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best robot vacuum cleaner in India

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India

The Covid-19 lockdown has led to a tremendous demand for robot vacuum cleaners in Indian households. But which one to choose? How do the brands fare? How is the aftersale support? These are some of the questions that deter many from investing in one. After all, they are premium priced, and we do not want …

10 Best RO Water Purifiers in India 2021

Last week, we bought a TDS meter for our home. It costs less than about Rs. 300 and has been proving quite useful. When we checked the water, we were able to see that the TDS reading of the water supply at our home is in the range of 800-900. Well, it shouldn’t come as …

8 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 In India In 2021

Gaming laptops have immensely evolved over time. Just a decade back, only a handful of gaming laptops were available, which already costed a ransom. Over the years, with improvements in affordable hardware and technology, high-end laptops have become more budget-friendly.  In this article, we’ll present a list of top laptops you can buy within the …

5 Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Doesn’t Clean Right

It must be after a lot of research, thoughts and rumination that you finally decided to invest in a dishwasher. And nothing can be more disappointing than having a dishwasher that doesn’t clean the utensils to your satisfaction. But before you write off your dishwasher, take a look at some of the top reasons why …