a hassle-free activity for you.

Overall, it is an improved version of the basic model we discussed above but is a terrific buy at just under Rs. 10,000. Its one-year warranty leaves you no room for complaint. Whether it is your roof, garden, lawn furniture, wall or your vehicle; cleaning is the fastest and easiest job with this machine.

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How To Select The Right Pressure Washer For Your Needs

Hailed as the powerful reincarnation of your garden hose, the pressure washer needs some thoughtful considerations to demonstrate its true power. They are:

Know Your Cleaning Goals

Before you even look into pressure washers, it is important to get a clear idea of the objects and places that you intend cleaning with it. It could be your garden walkway, patio, car or even your BBQ and kitchen grills. Whether it is the tough oil stains or the grease marks, pressure washers are one powerful jet can decimate dirt like they were never present.

But the pressure washer for washing your car may vary from that used to clean your garden or patio stains and grime. Being available as light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty, you need to know which one to choose.
To make things simpler, it is best to use for heavy duty option as it fits most home uses.

Water Pressure

Water pressure of your normal pipe is about 40-45 PSI ( Pounds per Square Inch). Depending on your requirement, you need to buy a pressure washer with the right PSI so that it doesn’t cause any damages.
For cleaning your car, ideally, you need a pressure washer with about 1200 PSI and not more than 1900 PSI, lest it damages your car paint.
For cleaning concrete driveway, you need a pressure washer with about 3000 PSI water pressure.
To be on the safer side and to prevent any damages to your car or your other assets, it is ideal to opt for a pressure washer with less than 2000 PSI.

Types of Pressure Washers

The next decision to make is the type of pressure washer you need to opt for. Basically, there are two types of pressure washers: – Gas pressure washers and the electric pressure washers.

Gas Pressure Washers

As the name suggests, these operate exclusively on gas. Capable of delivering high-pressure water, they can clean quickly large areas like your driveway, garden patio etc. efficiently with no use of harsh chemicals. Because their metallic nozzles are set at a wider angle, they can remove even tough gunk and grime like grease stains, tree sap, chewing gum etc. over a large area effortlessly.

On the flip side, they are quite noisy in operation and bulky and heavy in weight. They also tend to emit plenty of fumes and gets heated up quickly which raises the risk of explosion and various other hazards. During winter, they tend to freeze and thus its pumps need anti-freeze in cold climates.

Available in light, medium and heavy models, these are awesome for cleaning outdoor areas like the garage, pave ways, driveways etc. but must be handled with great precaution and safety measures. These are also comparatively expensive.

Electric Pressure Washers

A relatively light and portable model, these are ideal for small patios, decks, outdoor furniture and even indoor cleaning. With no exhaust emissions and comparatively silent operation, these are more effective at cleaning and removing light stain removals.

Because they are lighter and smaller in size, they can be easily stored indoors. They are quite easy to start and stop and are not as risky as gas pressure washers. They are also easier to maintain and upkeep.

On the flip side, their cleaning power and area span is far less than their gas versions. Their cleaning time is also longer as their nozzles are made of plastic instead of metal and lack the wide angles of the gas versions. Because it has more plastic parts, they often need more replacements.

With only the risk of electrical shocks and general safety hazards, these are ideal for cleaning your bikes, cars etc. They are also more affordable and can easily be transported from one place to another as per your convenience.  Overall, electric pressure washers are better option for domestic uses.


Pressure washers are all about nozzles. Located at the tip of the pressure washer wand, they control the angle and the focused intensity of the water jet that brings about the cleaning. Various brands offer many different types of nozzles. Some have all-in-one nozzles which can be adjusted to get varying water force. Others offer a set of color-coded interchangeable nozzles.

Obviously adjustable ones are far more convenient than the replaceable ones.

best pressure washer India


The water is forced out of the pressure washer with the help of an inbuilt pump. There are three types of pumps which can be found in a pressure washer.

    • Wobble Pumps-The cheapest and the weakest pump, this is found in entry-level pressure washers. These do not last long and need regular replacements.
    • Axial Pump- Hailed as the mid-range pumps, this is normally present in mid-range pressure washers. Their life span is double to three times that of the wobble pressure.
    • Triplex Pumps- These are the most sturdy, durable and the most powerful pumps. They are an integral part of all mighty power washers.


The power of the pump measured in Watts is induced by a motor in the pressure washer. Like the pump, even the motors are of three varieties.

    • Universal Motor- The cheapest of all, they are lightweight and produce power that is sufficient for light cleaning jobs.Obviously, they are found in light-duty pressure washers.
    • Induction Motor- Found in both medium and heavy-duty pressure washers, they are both powerful and durable. They are quite capable of providing a powerful cleaning impact on a regular basis for a long time.
    • Water Cooled Motor- It is the most reliable, powerful and the most expensive motors available in the market today.


The material, length as well as the connection type of hose varies with the pressure washers. Plastic hoses are most common but a polyurethane hose is recommended as it offers you better flexibility and durability.

The length of the hose should be an important consideration to avoid any hassle while using the equipment. The standard length recommended is at least 50 ft but it can vary depending on the space that you wish to clean.

Its diameter decides its flow rate. You must always ascertain that its flow rate matches with that of your pressure washer for best results.

Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate is the factor that determines the duration for which the water in the tank lasts. You should have a device whose flow rate is sufficient to last for at least ten to fifteen minutes which is usually adequate for most cleaning purposes.

Attached Accessories

Different pressure washers come with a different kitty of accessories. Depending on your cleaning requirement, you need to ensure that you have all the required accessories. Few desirable accessories are:

    • Dirt Blasters- It is a kind of rotary nozzle that spins in a high speed in circular motion and gives out a very narrow spray of water. It is far more effective than normal spray to clean tough stains on places like your driveway.
    • Gutter Cleaners- It is a simple hook extension meant specifically to make your gutter cleaning job a breeze.
    • Whirls-A-Ways- With two rotating nozzles inside, they resemble a land mower in looks and are excellent for cleaning large flat surfaces.
    • Soap/Detergent Tank- Few pressure washers come with an on-board soap attachment whose soapy foam accelerates your process of cleaning.
    • Cord and Tool Storage- Few pressure washers have an in-built storage compartment which makes storing all its accessories, tools and even the power cord, a much easier task.

Hot/Cold Water Option

Not all but few pressure washers have the option of ejecting both cold and hot water which increases the efficiency of cleaning. Having this option is definitely an advantage.

Power Consumption

This is eligible for electric pressure washers. The device can consume anything between 1200 to 3000 watts of power for efficient functioning. Checking this out would help you determine your expected utility bill.

Price and Warranty

Last but not the least, you need to check the price of the pressure washer and the warranty offered by the brand. Price tag varies depending on the brand, type, power and accessories that come along;  while the warranty can vary anywhere from six months to up to two years.

Wrapping Up

Pressure washers offer you great convenience and advantages but they also carry risks with them. This makes selecting the right pressure washer and using them correctly, crucial for you. No matter which model you choose; you must read all its instructions and follow all its safety measures. Post that, cleaning will truly be an effortless chore with pressure washers as your loyal companion.

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