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7 Best Mixer Grinders In India 2021

Looking to buy a mixer grinder for your kitchen? Read our guide to understand how to buy a mixer grinder suitable for your needs and the list of best mixer grinders available. A mixer grinder is one of the quintessential appliances in an Indian kitchen. From blending, grinding and chopping to kneading, modern mixer grinders …

Hot, Warm, or Cold? Choosing the Right Temperature for Washing Clothes

If you thought washing clothes was just an everyday chore then you may be mistaken because handling laundry is no less than science that requires much skill and understanding. Modern-day washing machines come equipped with different temperature settings and decoding the right temperature for your laundry needs a bit of prudence and expertise.  Similarly, your …

9 Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid: Getting it Clean the Real Way

Are you thrilled to see your place sparkling after a deep clean exercise that almost robbed you of your holiday? Well, hold on because your so-called ‘Clean’ place may not be so perfectly clean if you take a close watch and analyze your complete cleaning activity. Yes, often we bring back more dirt and bacteria …
best electric kettles in india

Best Electric Kettle In India

From boiling water for drinking to making tea and Maggi, an electric kettle is becoming a necessity for an efficient kitchen. So, we set out to find the best electric kettle that you can buy in India. A good electric kettle should be quick. You can boil a litre of water in a closed saucepan …


Best Mixer Grinder In India

Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer Grinder Review

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